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  1. Is Christianity Homophobic? by Pat Buchanan
  2. Israel has no right to occupied Palestinian lands: Scottish church
  3. Nigger Donald Destin Threatened to Rape Christian Radio Host Live on Air
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  5. Jesus Was NOT a Jew!
  6. Speaking in Tongues
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  12. Mississippi Revival
  13. This sure sounds like an accurate prophesy
  14. Sodomites File Claim Against Christian Baker Who Refused to Make Their Wedding Cake
  15. Crowd applauds after valedictorian rips up speech, recites Lord’s prayer
  16. Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret
  17. Will We Be A White Movement Or Xtian One? We Cannot Be Both, Part III....
  18. The Ultra Orthodox = The Niggers of Israel
  19. Southern Baptists Officially Oppose Gay Boy Scout Rule
  20. Christian Rock Music
  21. The Jew: Commissary to the Gentiles or A real case against the jews
  22. Jewsmedia thanks its loyal Christian following with featured story “Dog Butt Looks Like Jesus Christ”
  23. How The Jews Changed Catholic Thinking
  24. Bobby Jindal signs school prayer, ACT education legislation into law
  25. Woman Sentenced to Death at 16 for Brutal Murder of Bible Studies Teacher Set Free
  26. Strange Dreams...
  27. Pagans,my Friends,not my enemies
  28. Why We Indict Christianity So Strongly
  29. Quotes on Religion
  30. Radical Buddhist monk accused of inciting riots that have killed hundreds of Muslims
  31. Mormonism - Another Religious Fraud
  32. Anti-Semites are not true Christians, pope says
  33. Reaching inner city youth for Jesus
  34. Did the Jews kill Jesus?
  35. What Kind of Jew are You?
  36. Dueling Hitler quotes -- addressing Jew-spawned Christianity
  37. What caused the fall of Rome?
  38. Rich Nathan of the Vineyard Columbus: Enemy Jew Runs the Biggest “Christian” Church in Central Ohio
  39. Jewish Propaganda: Who Wrote the Bible?
  40. Why Violent Right-wing Extremism Doesn’t Scare Americans
  41. Rosenberg on Christianity
  42. Homeland Security to target Christians end times
  43. Who was the better leader, Moses or Alexander?
  44. Jewish "Archeologists" Claim to Have Found King David's Palace, Plan To Open New Theme Park For Gullible Xtians
  45. Jesus Never Existed
  46. Was Jesus Caesar
  47. What Is Your Religion?
  48. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (CFSM)
  49. Heaven would have to be like 1984
  50. We Are Stars!
  51. The religious debate moved from CC's thread, cont.
  52. The religious debate moved from CC's thread, cont.
  53. Religion from Craig's Thread.
  54. Sufism
  55. What is Christianity?--it's worship of TRUTH against Jew lies--it's ANTI-SEMITIC, necessarily & by def.
  56. The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
  57. Kansas Christian Group Files Lawsuit Against Teaching Evolution to Kindergarteners
  58. Church of Creativity/Creativity Alliance
  59. Cosmotheism
  60. The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus
  61. Bishop Richard Williamson
  62. A History of GOD
  63. Germans ditch the dead Jew on the stick in favor of reality
  64. Buddhism
  65. Jewish Spirituality - Kabbalah
  66. Jewish Religion - The Talmud
  67. The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
  68. The Role of the Church
  69. Church Mistreats Homeless Man In Church, Unaware It Is Their Pastor In Disguise
  70. Comparative Religion
  71. Awakening Christian Zionists Project
  72. Coexist
  73. Nature’s Eternal Religion Audio Book One - Complete & Unabridged
  74. A Closer Look at John 8:44
  75. Racial Religion for White People, A Conversation
  76. White Europeans Are Direct Descendants of 12 Tribes of Israel?
  77. Mormonism & CI
  78. The White Festival: Festum Album 41/42AC - 2014/2015CE
  79. Survival of the White Race 2014
  80. Satanic Antipope Francis to Dine with Faggots,
  81. Muslim Plays Christ in 'Killing Jesus'
  82. No more Muslim prayer services in churches,
  83. Adolf Hitler shows honor to his mother in this poem
  84. WISCONSIN: Shutting down churches and replacing them with Islamic Indoctrination Centers that support Hamas and Hezbollah
  85. POPE FRANCIS spits on Jews and Christians, bows down to Islam
  86. Pope Francis welcomes Palestinian supporter of terrorism to the Vatican
  87. Muslim says on Yahoo answers "not interested in Jesus/rather be atheist than be a Christian"
  88. Yahoo Answers: Muslim wants to be Jewish/Christanity is like shooting dead zombies
  89. why I hate Satan
  90. why do people think God is under some obligation to love them?
  91. Buddha was White!
  92. Heathen Harvest Traditions
  93. Whites need to pray for our people.
  94. Where is the Christian God? What does he think of White Christians?
  95. European Awakening!
  96. Polish priest with Vatican ties sacked after revealing he is gay
  97. Judge Orders 12 Yr Old Amish Girl To Take Chemotherapy……2 Yrs Later There’s A Startling Discovery
  98. Ann Barnhardt: The Voice of Antipope Francis Bergoglio Is the Voice of A Stranger
  99. 1500 Year Old Bible Confirms that Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified, Vatican In Awe
  100. My Bias Against Religion - Stefan Molyneux
  101. Pastors Advocating for Foster Kids Caught Running Child Sex Trafficking Ring
  102. How Do I Know God Exists - Dinesh D'Souza
  103. MYSTICISM - Stefan Molyneux
  104. Bodies at Catholic Sacrifice Site, Children Saved, Satanists Arrested, Vatican Issued Hit List on Rescuers
  105. Germany’s Pay to Pray Scheme
  106. How State-Weaponized “Pastors” Promote State-Centered Religion…and What to Do About it
  108. Skin Color(/pigmentation) as marker of soul type
  109. Professor Fenrir's Negations of the Negative
  110. Writings from the Belly of the Beast
  111. Hell Is A Place On Earth! Hell Conspiracy
  112. The Book Of Revelation Full Movie
  113. Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses Bible As Extremist Literature
  114. American Tribulation 8-21-17 to 4-8-2024
  115. Denver Has A New Marijuana Religion
  116. Religious LIBERAL Fundamentalism is dangerous!
  117. The World & Its People Destroyed by the Occult
  118. The Real History of the evil Roman Catholic Church
  119. Why I Rejected Religion
  120. Brews and Bibles - New Beer Laden Church Services Grow In Popularity
  122. Zionism Pollutes and Corrupts Christianity
  123. Why Martin Luther's 'Ninety-Five Theses' are still important
  124. Cover-up reveals dual purpose of Vatican eugenics vaccines
  125. Google pushing hard for national law to criminalize Christian beliefs and federalize “transgender rights”
  126. Susan Jocoby vs Dinesh D'Souza - Is Christianity Good For American Politics
  127. Was Cain the son of Eve & the Serpent? Reptilian Bloodlines of the Elites...
  128. Words of Wisdom Rarely Spoken
  129. Vaticane Inquisition: Ukrainian Catholics and Fascists Raid Orthodox Christian Churches in Ukraine
  130. Messianic Communism In the Protestant Reformation.
  131. Millennial Madness: Paganism on Rise in Colleges and Among Young
  132. New book alleges gay sex in Vatican dorm, shady banking
  133. Advice for Strong Relationships
  134. SCIENTOLOGY EXPOSED: Russian Court Convicts Scientology Cult Member For Fraud In Russia
  135. Multiple Clergymen Busted in FBI Sting for Sex-Trafficking Children
  136. Podcast: What’s Going On With The Current Religious Liberty Court Cases
  137. Francis: The Pope of Perversity
  138. What do you believe in? Here are some of my beliefs.
  139. 'You Are Abandoning God' - Head of Russian Church Explains to US Ambassador Who Is Mormon
  140. Raising Christian White Boys In A Culture Programmed To Hate Them
  141. From Catherine II to Vladimir Putin - Thierry Meyssan on Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Islam
  142. The Great Agnostic - Robert G. Ingersoll
  143. Cake-Baking Cases Are Really About Courts Deciding What Americans Can Believe
  144. Supreme Court To Decide Whether Faith Is Between You And God, Or You And Government
  145. THE JESUITS: Their Evil Oath Permits Anything And Everything
  146. As religious liberty case goes to supreme court, americans speak out
  147. Ex-Priest to Spend Life in Prison for Murder of Border City Teacher
  148. You Want To Know Why Organized Religion is Failing?
  149. What perverted ideology animates those who control our global destiny?
  150. Transgender Transhumanism
  151. Muslim converts to Christ beg Pope Francis to stop being an ass
  152. New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger
  153. Multiple catholic priests expose the practice of “satanism” within the vatican
  154. DEBATE: Atheists vs Christians (Krauss + Shermer vs D'Souza + Hutchinson)
  155. Is Paganism on the Rise?
  156. The Zionist-Created Scofield ‘Bible’
  157. Pedogate: Catholic Archbishop Robert Carlson said he’s not sure it’s a crime for priest to have sex with a child