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  1. 400 nationalists defend Stockholm from Rampaging Shitskin Horde
  2. Rabbi Baruch Efrati: "Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years"
  3. Generation Identitaire - Declaration of War
  4. Norway newspaper Dagbladet Daily publishes cartoon ridiculing jewish circumcision - Kikes Outraged
  5. Martin Helme Doesn’t Want Black People In Estonia: Says European Nation Should be a White Country
  6. 19-year-old leftist Clement Meric beaten to death by "Neo-Nazis" in Paris
  7. Dead Guy Rolls Up Frequent Flyer Miles!
  8. "Mediterranean looking" mob attacks Rabbi Mendel Gurewitz & calls him a "Shitty Jew" ....Tradition of hoaxing continues
  9. Turd Worlders Bring Leprosy to Ireland
  10. Auschwitz Museum "May Not Reflect Real Facts" Says Hungarian Lawmaker
  11. Berlin Agrees to Label Products Manufactured by Jews
  12. Russian anti-gay bill passes
  13. Romania's New Constitution Bans Gay Marriage
  14. Invented ‘to shut people up’: European democracy smells of tear gas
  15. Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”
  16. Putin to Cameron: Do you want to supply arms to people who eat their enemies organs?
  17. Damning Indictment: Lying Liberals and Liberal Lies
  18. Russia raps UK, EU for seeking to arm thugs in Syria
  19. Fichte & the German Nation - Dr. William Pierce
  20. Fall of Roman Empire caused by 'Contagion of Homosexuality'
  21. Russian Parliament Approves Bill banning Queer Adoption
  22. Tribute to Dominique Venner
  23. ‘Hypocrite of the century’: Irish MP blasts US president’s G8 visit
  24. Sterilized transsexuals sue Swedish government
  25. New EU Plan Will Make Every Bank Account In Europe Vulnerable To Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation
  26. Croatia Outlaws H✡te Crime
  27. Hungary signs new restitution agreement for Holocaust survivors
  28. Stasi's New Incarnation
  29. Mudslim Pedophile Gang Rape - A Changing Perspective
  30. Muslim Riots in Hamburg Germany
  31. Race-traitor Gives Keynote Speech At BNP Gathering
  32. Hidden Origins of the Bank of England
  33. We Spaniards are white and proud
  34. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.
  35. 2014 European Elections - Articles Videos Here
  36. Fascist zymotic must be stopped!
  37. What you need to know to understand the NSA spying scandal's sudden ending
  38. I strongly doubt that German chancellor is Hitler's daughter
  39. new face of Pegida,
  40. Nazified Ukraine
  41. Jewish Parasite Who Organized Harassment of Nigel Farage’s Family Whines About Receiving Death Threats on Social Media
  42. Victory: Anti-White Paki Slut Sarah Sahim Restricts Her Twitter Account
  43. BUH BYE! UK Muslim hate preachers tell Home Secretary Theresa May to “go to Hell
  44. ARRESTED! 11 Islamic State (ISIS)-linked Muslim jihadis for planning terrorist attack in Spain
  45. Ireland: Confused Antifa Protest Foreign Nationalist Meeting
  46. Over 7,000 Migrants Rescued off Italy Since Friday, EU Says
  47. Hackers target Belgian newspaper
  48. EP Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Urges Turkey to Confront It
  49. Nick Clegg’s Family Exposed as Jew Lovers and Possible Bolshevik Rapists
  50. Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard
  51. France to invest $107m in fighting anti-Semitism, racism
  52. 700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck
  53. Posters warn UK Muslims not to vote in general election because ‘it violates the right of Allah’
  54. 82 Year Old Injured By 4 Muslim Scumbags During Street Robbery
  55. Fascist propaganda purge
  56. Twenty-Five Percent of Brits May be Non-White by 2051
  57. Ex-Nazi ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ goes on trial in Germany
  58. EU Failure: 250,000 More Poles Headed to London
  59. France police arrest man 'planning to attack churches'
  60. “Torpedo Tony” Abbot Tells Europe to Start Using Gunboats to Fend Off Invasion
  61. Swedist Woman Says Migrants Drowning is a New Holocaust
  62. South African Asylum Seeker Who Muti-Murdered Son Given Full University Scholarship in Britain
  63. Don’t Muslims in the UK ever work?
  64. London, this is what you wake up to everyday at 5AM and are forced to listen to five times a day, everyday
  65. Italy Police Arrest 18 on Terror Charges, Cite al-Qaeda Link
  66. Hero Train Slays Somali and Afghan Illegals Loitering on Tracks in FYROM
  67. France's Jean-Marie Le Pen hid 2.2 mn euros in Swiss account
  68. Migrant children test Europe as Mediterranean crisis worsens
  69. Jihad weapons deal foiled
  70. French Muslim girl banned from class for wearing long skirt
  71. Germany: Terror Raid Uncovers Bombs, Chemicals, Weapons
  72. Oskar Groening and the Erect Penises of Auschwitz: Trial Dissolves into Farce
  73. Bare-chested Femen disrupt French far-right chief at march
  74. Warnings: Sweden is Headed Toward "a Cliff"...
  75. France's Reckoning: Rich, Young Flee Welfare State
  76. UK: Cornwall school makes field trip to mosque MANDATORY for Christian and other non-Muslim students
  77. France’s Front National suspends founder Jean-Marie Le Pen
  78. French far-right mayor slammed for counting Muslim children
  79. Germanwings co-pilot practiced deadly descent before crash: report
  80. AARHUS, DENMARK: Another European city nearly destroyed by Muslim immigration
  81. Royal Navy Rescues Refugees In Mediterranean
  82. Socialist Finland Forms Right-Wing Government
  83. In Germany, are anti-Muslim terrorists the real threat?
  84. UK ELECTION NEWS: Virulent Jew hating, Hamas supporting George Galloway has been ousted
  85. France honors memory of slaves in Caribbean museum
  86. DENMARK: Four buses set on fire in apparent anti-Israel attack
  87. NETHERLANDS: Shouting “Free Free Palestine” and “Shit on gays,” and “You will be next,” Muslims disrupt Memorial Day ceremoni
  88. EU to Introduce African Rapist Quota Program
  89. In the UN library: Anti-Semitism and incitement against Israel
  90. Brutal footage shows French police 'using violence' against migrants in Calais
  91. 'We Will Not Be Intimidated': Dutch Politician Planning Muhammad Cartoon Expo
  92. Western European Muslims’ Jihad Against the Jews
  93. European Union Considers Mandatory Migrant Quota System
  94. How Swedish Nationalists Gave Anti-White Journalists a Taste of Their Own Medicine
  95. Austrian charged for singing in film under Hitler portrait
  96. OH, THIS IS RICH! After turning towns in France into NO-GO ZONES for non-Muslims, Muslims complain about lack of diversity in
  97. “There is No Europe Without Jews”
  98. The Dutch government can deny there is a “sharia triangle” in The Hague, but the video doesn’t lie
  99. Courageous Mayor in France who called for the ‘banning of Islam’ sticks to his guns, despite being suspended
  100. Race War, Ireland: Dozens of White Teens Take on Black Foes
  101. RT Documentary on the Horrors of European Nationalism
  102. UK: Children Condemned as Racist for Opposing Muslim Conquest
  103. Map: Percentage of the Population Feeling Good About Non-EU Immigration
  104. Are British politicians smarter than a fifth grader?
  105. OOPS! Denmark has been paying unemployment benefits to Danish jihadis now fighting with ISIS in Syria
  106. EU to ban bendy bananas amidst obscenity fears
  107. NETHERLANDS joins France and Belgium in banning full face-covering Muslim headbags, albeit a partial ban
  108. Why is this not considered child abuse in Britain?
  109. Top United Nations official says Europe must open its borders to Syrian refugees
  110. Bold Move: Anal Sex Fetishism Triumphs Over Religion in Ireland
  111. Germany may have 10m fewer people by 2060
  112. African Immigrant gives aids to 40 Young Polish Girls
  113. UN Attacks Hungary for Associating Moslem Immigration with Moslem Terrorism
  114. ITALY: Venice shuts down ‘mosque-inside-a-church’ art exhibit that desecrated a Catholic church
  115. Was Politician Forced Into Mental Institution for “Islamophobia”?
  116. About 100 U.S., European jets join Arctic exercise near Russia
  117. BELGIUM: MUSLIMS threaten to kill Mayor of Antwerp unless he converts to Islam
  118. Russia’s Deputy PM: Europe will Collapse Under Gays and ISIS
  119. Russia threatens Google, Facebook, and Twitter with ban
  120. Holocaust conference calls on governments to do more for survivors
  121. Far-right ‘gains’ as Austria kicks off ‘super election year’
  122. German court cancels session in Auschwitz guard trial
  123. Police clear up migrant camps in Paris and Calais
  124. Norway Not Doing Enough to Save Foreign Invaders
  125. What Happens When You Put Blacks In Any White Country?
  126. Gay pride rally attacked in Kiev
  127. More than 2,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean
  128. Royal Navy rescues migrants from Mediterranean death boats off the shore of Libya
  129. Violent backlash against Sweden’s policy of flooding the country with dangerous Muslim invaders
  130. DENMARK is bowing to sharia blasphemy laws with self-censorship
  131. Groupthink in Sweden
  132. Migrants drag mattresses to form a new camp in Paris
  133. Luxembourg Apologizes to Jews Over their 'Suffering' During WWII
  134. US Contractor Killed, Two Wounded Testing Weapons for Syrian Rebels
  135. UN report reveals one in five children in France lives in poverty
  136. BRITAIN FIRST party leader Paul Golding could be silenced by the Magistrate Court
  137. ARMAGEDDON? What unrestricted Muslim immigration means for the future for Europe
  138. cuddly Kai Murros
  139. Germany: Muslims Exempt from School Trips to Holocaust Sites?
  140. Polish regulation to compensate 20,000 Holocaust survivors
  141. ‘NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM’ warnings’ must be working…Muslims now are trying to hide the fact that they are Muslims from potential
  142. FRANCE: Banned Islamic group on trial for terrorism after Jewish ‘hit list’ is discovered
  143. Never mind the G7 or Davos, it's Bilderberg time
  144. French police block African immigrants trying to cross the border from Italy
  145. “We’re going to ‘Charlie Hebdo’ you, you filthy French shit”
  146. Denmark’s elections to focus on immigration policy
  147. Italy threatens to ‘inflict wounds’ on EU if no ‘solidarity’ in migrant crisis reached
  148. DENMARK: Muslim immigration means “Danes can no longer sit on their own balcony and eat a ham sandwich”
  149. DENMARK: Senior citizens become homeless because the government gives Muslim illegal aliens priority
  150. Goodbye Sweden
  151. FRANCE: TERROR AT CALAIS: Nervous Tour Bus passengers film Muslim illegal alien rioters smashing their way onto a lorry heade
  152. LOL: Now Small Children are Fleeing Britain to Join ISIS
  153. GOOD! Many UK Muslims die awaiting organ transplants because they refuse organ donations from non-Muslims
  154. Denmark’s Government Ousted as Anti-Immigration Party Surges
  155. Danish People’s Party Wins Huge Victory as European Awakening Continues
  156. FRANCE: Angry Homeless Muslim illegal aliens reject being forced to live in homeless shelters, demand to be given hotel accom
  157. Forget foreign aid: British migrants send £11BILLION back to other countries in a YEAR
  158. DEMARK, SWEDEN, & NETHERLANDS are the easiest EU countries to invade for armies of Muslim illegal aliens and the violent jiha
  159. THE ANSWER IS: “Send them back!”
  160. FRANCE: Strict sharia-compliant grocery store bans women from shopping there 4 days a week
  161. Death penalty to be restored in Ukraine
  162. Plans for Amsterdam's first Holocaust museum unveiled
  163. Israel urges French Jews to flee after factory attack
  164. Far-Right Activists Protest Slovakia's 'Islamization' in Bratislava
  165. Norway's mass murderer Breivik sues government for human rights violation
  166. NATO Exercises Ongoing Near Russia Since 2014
  167. Italy Holocaust memorial shelters migrants from 'indifference'
  168. Ukraine crisis: Far-right 'show of strength' in Kiev
  169. Ukraine tackles graft with new U.S.-style police force
  170. Islamophobic attacks rise by 23.5% in France
  171. Rioters chant against ‘Jewish murderers’ in Muslim Dutch neighborhood
  172. France faces ticking Islamic time bomb in its prisons - but so could the rest of Europe
  173. Migrants try to storm Channel Tunnel
  174. Sweden to become a Third World Country by 2030, according to UN (!!!!!!!!!!)
  175. European Jewish group slammed for meeting with far-right 'xenophobic' politicians
  176. German thought leaders move to legalize incest
  177. Spain arrests woman for recruiting girls for Islamic State
  178. Germany and France volunteer to take Mediterranean refugees
  179. Tour de France 2015: Racism row ruins African team's landmark success
  180. How Islamists attract young German women
  181. Stash of wartime Nazi gold marked with swastikas found buried in German field
  182. Franco symbols live on in Spain 40 years after his death
  183. Serbian PM forced to flee Srebrenica massacre memorial
  184. Deadly Explosion Hits Italian Consulate in Cairo
  185. Growth of Nazism in Europe is 'Obvious Threat' – Kremlin Chief of Staff
  186. Angry French farmers send out distress call
  187. Second World War tank and anti-aircraft gun found hidden in basement of villa in Germany
  188. ‘Accountant of Auschwitz’ sentenced to four years in prison for 300,000 deaths
  189. Mayor of Paris Announces Building of $11 Million Jewish Cultural Institution
  190. Hungary Copes With Massive Migrant Influx
  191. Moscow's Muslims celebrate Eid at central mosque
  192. Norwegian mass killer admitted into university program
  193. Violent clashes break out in Rome as Italian opposition to migrants increases
  194. Violence Erupts in Sweden as Ethnic Groups Clash in Race Riots
  195. 2018 FIFA World Cup hosts Russia hit by fresh racism storm
  196. Hollande calls for the creation of a euro zone govt
  197. French Jews slam their country’s policies on Israel
  198. EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Six U.S. Film Studios
  199. Belgium arrests two ex-Guantanamo inmates on jihad terrorism charges
  200. ISIS fighters laugh at the Swedes - promise to bring the war to Sweden
  201. French farmers block routes from Spain, Germany to protest low meat & milk prices
  202. Snoop Dogg got tested for drug use in Sweden and says he's never going back
  203. Five Muslim girls arrested for 'attacking' bikini-clad French woman
  204. Fence On Serbian-Hungarian Border By August 31
  205. Europeans head to Latin America to escape economic crisis at home
  206. Calais crisis: How does Britain deal with migrants arriving from France?
  207. Muslims, French furious after Gisele Bundchen spotted wearing burqa during Ramadan
  208. Berlin Wall monument smeared with anti-Semitic graffiti
  209. Vandals hit old Jewish cemetery in Frankford
  210. Watch: Over 200 migrants breach Euro Tunnel fences unopposed
  211. Russia may ban 'gay' emojis as part of crackdown on homosexual 'propaganda'
  212. By the numbers: Europe’s immigration crisis
  213. Hungary races to build border fence as migrants keep coming
  214. The Russian patriotic groups teaching children how to defend their country
  215. German police demand reintroduction of passport controls across Europe
  216. Experience with the black population in São Paulo
  217. Desperate migrants scramble through windows on trains bound for Europe
  218. 40 Migrants Suffocate in Ship Bound for Italy
  219. Clashes in Catalan resort town after Senegalese man dies in police raid
  220. Muslim population in Europe to reach 10% by 2050, new forecast shows
  221. Migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran brawl on Greece island
  222. ADL: Cancelling Matisyahu performance 'clear case of anti-Semitic discrimination'
  223. Tel Aviv beach day in Paris causes political uproar
  224. Germany expects up to record 800,000 asylum seekers this year, urges other countries to share load
  225. How over 100,000 migrants found their way to Europe's shores in one month
  226. Will Lithuania continue to honor Nazi collaborators?
  227. CARICOM Pursues Demand for Slavery Reparations from Europe
  228. Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has dozens of female fans
  229. 2 U.S. soldiers subdue gunman on Paris-bound train
  230. Pilot in Rome is suspended for dropping petals at 'mafia' boss Vittorio Casamonica's funeral
  231. Germany condemns violent anti-refugee protest in Heidenau
  232. Anti-immigration Sweden Democrats country's largest party - poll
  233. Migrant crisis Inside Sweden immigration camp
  234. Migrant crisis: Italy rescues 3,000 in major operation
  235. Nazi Criminal Bandera, Yarosh Appear on Ukrainian School Notebooks
  236. International Youth Camp Helps Keep Memory of Nazi Death Camps Alive
  237. Muslims migrants at Macedonian border are refusing food and water because it's "Halal"
  238. Russia Sentenced Crimean Filmmaker to 20 Years — So He Sang the Ukrainian Anthem
  239. Estonia to build fence along Russian border
  240. Migrant crisis: Grim find of bodies in Austria lorry
  241. Germany braces for protests at refugee shelter
  242. Germany asks Facebook to remove 'racist' anti-migrant posts
  243. Arsonists in Germany hurl Molotov cocktails into asylum-seekers' apartment
  244. Sweden's far-right wants referendum on immigration
  245. France – Marine Le Pen Calls For Ending All Legal And Illegal Immigration
  246. General Secretary for Danish Refugee Help: “We face an Armageddon scenario”
  247. Austrian Interior Minister: Countries that reject refugee redistribution should lose EU money
  248. Migrant crisis: Hundreds arrive at German rail stations
  249. A Lot of Those "Syrian Refugees" are Just Muslims w/Fake Passports
  250. Spanish police arrest 15 men for smuggling migrants on the back of jet-skis near Marbella