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  1. Woolwich Beheading - police shoot 2 for Hacking Soldier to death
  2. Michael Olumide Adebolajo beheads Soldier in Woolwich machete attack
  3. Enoch Powell - Rivers of Blood
  4. Woolwich & the Dynamics of “Awareness”
  5. Michael Adebolajo's Islamic Mentor, Omar Bakri Mohammed, has a Pole Dancing Daughter
  6. Ipswich Shitbeast held meat cleaver to young mom’s throat during robbery
  7. Brits rejecting Govt propaganda
  8. The Real Threat to British Elites ... Whites?
  9. Osborne’s ‘help to buy’ scheme death knell for UK property market
  10. 'British Dream tends to be multi-culti society without US segregation'
  11. Worst cuts in wages for UK workers in ‘deepest recession since WWII’, IFS shows
  12. Leroy meets Gerry Adams!
  13. Asians, Africans to pay £3,000 cash bond deposit for UK visa
  14. More defence jobs to be axed, UK Chancellor says
  15. Behind the "Irish" media
  16. UK tapping Europe’s data flows is like ‘Hollywood nightmare’ – Germany
  17. British govt. urged to stop anti-Islam U.S. bloggers from entering UK
  18. UK spy agencies get $154mn bonus amid sweeping cuts
  19. UK austerity: ‘Diverting money from poor to rich under guise of economic crisis’
  20. UK ready to approve 3-person fertilization method
  21. UK Sex Abuse up 9%
  22. ‘Britain facing grim backlash as a result of military invasions’
  23. Live The Dream
  24. British College Caves into Muslim Demands
  25. The White Genocide is Spreading asWildfire: ‘Ethnic Majority’ Areas are GrowingFast in Britain, Says Report
  26. UK Independence Party branded ‘racist’
  27. UK PM urges Scots to vote against independence
  28. Question regarding Speakers' Corner
  29. Thoughts on ukip
  30. sharia law in uk,
  31. War Against Islam
  32. Roma gypsies,Third world britain
  33. Britain first has app censored
  34. Paedo Supporter Of Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary
  35. Soft Suspended Sentence: Nonce Mohammed Sarang
  36. UK: Black Who Repeatedly Raped 2-Year-Old Sentenced to a Mere 15 Years
  37. UK: Pothead Animal Rights Activist Charged with Racism for Protesting Halal Torture
  38. 500 Girls in Birmingham Subject to Muslim Rape and Trafficking
  39. Moslem Walks Free from Court After Having Groomed a 15-Year-Old Girl for Sex
  40. Paki Moslem Pervert Who Molested Four Girls
  41. Rape Jihad Victim Raped And Days Later Raped By His Cousin
  42. UK: MI5 Accused of Spraying Nazi Graffiti on Political Offices
  43. Arrogant Paki Boxer Declares Himself More British than UKIP
  44. Child Groomer Amdadul Haque Fails To Show Up At Court
  45. Christianity set to be a MINORITY religion in Britain by 2050 as Islam and atheism rise
  46. White Mosque Protester was Attacked by Filthy Paki Mob After Red Traitors Called Him a Racist
  47. Labour Politician Shocked When 10-Year-Old Boy Tells Him Vote UKIP and Get Rid of All the Foreigners
  48. Britain Increases Spending to Protect Jewish Sites
  49. Adam takes up Marlene's fight
  50. UK article calls migrants ‘cockroaches’
  51. British Politicians Woo 'Muslim Vote' With Pledges
  52. Should we pay reparations for slavery?
  53. Truth, Honesty and Faith in Allah: The Rise and Fall of Lutfur Rahman
  54. Exit Polls Show UKIP Winning Two Seats in U.K. Election
  55. BNP Party : Mission accomplished
  56. SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME in Birmingham as Muslim attacks female office worker with a knife
  57. NOT AGAIN? Hundreds of shrieking burqa breeders and their litters, escorted by a few males, commandeer a street in London
  58. UK: The stench of Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the park is positively rude and disgusting
  59. Video shows anti-Tory protesters clashing with police near Downing Street
  60. Manchester Police Say Male Rape Reports Have Doubled in the Last Year
  61. UK: Anti-Whites Rage After White Genocide Poster Found Near a School
  62. UK: Scottish “Nationalist” Salmond Wants an Extra 60,000 Asylum Seekers Annually
  63. White Man Knockout-Punched After Attempting to Aid Negress
  64. London: Moslems Want to Ban All Alcohol in the UK
  65. White Schoolgirl Raped by 60 Pakis Before She was Even 16-Years-Old
  66. Desert storm in Yorkshire: Locals’ fury at Council’s “Sandscape” Plan
  67. Cameron Claims Early EU Referendum on the Way
  68. Poppy production to be outsourced to India
  69. Another wave of migrants is on its way (but don't you dare mention it)
  70. Herd of Negroes 50 Strong Turn Town into Warzone for 16th Birthday Party
  71. Brave woman who fought off sexual predator was assaulted again before police TASERED attacker to stop him raping her
  72. JAILED: Bullying Muslim dad who racially abused white teachers in row over pupils' beards
  73. Tony Blair takes on anti-extremism and anti-Semitism role
  74. Britain's top police officer claims WHOLE of British society is 'institutionally racist'
  75. Britain first leaders attacked and abused in luton
  76. Friends of Israel: Old and New Patterns in British Politics
  77. Nigel Farage, why is this guy not British PM?
  78. MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict
  79. UK Bedfordshire Police apply for injunction against BRITAIN FIRST to stop leaders from participating in planned demonstration
  80. Rough sleepers set up camp at 7/7 bombing memorial in Hyde Park
  81. UK: ‘Sex Groomed’ Children Preferable to Backlash Against ‘Multiculturalism’
  82. Britain and the non-EU immigration flood that is being covered up by the Tories
  83. Anti Semitic Protest held in Whitehall
  84. More Britons believe that multiculturalism makes the country worse - not better, says poll
  85. Bahar Mustafa: Goldsmiths Students' Union diversity officer 'could lose job' after being accused
  86. Britain's Buckingham Palace defends footage of Queen giving Nazi salute as 'playing'
  87. Met Police to face racism probe after secret online Facebook page filled with abusive comments discovered
  88. U.K. Criminalizes Knife Possession; Result? Knife Violence Increases
  89. Muslim gang slashes tyres of immigration-raid van in Shadwell, East London
  90. Foreign Office faces claims aid to Pakistan could be supporting death penalty
  91. UK’s First WW2 Revisionist Open Public Meeting
  92. 2,000 Migrants Tried to Storm The Channel Tunnel In a Desperate Bid to Reach the U.K.
  93. Middlesbrough football fan Ernest Goult, 72, 'made racist monkey gestures' towards black players
  94. U.K. watchdog: 53% rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain
  95. Children at Increasing Risk of Islamist Radicalization in UK
  96. Police investigating after youngsters blacked up as Golliwogs*
  97. Rival UK protests held to support and oppose Tunnel migrants
  98. Conspiracy theorists are out in force over the bin Laden family plane crash
  99. Calais illegal immigrants entering UK get free hotel rooms and £35 cash a week
  100. Illegal immigrants discovered on M25 with Polish lorry driver arrested
  101. First openly gay UK ambassador ‘proud’ to be in Israel
  102. UK Royal Family Shuns Paparazzi
  103. Edward VII statue vandalized with raw meat, fears of anti-Semitic attack
  104. British ISIS hacker killed in US airstrike
  105. UK reality show boots glamour model over Hitler support
  106. Asylum in the UK hits a 10 year high as we green-light 1 in 3 visa applications
  107. Cameroon involved in Central Africa ‘blood diamond’ traffic, UN says
  108. 50 years ago this Lancashire town was 100% English. Now look at it.
  109. Britain offers to take more refugees; hundreds are crossing Hungary on foot
  110. “Whose streets? Our streets!” UK Muslims riot in Rotherham, where rape gangs ran wild
  111. Brits want to leave EU over migrant crisis
  112. The United Kingdom May Try To Deport Syrian Refugees Once They Turn 18
  113. BDS UK Protesters Call for Murder of Six Million Jews in Israel
  114. Muslim population in England and Wales nearly doubles in 10 years
  115. First Syrian Refugees To Arrive In UK 'In Days'
  116. 'Too many White Christian faces in Britain' says David Cameron
  117. Morden mosque fire: 70 firefighters tackle blaze
  118. Police chiefs warn ministers (funds) cuts mean they can't do their job as they threaten to stop street patrols and terrorists
  119. Jamaica calls Britain to pay billions for slavery
  120. Nazi salute and racist slur land Westward Ho! man in court
  121. Boy London label has been asked changes its logo because it looks like NAZI eagle symbol
  122. ISIS member and Guantanamo inmate Jamal al-Harith was paid compensation by the UK
  123. Britain's first female Muslim Lord Mayor Naveeda Ikram suspended by Labour
  124. Longford villagers who can't take any more migrants
  125. Britain refuses to grant Julian Assange safe passage for shoulder pain medical check
  126. Scuffles break out at anti-'Mega Mosque' march
  127. Migrants at British base in Cyprus claim asylum
  128. No Borders demonstrators storm London Eurostar terminal over refugee crisis
  129. Ireland: One-third of new HIV cases are African
  130. Alastair Campbell is accused of racism after 'crass and clumsy' tweet*
  131. BBC documentary reveals how cockneys are dying out due to immigration
  132. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to ‘educate’ Donald Trump on Islam
  133. UK Home Office Gives Up Trying to Deport Six Al-Qaeda Suspects
  134. Afghans 'plotting British bombings go on the run'
  135. Immigration from Europe 'cost the British taxpayer £3m a day' last year
  136. Gove: EU immigrant influx will make NHS unsustainable by 2030
  137. 19 migrants rescued from boat in English Channel: coastguard
  138. British fascists give Hitler salute in 'corpse cellar' at concentration camp
  139. Up to half a MILLION refugee families could head to Britain after 2020, report warns*
  140. Pro-Brexit Movie Masterfully Exposes EU Horror Show
  141. UK warns fans over Euro 2016 terror risk
  142. Vote Leave's Brexit campaign infriltrated by holocaust deniers and EDL fascists
  143. 'Convoy to Calais': British Humanitarian Aid Banned From Entering France
  144. Petition organiser could stage 'Londependence' rally after Brexit vote
  145. Brexit: France threatens to send Calais migrants to UK after historic EU Leave vote
  146. Dover port chaos as thousands of drivers stuck in 15 hour queues and delays until MONDAY
  147. SMUGGLING so-called Muslim “refugees” into Europe now is a major terrorism funding source for the Islamic State (ISIS)
  148. Half of Homes Built in the Next Five Years will Go to Migrants
  149. UK to Scrap EU Rules That Hamper Deportation of Terror Suspects
  150. London police in tense stand-off with protesters at anti-Islamic terrorism demo (LIVE VIDEO)
  151. EU Will Ban Post-Brexit Britain From Cutting Taxes, Supporting National Industry in Article 50 Negotiations
  152. Londonistan: 423 New Mosques, 500 Closed Churches
  153. Jim Rickards: Get Ready For the Scottish Exit
  154. Islamic Immigration Is Killing Britain
  155. Lord Monckton Explains Why EU Threatens UK With War
  157. Three-Month-Old “Terrorist Baby” Summoned to US Embassy in London for Interview
  158. UK: GPs 'bribed' to NOT send patients for cancer tests: NHS pays millions for rationing hip ops, heart checks and even tumour
  159. Britain’s General Election: A Ploy to Stop ‘Hard Brexit’?
  160. Nigel Farage talks about Brexit 2.0
  161. EU Demands UK Pay Turkey for Migrants
  162. Conservatives hold 22-point lead ahead of UK election: ICM poll
  163. North Korean Nuclear Program Linked to Home In Suburban London
  164. PEDOGATE BBC: The British House of Paedophilia and Unprosecuted Pedo-Crime
  165. Russian Senator Warns UK “Risks Being Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth”
  166. U.K. Denies Treatment to Baby, Won’t Let Parents Take Him to U.S.
  167. Merkel: ‘Britain Has Illusions’ Over Brexit
  168. Gay Britannia
  169. Philip Duke of Edinburgh Stepping Down From Public Life
  170. PM Theresa May: Brussels “attempting to tear Brexit negotiations and Britain’s economy apart.”
  171. UK Conservative Election Lead Growing Stronger Post Brexit…
  172. UKIP Promises ‘One in One Out’ Zero Net Migration Policy
  173. If this doesn't convince you that Brexit pissed off the globalists, nothing will.
  174. UN Demands UK Take 10k More Refugees/Year…
  175. Poll: After Brexit, Majority of Britons Would Vote To Leave Eurovision, Too
  176. Church of England Reviving with Rise in Patriotism
  177. JEW Bitch Merkel Threatens Britain: Warns ‘Price’ to Closing Border
  178. Threat level in UK increased from 'severe' to 'critical'
  179. British Politicians ‘Petrified’ to Address Islamic Extremism
  180. How the British deep state turned Manchester into al-Qaeda Town UK
  181. UK Media Mauls Politician for Suggesting Strength vs. Islam
  182. 23,000 Jihadists in Britain, Not 3,000 As Previously Claimed
  183. Warped Priorities – British Taxpayers Paid Manchester Terrorist to Kill Their Children…
  184. Teenaged British Girl Ground Up into Kebabs in Blackpool, England
  185. Britain ‘Warned in January’ by FBI Manchester Bomber Planning Attack
  186. Self-destruction By Immigration: The Example From Britain
  187. Russian TV: Can London Stop Northern Ireland Reunification with Ireland after Brexit?
  188. UK Children Taught to ‘Respect’ Terrorists Who Kill over ‘Unfair’ Treatment
  189. Only British Intellectuals Can ‘Get Away With’ Such Moral Depravity
  190. A U.K. Politician Is Finally Telling the Truth About Terrorism
  191. Nigel Farage weighs in on the upcoming UK general election
  192. Several Terrorist Attacks in London: Sadiq Khan Smiling Gleefully
  193. London Terror Rampage Scam...
  194. London: A Society with Collective Cognitive Dissonance
  195. London attack: Theresa May says enough is enough after seven die
  196. Dan Bongino: Don't follow London mayor's advice, be alarmed
  197. London: The Answer Is STILL An Immigration Moratorium–And Muslim Expulsion
  198. Mark Steyn: Britain must stop importing terrorism
  199. Katie Hopkins from the UK Calls Pres Trump's Paris Exit "Brilliant"!
  200. Islamic State Supporters Celebrate…
  201. Theresa May: ‘We’re Getting Better At Stopping Them From Killing Us’…
  202. London, The New Venice
  203. Who’s destroying England?
  204. England’s Islamic Domino Effect
  205. The UK and Jihad
  206. Watch this: London bridge psy-op busted wide open!
  207. Dear Great Britain – Blame Your Intelligence Agencies and Government, Not the Internet
  208. UK Creating ‘Generations of Radical Islamists’
  209. London psy-op busted wide open!
  210. Britain Has Finally Had Enough
  211. Ingraham: Innocent Brits paying price for multiculturalism
  212. Trump Destroys London Mayor Sadiq Khan After He Betrays His Own People
  213. “F*** You, I’m Millwall”: Soccer Fan Defiantly Stood His Ground And Fought London Attackers With His Bare Hands
  214. London Has Fallen (2016)
  215. Righteous Piers Morgan to Insufferable London Mayor: “Where are they?”…
  216. ISIS recruiter who radicalised London Bridge attackers was protected by MI5
  217. London Mayor Kahn Destroyed On TV!
  218. London Is Falling | John Rubino
  219. U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year
  220. SERVING & PROTECTING UK STYLE Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in action
  221. Another Reason For Brexodus? English Syphilis Cases Soar To Highest In 80 Years
  222. U.K Snap Election Results in Even More Conservative Coalition – Sending Social Justice Brits into Fits …
  223. Antifa students protesting Tommy Robinson don't know who he is.
  224. Cold Laughter: London’s Police Chief: “Islamophobia” is Intolerable
  225. Northern Irish Party Set to Spurn Tory Remainers and Back Full Brexit
  226. British Prime Minister’s Executive Order Permits Pedophiles To Adopt Children
  227. George Soros Says Britain is Approaching an Economic ‘Tipping Point’ That Could Force the UK to Reverse Brexit
  228. Barnier: Brussels Must Be Able to Fine UK over EU Migrant Rights After Brexit
  229. London is a 'modern day slavery hotspot'
  230. Likelihood of UK Leaving Without Brexit Deal ‘Substantial’ as EU Threatens to Stall Talks
  231. Corbyn Admits Mass Migration Has Been Used to ‘Destroy’ Conditions for British Workers
  232. Monument Madness Comes to Britain
  233. Church, Govt Argue Child Sex Predators Innocent Because Children Consented
  234. ‘Abused Girls Should Shut Their Mouths for the Sake of Diversity’
  235. Immigration Down Since Brexit Vote
  236. The BBC Kickoffs Their “Put Lithium in the Drinking Water” Campaign
  237. There is no England now.
  238. Europe's Top Anti-Terrorism Official: U.K. Home To 35,000 Extremists
  239. Muslims Angered After Islamic Gang Rape Warnings Posted In UK
  240. Leaked Brexit Document Reveals UK Hardline Plan To Deter EU Immigrants
  241. UK Imam Tells Congregation to ‘Spill Blood’ and ‘Establish Law of Allah’
  242. 4-year-olds ‘Forced’ to Wear Hijab in British State Funded Schools
  243. EXPOSED: Bank of England Calls For MASSIVE £4 BILLION Bail-In of Banks By 2022!
  244. British Police Force Uses ‘Positive Action’ to Ban White Men from Recruitment Workshops
  245. Is Brexit Dying on the Vine Along with England? (Putin said it wouldn't be allowed)
  246. Head of UK spy agency warns of rising terror threat
  247. 1/3 UK retirees will rely solely on a state pension that doesn’t exist
  248. Clinton’s Establishment Friends Don’t Understand Brexit, European Tyranny
  249. Brexit Boom: Manufacturing Jobs Rise 24%
  250. Domestic Workers’ Salaries’ Surge as Migrant Labour Declines in Brexit Britain