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  1. Golden Dawn MPs 'Turning Up To Parliament With Guns' Say Greek Politicians
  2. Greek Jews - "Golden Dawn Is Making Anti-Semitism a Common and Acceptable Ideology"
  3. Jews Urge Greek Government to Pass Anti-Racism Bill
  4. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras drops opposition to anti-racism law
  5. Plato's Concept Of Justice: An Analysis
  6. Racial Issues and Golden Dawn
  7. Anti-fascist rally planned for day that Golden Dawn trial due to start
  8. Greece set for trial of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party
  9. Greece: Police Abusing Marginalized People
  10. Disputed Holocaust memorial dedicated in Greece
  11. First Official Projection Says at Least 61% of Greeks Voted ‘No’ in Referendum
  12. Hidden Time Bombs Behind Greece Bailout
  13. This run-down hotel on a Greek island has become a haven for migrants fleeing the Middle East
  14. There are more Greeks like me
  15. Greek Lesbos struggling to cope with the 4,000 migrants arriving EVERY DAY
  16. Greece Seizes ISIS-Linked Weapons Shipment
  17. Golden Dawn Is Running In Greece's Elections Again.
  18. Far-right Golden Dawn exploits darker side of Greece's discontent
  19. Reporter's notebook: Walking with migrants
  20. Refugees disembark in Piraeus
  21. European Central Bank sued by 200 investors over Greek debt deal
  22. Migrant arrivals in Greece 'surge' to 7,000 daily - IOM
  23. Alexis Tsipras puts austerity reform package before Greek Parliament
  24. Mob of Afghans attack new arrivals at over-crowded Lesbos camp with sticks
  25. Greece says EU aid means it can shelter 20,000 more migrants
  26. Child-Rape on the Rise Among Syrian Migrants in Greece, Europe
  27. Inter-ethnic brawl between 150 refugees at Samos camp in Greece leads to blaze and arrests
  28. The Center of Kalamata Filled with Nationalists for the Speech by Nikolaos Michaloliakos
  29. Golden Dawn Salutes the Brave Decision of the British Citizens
  30. Greece: Riots continue overnight as anarchists clash with police in Thessaloniki
  31. Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn
  32. Return of the Migrant Crisis: Greece ‘Overwhelmed’
  33. IMF INSISTS On Continued Engagement In Greece! - This Will Lead To DISASTER
  34. It is a problem of a system that penalizes job creation and private enterprise
  35. New Greek Patriot Party Or Another Attempt To Split Up The Right?
  36. Get Ready For Golden Dawn (Video)
  37. Boatloads Of Phony Refugees Enter Greece, While EU Parliament Member Must Stay Home