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  1. Chemicals found in plastics & processed food linked to high blood pressure in teens
  2. Hormone levels may provide key to understanding psychological disorders in women
  3. Science Project Finds Plants Won't Grow Near Wi-Fi Router
  4. Next Step after Fluoride - Lithium in The Water Supply
  5. Over 2 Million Protest Against Monsanto Worldwide
  6. New Mystery Disease Kills over 100 Niglets in Africa
  7. Women Reject Sexually Promiscuous Peers When Making Female Friends
  8. Brain-Eating Amoebas
  9. Statins Linked With Risk of Musculoskeletal Injury
  10. Our greatest pleasures (with our clothes on)
  11. US Supreme Court rules human genes can’t be patented
  12. Canadian scientists use math to kill cancer
  13. Can BUTTER Coffee Give You More Energy?
  14. Surge in 'digital dementia'
  15. Agenda 21, GMO's And Poisoned Food
  16. Why She Drinks: Women and Alcohol Abuse
  17. Hospitals, cancer centers now getting women drunk at 'mammogram parties' to lure them into having their breasts irradiated
  18. Carcinogen 4-methylimidazole in Pepsi products
  19. The 50 Fattest Nations
  20. Tomato and basil risotto with roast chicken recipe
  21. Alternative Cancer Cures Which Have Been Proven to Work
  22. A Hundred Orgasms A Day - Documentary
  23. Stupid people may really be happier than "overeducated" degree holders according to study
  24. Exercising
  25. When Beauty is Your Bread & Butter, Niggers are Hard to Find.
  27. Alcohol Use
  28. Unbelievable horror photos from India
  29. 5 Healing Foods That Changed My Life
  30. murder by injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America
  31. Monsanto behind Journal’s retraction of GMO rat-cancer link
  32. Health Videos
  33. White Man's Foot
  34. Grow Thyme in the garden
  35. Race and Population Policy
  36. The Simplest, Cheapest & Most Effective Medicine: astounding health benefits of silver- suppressed by fedgov
  37. #1 Herbivore Thread
  38. Making Cannabis Oil
  39. Is The UN Using Vaccines To Secretly Sterilize Women All Over The Globe?
  40. jihadists be wiped out by a virulent flesh-eating disease?
  41. Breaking News: Whooping cough outbreak in only vaccinated children
  42. Prepper Alert - Affordable Antibiotics
  43. Bordeaux: The family of a winemaker death from cancer a complaint
  44. Oz: Chinese Healer Slaps Kid to Death in Diabetes Asian Wonder Cure
  45. Healthcare for Illegals Going to Cost Nearly a Billion Dollars a Year in California Alone
  46. When you KNOW it's hopeless, the best form of suicide is ...
  47. WTF!! Anal-Sex-For-Jihad Fatwa
  48. Skull Shape Linked to Far Right Views in New Study
  49. Breaking! Deadly Virus Outbreak In U.S. South. Heading North!
  50. Talk about a “sticky” situation
  51. Jewish dentist wages war by "clever deception" on children's teeth
  52. Jewish Doctors Say Number of Tranny Children “Exploding”
  53. The problem isn’t that your Muslim doctor might be a jihadist, it’s that you have a Muslim doctor in the first place
  54. Why is the Obama Regime sending an American women’s volleyball team to Iran where women are forbidden from even watching the
  55. 10 Best Herbs for Female Hormone Balance!
  56. Susun Weed Show ~ Seven Medicines: The Problem with Diagnosis
  57. Australia: Abestos found in train carriages from China.
  58. Cell Phone Radiation Prompts Berkeley's Right To Know Law
  59. Early Arrival: HIV came from Haiti to United States
  60. Flesh-eating bacteria eats away at man’s face
  61. What Milk Should I Drink?
  62. Nutritional & Tasty Turmeric-Ginger Ice Tea Good For Your Heart, Brain and Immune System
  63. Cancer-Fighting Cauliflower Coconut Stew
  64. Big pharma attacks natural prostate treatment
  65. 12 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Stay Fit and Healthy
  66. I, Psychopath
  67. This Man Drank A Gallon Water Everyday For A Month: Here’s What Happened
  68. Sweet violet – amazing health benefits including asthma, depression & cancer
  69. Zinc benefits, including immunity, fertility, fighting cancer
  70. Breakthrough study confirms vitamin D prevents cancer… yet few doctors recommend vitamin D at all
  71. Turmeric Extract Found Superior To Blockbuster Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  72. How Vaccines are REALLY Made
  73. “The Parasites Are in the Lining of My Brain, Moving Around”: Woman Describes Battle With “Rat Lungworm Disease” (Videos)
  74. 100 shocking studies prove cannabis can help cure cancer
  75. General anesthetic can cause serious brain damage following surgery
  76. Study: Second opinion from doctor nets different diagnosis 88% of time
  77. Women Proving Yoga Pants Are The Best
  78. the Findings of This Revealing Medical Study
  79. New stem cell treatment on the horizon for people with autism
  80. Over 60 Doctors Died Over This Information!
  81. 7 Bodybuilders That Took It Too Far
  82. Virus Storm Of The Century! The NWO's Plan To Infect You
  83. Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog The satisfying ketogenic way to strength, more energy, and weight loss.
  84. Landmark Study Finds DTP Vaccine Increases Mortality in Young Infants
  85. The Healing Power of Gold and Silver Rapid and amazing properties are being discovered.
  86. The High-Fat, Low-Carb Way to Optimal Health Dr. Joseph Mercola on the ketogenic diet.
  87. Turmeric Kills Nearly All Forms of Cancer Cells
  88. Kratom Is the Cure for the Opioid Epidemic
  89. The Cholesterol Myth Has Been Busted — Yet Again
  90. Broccoli sprouts: Nature’s most powerful cancer-fighting food
  91. Aluminum dangers: What they don’t want you to know
  92. Grandmother with terminal cancer jailed over thc in her system
  93. A New Street Drug Can Kill You by Touching Your Skin: What You Need to Know
  94. How to get LEGAL cannabis in EVERY state
  95. Detoxify & Regenerate Your Liver with Artichoke
  96. How Your Brain is Turned Against You
  97. Secret Biowarfare Program Healing Americans, big-pharma style.
  98. Eat Bacon, Butter, and Cream Everyday Make your body go from sugar to fat burning the delicious ketogenic way.
  99. Is That Mole Cancerous? Here are the warning signs.
  100. The Humble Beet Dr. Joseph Mercola on a powerhouse for your brain and more.
  101. Psychedelic Drugs: The Future of Mental Health
  102. EBOLA IS BACK: World Health Organization Declares Epidemic: “Taking It Very Seriously”
  103. Dr. Manny: Drug-making business getting out of hand
  104. JAMA Admits 30% of Drugs Approved by FDA Are Seriously Dangerous
  107. Colon health and the dangers of colonoscopies
  108. Mother’s Milk A cure for cancer?
  109. Vitamin A Deficiency Causes Significant Harm to Blood Stem Cells… Nutrients Once Again Found Crucial for Prevention of Diseas
  110. NFL star Drew Brees opens up on the effects of heat stroke
  111. You Can Opt Out Of Vaccines In All Fifty States
  112. How Elitists Hide The Cancer Cure & Profit From Demise - with G. Edward Griffin
  113. Nobel Laureate James Watson’s Talk on Cancer Research Canceled Due to More Deplatforming by Science Denialists
  114. Ebola Spreading: Infections Up 800% In Last Week: Officials Race To Track Down 400 Possible Contacts
  115. FDA Clears First Cancer Drug Based On Genetics of Disease, Not Tumor Location
  116. Drug Cop Who Spent 14 Years Undercover Tells the truth about the drug war.
  117. USMC Veteran Facing Life In Prison Over 1 Oz. Of Cannabis To Treat His PTSD
  118. Scientists: Everything we've been told about salt is wrong
  119. Outlawed Vitamin K Destroys Cancer
  120. When SHTF - Sudden Onset Allergy - The Signs, Symptoms, and Dangers of Anaphylaxis
  121. Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
  122. 7 Superfoods That Are Nutrient Dense and Extremely Healthy
  123. Follow the Radical Road To good health and forbidden knowledge.
  124. VACCINE HOAX unveiled as rigorous scientific study finds NO reduction in measles, mumps, rubella, influenza or rotavirus amon
  125. Alarming Study: Pharmaceutical Factory Pollution Accelerating Spread of Superbugs
  126. Early Warning Signs 6 that many cancers have in common.
  127. Pomegranate Strikes to the Heart of Cancer Malignancy
  128. These Are the Early Warning Signs That Most Cancers Have in Common
  129. Kratom - The Miracle Plant The US Government Doesn't Want You To Know About
  130. World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin (1974)
  131. Chris Bell: Kratom Is the Cure for the Opioid Epidemic
  132. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cures Woman of Stage-4 Cancer
  133. USA’s National Embarrassment: Mandatory Vaccinations
  134. California and Single Payer Health Care
  135. TIME IS RUNNING OUT Stefan Molyneux
  136. The truth about Cannabis
  137. What Is Fasting? A Guide to the Different Types of Fasts
  138. Hormone Therapy for Men - it works!
  139. The Ebola Vaccine A Genetic Bioweapon
  140. Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Health Concerns’
  141. The Morality Crisis | Dennis Prager and Stefan Molyneux
  142. Vaccination Fails To Prevent the Flu
  143. Starving Cancer Cells Out of Existence Bill Sardi on a 1-2 punch.
  144. 10 Colossal False Medical Claims Made by the medical-pharma cartel and its MSM.
  145. This Turmeric Lemonade Treats Depression Better Than Prozac
  146. FDA Quietly Bans Another Cheap Cancer Treatment: Intravenous Vitamin C
  147. How To Be Independently Healthy Fire your establishment doctor.
  148. Groundbreaking Breast Cancer Trial Destroys Tumors In Just 11 Days
  149. Combination of Antibiotic Plus Vitamin C Found 100x More Effective at Killing Cancer Cells Than Chemotherapy
  150. Dump Your Toothpaste, Hand Soap, Detergent, More Dr. .Joseph Mercola on ridding your life of toxins.
  151. Ben Shapiro Destroys Cocky Leftist On Obamacare And Healthcare With Ease
  152. The Health Benefits of Garlic: Nature’s Best Medicine
  153. The Cannabis Conspiracy and What They Don’t Want You To Know About This Miraculous Plant Medicine
  154. Russian Device Cures Diseases Using Royal Rife Technology!
  155. How The Cure For Cancer Was Killed in Europe! GcMAF Nagalase
  156. The Cancer Conspiracy - How The Establishment Profits
  157. Cheap, Effective, and a Joy To Use Essential oils for high blood pressure.
  158. Resveratrol Compound in Grapes Found to Kill Cancer Stem Cells
  159. Prostate Cancer BREAKTHROUGH: Three natural substances destroy cancer cells
  160. Researchers find sunscreen becomes toxic when exposed to chlorine
  161. Anti-Zika pesticides found to cause neurological damage TheHealthRanger
  162. SUPER COGNITION: Health Ranger reveals brain power SECRETS
  163. Sunscreen Use Linked To Cancer and Infertility
  164. Report: Contraceptive Pill Chemicals Turning Fish Transgender
  165. Top 9 vaccines you NEVER need and exactly why the CDC has to scare everybody into getting them
  166. Popular heartburn drugs Prevacid, Prilosec & Nexium linked to 25% higher death risk
  167. UK: NHS tainted blood shame: Secret files reveal health bosses knew for FIVE years patients were being infected with deadly c
  168. Zinc supplements found to speed recovery from colds and flu TheHealthRanger
  169. Just How Dangerous Is Chemo? It can spread cancer, and trigger more aggressive tumors.
  170. Why Natural Medicine will SURGE after the coming collapse
  171. Stanford Scientist Claims Human Fetal DNA Fragments In Vaccines Cause Autism
  172. Cannabinoids can successfully kill leukemia cells, reveals groundbreaking new study
  173. The World Health Organization’s Faux Pas About Vaccine Adverse Events And Deaths
  174. Early Trials of ‘Cancer Vaccines Safe and Effective’ Attacking Tumors (I don't believe them)
  175. One In Two Chance Of Cancer In Canada As GMO Products Flood Food Supply
  176. MSM Promotes Testing Zika Vaccine On Pregnant Women
  177. VIDEO: San Antonio D.A. Claims Vaccines Cause Autism
  178. Single-Payer Socialized Health Care: What Would It Mean for Innovative and Alternative Medicine?
  179. Magnesium found to treat DEPRESSION better than drugs!
  180. Supercharge Your Metabolism Stop hunger and lose weight with Dr. Coconut’s ketogenic program.
  181. Medical BOMBSHELL: Chemotherapy found to spread cancer TheHealthRanger
  182. 5 weeds that are actually pretty good medicines TheHealthRanger
  183. Mercury-Autism Connection Confirmed In longitudinal study, says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  184. Gop has zero interest in repealing obamacare - renegade republican podcast
  185. Severe childhood allergies to peanuts, eggs and dairy linked to "trace" ingredients in vaccines
  186. Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Are a Giant Hoax
  187. Vaccine industry TERRORIZES families over CHICKEN POX! TheHealthRanger
  188. Six pharmaceutical medicines that instantly make your health WORSE
  189. Amish man slapped with six-year prison sentence for growing and selling his own herbal remedies TheHealthRanger
  190. Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on how they do it.
  191. DIETS are obsolete: It's really about eating CLEAN food! TheHealthRanger
  192. The GMO Agenda Takes a Menacing Leap Forward with EPA’s Silent Approval of Dow’s RNAi Corn TheHealthRanger
  193. The Iron Tablet of ODIN
  194. An Age-Old Home Remedy for Pain It’s effective and cheap, so the state and its pharma cartel hate it.
  195. 10 Ways To Prevent Your Doctor From Killing You Or Your Family
  196. Flu Viral Strain Found to Actually CURE Liver Cancer in Groundbreaking Research That Obliterates Medical Narratives of the St
  197. Antidepressants linked to murders and murderous thoughts
  198. Why the Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want You to Learn the Truth About Anti-Cancer Foods: Combination of Apple Peel, Turmeric Root
  199. Food wisdom: How to avoid GMOs and toxic herbicides (video) TheHealthRanger
  200. Elon Musk: What is bipolar disorder?
  201. Top 8 natural remedies that would end most preventable diseases in America TheHealthRanger
  202. Science journal confirms eating turmeric cured myeloma cancer in 57-year-old woman
  203. American Cancer Society website literally suggests recipes that CAUSE cancer
  204. The Link Between B-12, Brain Function, and Memory
  205. Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains
  206. Prostate cancer breakthrough: Combination of three plant-based nutrients MELT AWAY prostate cancer TheHealthRanger
  207. 5 mistakes most people make when they get diagnosed with CANCER
  208. Trouble for Big Pharma as Nearly 50% of People Report Quitting Pills for CBD.
  209. The Top 10 Reasons To Never Take A Vaccine
  210. This plant acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain, just like morphine.
  211. Why Magnesium Is The Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Known To Man
  212. Damage From Sleep Deprivation is as Bad as Binge Drinking (Video)
  213. American Diabetes Association a FRAUD: Recipes found to promote diabetes TheHealthRanger
  214. Report: Vegetarians twice as likely to suffer depression than meat eaters.
  215. Chemotherapy - Big Pharma’s “repeat business” model for cancer patients
  216. Increase in Drug Prescriptions, Decrease in Life Expectancy Dr. Joseph Mercola on a real danger to our health.
  217. Processed meats or cigarettes – which gives you cancer more quickly?
  218. HIV transmission MYTH totally blown away by new science: Unprotected sex with HIV-infected partners produces almost ZERO new
  219. Cobalt in hip replacement parts found to cause Alzheimer's via heavy metals poisoning
  220. Health Care LUNACY: No talk about making people HEALTHIER
  221. Government, the AMA, and Med Schools Dr. Michel Accad on deadly cronyism.
  222. Defy Your Doctor and Be Healthy How to take control.
  223. Sleep More, Weigh Less Dr. Joseph Mercola on getting a smaller waistline and lower weight the easy way.
  224. JEALOUSY Stefan Molyneux
  225. Vaccine disasters governments want you to forget
  226. “Thousands Of People Will Either Damage Or Entirely Lose Their Eyesight Tomorrow”
  227. California must raise taxes 300% to pay for "free" health care
  228. PETITION: Five Year Moratorium On All Childhood Vaccines
  229. Horseradish: The 1800s Sinus Remedy That Still Works Today
  230. Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $416M As Investigator Finds Popular Product Causes Cancer
  231. "Negative Hallucination" hypnosis experiment - MUST SEE TheHealthRanger
  232. Combating Health Tyranny with Knowledge and Defensive Eating With Mike Adams
  233. The miracle molecule SULFORAPHANE can protect your health TheHealthRanger
  234. When Help Is Not on the Way A guide for handling life’s everyday medical emergencies.
  235. Are You a Psychopath? 10 signs.
  236. Vaccines Aren't What You Think They Are
  237. Essure coil contraceptive implant is under investigation after women are left suicidal and forced to have hysterectomies due
  238. Gov’t fast-tracking mandatory vaccination as media muzzles debate
  239. FDA Approves Futuristic New Cancer (gene) Therapy, To Cost $475,000
  240. What Happens To Your Body After You Drink Diet Soda
  241. How To Kill Thousands Of Mosquitoes In Your Backyard Every Night
  242. Do You Have A Right To Decide What Goes in Your Body?
  243. How To Beat Bad Breath And how to know if you have it.
  244. The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 3 Former CIA Officer Explain
  245. Your Brain On Porn | Gary Wilson and Stefan Molyneux
  246. Manhood and Masculinity Books on the personal, familial, and civizational virtues of being a man.
  247. Scientists develop tiny robots that drill into cancer cells to kill them
  248. Communities Rally To Sue Big Pharma For Igniting Addiction Epidemic
  249. Psychological 9/11 "Day of Reckoning" approaches
  250. New FDA-approved Hepatitis B vaccine found to increase heart attack risk by 700%