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  1. Black Criminals Thread
  2. White Robbery Victim takes shotgun from nigger assailant
  3. Nigropotamus Karen Lewis Blames Whites for Black Failures
  4. Bleached-out Nigress Cynthia Tucker says "The Nation should welcome its Darkening Demographic"
  5. Antonio Shaw kills longtime friend in dispute over Chicken Wing
  6. Rise of the Black Serial Killer
  7. Maruse Heath ‘Kill Whitey’ Panther is held on gun rap
  8. Robbery turns fatal over LeBron sneakers...
  9. Jiggaboo Jones
  10. Why black culture is evil
  11. Barack Obama Preparation Academy - Where 13 yr old Black Retards Get Raped by Their Classmates
  12. complexion fixation and the agony of 'Dark Girls': Niggers hate darker niggers
  13. Surly Nigress Lindsay Bien-aime Removed From Airplane
  14. Texas One Sheboon Short: Texas executes woman, first in U.S. in nearly three years
  15. Slavery & the Prison Industrial Complex
  16. Outback Steakhouse - Crazed Nigger attacks pregnant White Woman using a glove with glass shards and a chair
  17. Michael Jackson 'spent $35 million to silence at least two dozen boys he abused' according to secret explosive FBI files
  18. Black mob violence and the media silence
  19. Small Groidal of 400 Nigs Diversifies Greensboro NC
  20. Because 'Moocher' is a Code Word for 'Nigger'
  21. Nigger Videos . . . Oldies But Still Funny
  22. History of Black African slavery and colonization
  23. 12 Year Old Arrested for Breaking into Bank
  24. Afrocentric Coons
  25. Black group protests immigration bill
  26. Riots, arrests in California as Zimmerman protests turn violent (PHOTOS)
  27. HORROR! Police free people held captive FOR YEARS in 'prison room' Houston home
  28. Concealed carry (YT) kills robber (TNB) at Dollar store
  29. Gaggle Of Groids Attacks 15 Year-Old White Male Twice Over Bicycle
  30. My EBT By Mr EBT!
  31. Chimpcongo Weekends - Making Niggers Good On A Steady Basis
  32. Feral NAPA Chimps On Elderly White Man On LA Metro
  33. Coddling To The Nth Degree - 4 Year Old Niglet Newest Mensa Member
  34. Groid Repeatedly Raped And Impregnated Daughters To "Create Pure Bloodline"
  35. Nigger Caught Jerking Off For 2 Hours On Public Bus While Watching Porn On His Phone
  36. Mob Of Nigger Youths Brutally Attack White Man In Heart Of Little Italy
  37. 2 Detroit Po-leece Officers Commit Armed Robbery & Assault
  38. #1 Explosion of violence in chicago
  39. Feral Jigstress Flips-Out Wanting Reparashuns An Sheeit Over 20 Cents
  40. Nothing to see here, just another nigger serial rapist/killer that the MSM will not cover...
  41. Vicious: Three Niggers pummel white child on bus (Florida)
  42. Niggers got themselves a hate blog celebrating "reparations" - the killing and raping of Whites
  43. Drunk Nigger With Three EBT Cards Run Boston Globe Truck Off The Road, Threatens Police Officer With Voodoo Curse
  44. Trial Begins For Blowtorch Bull-Dyke Nigress, Murderer Of 12 Yr Old Jonathan Foster
  45. Man Wanders Into Negros' Photo, Gets Sent To The Hospital
  46. Kimbo Slice MMA
  47. Maddening Video: Niglets Bully Defenseless White Toddler
  48. Teen nigger rapes a 93 year old White woman.
  49. Media and Police conspire to coverup the race of 12 rapists and two female victims in Wilmington Rape Case
  50. Groid Screaming "I Hate White People" Attacks Three (W Video Of Aftermath)
  51. What is it?
  52. Nigger "Politicans" From Obama's Homestate a Bunch of Swindling Crooks
  53. This Shit is Just Luke the Resident Evil 5 Video Game
  54. "Nigger" as defined by the online Urban Dictionary
  55. Naval Academy Feminist Mudsharkman Performs Multicultural Sex on Three Affirmative Action 'Footballers.'
  56. Woman stabs boyfriend in eye after he refuses group sex
  57. cops==NIGGERs
  58. Society falling - Kids very out of control in store
  59. What Happens When A Negro Murderer Is Denied Parol
  60. Putz vs. Putin
  61. Father orders his mammy, his daughter‘s grandmammy, to torture, beat and finally murder his 8-yo female negro offspring
  62. Diversity - Negroids - MESTIZO IMMIGRATION INVASION
  63. Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice TNB knocks out fiancee and drags her unconcious out of hotel elevator
  64. Buck takes out his 80-yo grandmammy
  65. "affirmative action" goes APE-shite
  66. "In other words what our late Secretary of State, Earl Butz, said about Negroes and got fired for it"
  67. White man dining at Waffle House forced to cap-cold armed negro robber – Fambly sez buck shouldn’t of been capped – Video of
  68. Shegro guard sexing it up with inmate pulling life plus 28
  69. An entire herd of wild beasts… acting like hyenas, looking like gorillas and the size of water buffalos, toss rocks and food
  70. Black Bike Week 2014 Myrtle Beach+crime and violence — Negro bike weeks ends today 5/26/14
  71. Dey gone haz ta feed our babies… bad, baaaad, raaacist whitey!
  72. Ah nicca likes ah clean crib mayne...
  73. Large specimen of the feral negro beast attacks White or Asian woman – shoves her into glass where she falls, bull negro then
  74. Gorilla manufacturing operation shut down today…
  75. Palestinians (in NY) film themselves getting black-attacked as they snatch mobile phones from ghetto hoodsters
  76. Female negro motel guest arrested for refusing to leave after checkout time - nice mugshot....
  77. LOL – negro goes flying out of a pick-up truck while trying to hold down a mattress - it's super-negro
  78. Negro arrested for threatening Obammy, last one who did got a year in jail
  79. Black hyenas lock horns in Alabama welfare office
  80. America’s negro problem: Examples shown below
  81. PBSO: Men stole nearly $400 of candy from South Florida Fair booth
  82. Cops: 14-Year-Old, Charged With Burglary, Bit Delaware Trooper Who Was Trying To Obtain Fingerprints
  83. NYPD cop claims "Not-So-PC" Richard harassed him for ‘shopping while black’
  84. Black wanting white flesh
  85. Night at coon boom zoo!
  86. Long daiquiri lines spark massive chimpout inside NYC casino
  87. Negro Arrested for Fatal Shooting of White Pizza Delivery Driver
  88. Black Politician Arrested for Failing to Disclose Conviction for Stealing £30,000 That was Meant for the Poor
  89. Philadelphia Police Seeking Sheboons After Violent Assault; 2 In Custody
  90. Community Outraged After Teen Sisters Attacked In Trenton Park
  91. Top charge dropped against phony beautician in ‘butt-injection’ death
  92. Paedophile Algerian Illegal Immigrant Sex Attack On Girl Aged 8 At Tourist Attraction
  93. Ex-NFL Player Strangled Cellmate: Coroner
  94. New Jersey Pastor Accused Of Sexual Assault
  95. Elderly Patrons Assaulted, Robbed Outside Delaware Casino; Suspect Arrested
  96. 2 arrested after video of apparent spring break gang rape in Panama City Beach surfaces
  97. Chimpout Breaks Out Inside Rittenhouse Square Zara Store
  98. 2nd Shooting Hours After 1st at Delaware State University
  99. Police: Students Involved In ‘Horrifying’ Brawl At Subway Stop In Philadelphia
  100. Baltimore: Chimpout is A-Brewing
  101. Black Coward Breaks into Disabled White Man’s Home Attacks Him and Steals Wheelchair
  102. The Gorilla in the Ring Show - Donate your favorite videos & images accordingly:
  103. Mammy viciously beats wimman over parking space at LI mall as husboon, chilluns watch
  104. Nurse arrested in ghetto lobstering of 23-month-old girl
  105. The official WN scouringpad-covered coconut to Ghetto Anvil conversion how to thread
  106. Shots Fired Following Large Bongo Party In Darby Borough
  107. Teen Killed, 3 Men Hurt in Shooting After Mother's Day Motorcycle Blessing Event in Newark: Prosecutors
  108. Guggenheim bans ‘rowdy’ Brooklyn high school
  109. A New Way To Win The Ghetto Lottery
  110. Murderous Black Thug Did Not Know His Elderly White Victim
  111. murder commited by the "savage"
  112. Bill Cosby Pretends to be Senile When Asked About Endless Rape Accusations
  113. Officer Brutalized by Negroes Saved by Armed Citizen
  114. I think that I shall never see a dirty old negro sticking hims muh dik into a tree
  115. Suduanse jailed for beating girlfriend Maryanne Sikai to death with kitchen stool
  116. Shock Video: Black Couple Beat White Woman: "Wrong Hood, Bitch"
  117. Just a little comment... The truth about Blacks
  118. Texas Deputy Executed Days After Black Radical Group Calls for Killing Cops
  119. Gay looking Asian Man Appeals 11 Life Sentences Burning Down White Nursing Home
  120. Detroit Carjacker Tells Black Bystander, 'You Good, I only Rob White People'
  121. Texas football referee accused of racism after hit by high school players
  122. In breaking up street fight, Madison officer faced anti-police threats from angry crowd, police department says
  123. Man viciously attacked by pit bulls in Bronx; owner arrested (graphic videos)
  124. Seahawks Player Lashes Out at #BlackLivesMatter Leader for Misappropriating His Image
  125. Texas College FBall Player Murders GF After Finding Out She’s a Man
  126. Bill Cosby Faces Criminal Charges for Alleged Sexual Assault in L.A.
  127. Black Lives Matter activist giving Yale lecture compares protests to Boston Tea Party
  128. Native American woman chants Down, Down USA during speech at the Million Man March
  129. Interracial Crime: Media-driven versus Statistical Realities
  130. Competency trial begins for Oklahoma muslim man in beheading death
  131. White Girl Beaten In Gym Class For Not Helping Nigger Peers Cheat
  132. Black Oxford Anti-Rhodes Activist Reduces White Waitress to Tears for Her Colonialism
  133. Obama’s Race for the “Satanic Imperial Legacy”: A World of Chaos and Disintegration
  134. Rapper uses flag to protest Mississippi Confederate month
  135. Female West Point cadets investigated after being pictured giving 'Black Lives Matter' salute while in uniform
  136. Watch: Journalists Punched, Kicked, And Rammed With Car In Sweden's 'Little Mogadishu' No-Go Zone
  137. Black Iowa Student Starts Fight, Loses, Makes Up Hate Crime, Gets Caught
  138. Charles Wade, Black Lives Matter leader, charged with sex trafficking
  139. He's accused of war crimes in Somalia. Now he works security at a U.S. airport.
  140. Melbourne boy is kicked in the face and bashed by thugs in Woodgrove shopping centre
  141. VIDEO: Michelle Obama Pulls Race Card During Grad Ceremony… “House Built By Slaves”
  142. DHHS Workers Steal Nealy $1 Million In Fraud Ring
  143. Vodou And The Nation Of Islam
  144. [VIDEO] Racist, Black, People, / Angry, Hate, / Compilation
  146. The sad truth about the black race is that they CAN'T be helped.
  147. Video; chicago black thugs kidnap and torture white teen trump support live on facebook
  148. Philly Gang Beats Soldier for Wearing Army Jacket
  149. Brookings: “Race Gaps in SAT Math Scores Are as Big as Ever”
  150. Hunt for nigger arsonist continues
  151. Crime Is the New Black Entitlement
  152. Kill Whitey And Burn All The Bridges
  153. Q. Who Put All Those Blacks in Prison? A. Other Blacks.
  155. Why Black Crime Matters | Colin Flaherty and Stefan Molyneux
  156. I Am Not Your Negro (2016)
  157. Niggers: Three Teen Girls Accused of Killing a Father of Seven, Stealing His iPhone
  158. They dindu nuffin Girls Arrested, Teachers Hurt In School Melee Pennsylvania H.S. brawl was filmed by student onlookers
  159. Black People: Don’t You Worry About ‘Bout a Thing
  160. Dinesh D'Souza: Racism Is Not The Cause Of Black Failure
  161. UTexas "Miss Black" Pageant Winner Attacked for Not Looking Black Enough
  162. Viral Thug Video: Elderly Woman Attacked By Black Mob at Swimming Pool…
  163. Marxist Black Student Group Rewarded for Taking Over Building at UC Santa Cruz
  164. Protect nigger crime, this is what you get: Black Student Group at UC Santa Cruz Threatens More Takeovers
  165. Democrats Finding: Once You Go Black, You Can Never Go Back
  166. Black Supremacists Hate Black People (so does every other race)
  167. Police: Three NIGGER Teens Stole Car, Killing 6-Year-Old Boy in Back Seat
  168. Dinesh D'Souza: American black Culture is the cause of black failure.
  169. Hoodwinking Blacks Walter Williams on Dems.
  170. Monkey War at Waffle House
  171. Survey: Seven Percent of American Adults Think Chocolate Milk Comes from Brown Cows
  172. Attorney provides insight as Cosby jurors request more info
  173. 70% Black Baltimore: Four Black “Youths” Assault White City Employee (Who Oversees “Anti-Violence Programs”) In Broad Dayligh