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  1. Bar Exams and the Darkies Who Take Them
  2. What if George Zimmerman had been a White loyalist?
  3. Bestgore.com Proprieter Detained In Canada..... But Why?
  4. The RIGHT Way to Fight Gun Control; Civil Suits
  5. Cop: Papers! Citizen: Fuck Off!
  6. Protect State’s Public Records Act
  7. Austrian Legal "Justice"
  8. From CC's thread/ advice about the law
  9. Denomination may stop weddings over'gay' marriage
  10. The Jews Just Won't Quit Fucking With Really Old Nazis
  11. Nearly 3,000 Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Released Under Court Order
  12. Late Fees Charged Tho Payment Mailed ON TIME
  13. Jury Nullification
  14. Noachide laws for non-jews
  15. Florida teen beaten after molesting man's son gets 25 years
  16. Filthy Non-White Sodomite Doctor Caught Filming Men in Showers at the Gym
  17. Rape Jihad :No Jail For Somali Asylum Seeker Guilty Of Sex Attack
  18. Oh, NOES! Muslim convert thug sitting in federal prison alleges he was framed by the FBI. Aren’t they all?
  19. South African Gay Muslim Imam Marries Disabled Lesbian Iranian Pregnant Couple in Sweden-so they can get residency
  20. MIAMI Police Union head slams Muslim Assistant Chief for refusing to put her hand over her heart for the Pledge of Allegiance
  21. You Won’t Believe What Obama’s Brother Was Just Caught Doing
  22. Drug pimps abused in the street by civil youth comunity
  23. Former Guantanamo Muslim terrorist prisoners demand more compensation from the U.S.
  24. Members of Black Tribe Charged with Killing White Couple to Stop Them Testifying
  25. CANADA to release Muslim terrorist and former Gitmo prisoner who killed a U.S. Army soldier in Afghanistan
  26. David Cameron to force ‘female drivers’ to retake driving test
  27. Urgent! Intel Received On Next False Flag Disaster Coming To Texas!
  28. Jewpreme Court Rules in Favor of Whining Towelhead Slut
  29. OH, BOO HOO…UK Muslim outraged because he was served ‘non-halal’ meat without his knowledge
  30. German Heroine Ursula Haverbecks Home has Been Raided by the Merkel Thought Police
  31. A Government That Ignores Its Own Laws Is NOT a GOVERNMENT!
  32. FOUR POTENTIAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS sue the FBI for putting them on a ‘NO-FLY’ LIST
  33. kangaroo court
  34. The Criminal Justice System Is Criminal
  35. The Locations of the FEMA Internment/Concentration Camps in the United States
  36. Scalia Gets It Pretty Much Right
  37. Population: What if we never stop growing?
  38. New Justice Dept. policy aims to get tough on Wall Street fraud
  39. 1965 Immigration Act, presented as symbolic, changed nation
  40. IRS Investigating Facebook Over 'Billion-Dollar Tax Understatement'
  41. Sharia and Talmudic law not compatible with Christianity
  42. Arrest and detainment procedures (Natural Law)
  43. Oregon State Bar: Pro-White Attorney Within His Rights
  44. When The Law Opposes The Truth Rather Than Protects It
  45. The INjustice System: 15 felony charges for 2 who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood
  46. New legislation would hold websites liable for third-party content, undermining the protection of free speech online
  47. Google is after you illegally
  48. Victory! Supreme Court Rules States Cannot Steal Money From The Innocent
  49. The Myth Of The Rule Of Law
  50. Proof U.S. Supreme Court Says You Don't Need a License to Drive in the United States!
  51. Judicial Watch Files Suit over Obama Admin Influence in FCC Ruling
  52. Good Vs. Evil in the Supreme Court
  53. Legal analysis of the Trump's Immigration Order at the 4th Circuit
  54. Suit: Schools' anti-Islamophobia campaign endorse religion
  55. Supreme Court Rules Against Police Use-Of-Force ‘Provocation’ Rule
  56. The Coming Conservative Supreme Court
  57. We really do need more insane asylums
  58. Trump Administration Asks SCOTUS to Rule on "Travel Ban"
  59. An Anarchist Defense Attorney Changing The Corrupt System From The Inside
  60. Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rules that police can break into your house without a warrant and shoot you
  61. Supreme Court Expedites Trump’s Petition on Travel Ban Executive Order Case
  62. Court Sets Ominous Precedent: Informing Jurors of Their Rights Is Now ILLEGAL
  63. Supremes Will Rule on Dirty Elections
  64. Judicial Watch Panel: Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation
  65. Man Found Guilty of Jury Tampering For Handing Out Pamphlets on Jury Nullification
  66. Justice? Not in the American police state. Article by John Whitehead.
  67. Ontario Law Enables Govt. to Seize Children from Parents Opposing Sex Change
  68. Twilight of the Courts: The Elusive Search for Justice in the American Police State
  69. Supreme Court Rules With Church Hospitals, No Longer Forced To Comply
  70. Supreme Court to Hear Case About Warrantless Seizure of Cell Phone Records
  71. IRS Loses $175 Million Class Action Lawsuit! - Taxation Is Theft
  72. Crime and Punishment | Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux
  73. Supreme Court Sees Criminal Asset Forfeiture Can Be Abused Too; Almost Does Something About It
  74. Equality under the law: Muslim Migrants Who Sexually Assaulted a 5-Year-Old Girl in Idaho Get Probation
  75. Trumps Temporary Travel Ban to be Decided by Supreme Court
  76. Judges Rule: Unfair to Deport Pedophile Refugee
  77. Eminent Domain & Property Rights: What This Man Did to Protect His Property Has Liberals Beside Themselves
  78. Hate Speech vs. Free Speech: A Critical Analysis by Constitutional Law Expert
  79. The U.S. Constitution First Amendment And Radicalism
  80. Tom Fitton discusses Prosecution of Trump, Pursuit of Comey Memos, & Lawsuit over Obama Shakedown
  81. What is obstruction of justice?
  82. Big Cases Still Waiting for SCOTUS Decisions…
  83. SCOTUS Strikes Down Ban on ‘Racially Disparaging’ Trademarks
  84. SCOTUS Could Imperil GOP Electoral Victories
  85. NY Supreme Court Justice Says Anti-Trump AG Is 'Wasting My Time' On Exxon Probe
  86. SCOTUS Opens Up Social Media To Registered Sex Offenders
  87. Supreme Victory For Washington Redskins–UNANIMOUS Decision Striking Down PC Trademark Law
  88. SCOTUS Throws Cold Water Early on Obama’s Partisan Gerrymandering Project
  89. Big Cases Still Waiting for Supreme Court Decisions in 2017
  90. ‘Welfare Check’ – Police Now Can Enter Your Home Without Warrant, Judge Rules
  91. If you publish Georgia’s state laws, you’ll get sued for copyright and lose
  92. The Fickleness of Law, Especially USA Law By Catherine J. Frompovich
  93. The US Criminal “Justice System” is Devoid of Justice - Paul Craig Roberts
  94. Law Without the State
  95. Rumors of Justice Kennedy Retiring from the Supreme Court
  96. Towards the Post-Legal Society And The Beast.
  97. Dealing with a malicious DMCA Claim - My Story ramzpaul
  98. Tom Fitton: SCOTUS Travel Ban Ruling "big blow to judicial activists" Judicial Watch
  99. The Gorsuch-Thomas Nexus Is Changing The Supreme Court
  100. EVIDENCE: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Was ‘Hacked’ By Obama Officials
  101. Trump Makes Progress Packing Courts With Conservative Picks
  102. The Divorce Trap Bill Sardi on lawyers.
  103. GOP Sen Graham: Trump Could Appoint Four Supreme Court Justices
  104. AG Jeff Sessions Goes Directly to Supreme Court for Clarification of Travel Ban Ruling
  105. The Frederic Bastiat You Never Knew
  106. Jury to rule on whether the CIA's torture architects will stand trial for killing and maiming
  107. 2nd Video of Baltimore Cops Planting Evidence Discovered
  108. Jury Nullification at Work: Free Speech Trumps Statute, Jury Concludes
  109. The Death of Justice | Michelle Malkin and Stefan Molyneux
  110. The Criminal Injustice System Took Down An Unsung American Hero—WHY?
  111. Lincoln vs. the Constitution | by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
  112. Ohio Supreme Court Rules No Miranda Rights if Questioned by Cops Outside Interrogation Room
  113. Jew-controlled ABA Asks States to Adopt Firearm Confiscation Laws
  114. Freedom for the Speech We Hate: The Legal Ins and Outs of the Right to Protest by John W. Whitehead
  115. 18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights
  116. Jury refuses to convict in Bundy ranch standoff
  117. Judicial Worry: Group Mobilizes to Prod Senate on Trump Judges Organization launches ad buy demanding slow-moving lawmakers s
  118. Tom Fitton discussing Benghazi Court Victory, New Comey Memo Lawsuit, & Obama/Deep State Lies Judicial Watch
  119. A Great Speech By Judge Andrew Napolitano On The "PATRIOT" Act
  120. Judge Issues Big Ruling In Palin's Lawsuit Against The New York Times
  121. EPA Has A Report Identifying Officials Using Encryption Apps, And This Legal Group Wants It Made Public
  122. Is the Rule of Law an Anachronism? Judge Napolitano on dangers ahead.
  123. Dems Relent, Allow Slate Of Trump Judicial Nominees To Proceed
  124. Trump Lands His Biggest Judicial Appointment Since Gorsuch
  125. Senate Faces Showdown Over Trump Judges
  126. Trump's Constant, Quiet Moves Are Remaking The Federal Judiciary
  127. 'Miscarriage Of Justice' Lois Lerner Off The Hook AGAIN
  128. Federal Judge Rules To Withhold Important Information In Benghazi Case
  129. The Travel Ban Just Went Back To The Supreme Court
  130. Mueller Could Destroy the Last Faith in the Justice System
  131. The most dangerous new trend. District Attorneys down with the cause
  132. New US Law Blurs The Line Between Hate Speech And Hate Crime
  133. Travel Ban Woes Show Need for Judicial Accountability Immigration rulings demonstrate how a handful of rogue federal judges c
  134. What the Media Get Wrong About Manafort Wiretapping Warrant came under authority to build counterintelligence operations focu
  135. SCOTUS Justices Receive Brief Full Of ... Pictures Of Cake 'An artistic creation'
  136. Judge: DOJ Can't Withhold Money From Sanctuary Cities (Appeal Assured, Arrests Next)
  137. Judicial Reform Activist and Attorney Abducted by Police While Broadcasting
  138. Hannity: Mueller war path shows two-tiered system of justice
  139. Tom Fitton discusses Court Battle on Clinton Draft Indictment, Obama Wiretaps Trump(?), Deep State P Judicial Watch
  140. The Real Constitution Does not permit judges, to be its final interpreters
  141. Judicial Anarchism
  142. SCOTUS Dispute Over Ballot Integrity Divides Red States, Blue States
  143. Harvard Law Prof Willing To Take UC Berkeley To Court Over First Amendment
  144. The FBI Just Stopped Publishing Data On America's Ridiculous Marijuana Arrest Rates
  145. Union Power Hangs In The Balance Of This New SCOTUS Case
  146. Trump Nominates Eighth Wave of Judicial Nominees
  147. Supreme Court: Key cases to decide this year
  148. Jeff Sessions Should Act Now To Rein In Rogue “Immigration Judges”–As AG, He Has The Authority
  149. 32 Shocking Facts About the Legal System They Don’t Want You to Know
  150. States Prep Lawsuit That Could Devastate Big Pharma
  151. Tom Fitton discusses New Mueller Lawsuit, Court Victory on Clinton Emails, & IRS/Obamacare Abuses Judicial Watch
  152. The U.S. Justice System Must Focus On Elite Criminality
  153. NY Democratic Party’s Ex-Chair Indicted on Judicial Bribes
  154. How Arbitrary Law Undermines Morality
  155. How to Tell Corrupt Judges and Attorneys to Fu*k Off and Make Them so Afraid of You that They Piss in Their Pants
  156. Leaks Expose Shady Deals of Chief Prosecutor for UN “Court”
  157. Smart Devices Are Snitching on Owners and Rewriting the Criminal Justice System
  158. SCOTUS Tosses Case Against Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’
  159. Tom Fitton's Opening Statement on the Debbie Wasserman Shultz / Awan Brothers IT Scandal Judicial Watch
  160. FBI Finds More Docs On Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting; Needs 6 Weeks To Turn Them Over
  161. Beat down: What neil gorsuch just did to ginsburg will rock the supreme court
  162. This is a Rule of Law -VS- Rule of Criminal Politicians case on Gun Rights, SUPER Intriguing
  163. It is a major red flag when judges aren't even willing to follow the rules of their own court.
  164. 2,800 Emails Not Disclosed By Hillary Clinton Released By State Dept. Judicial Watch
  165. Trump’s Judges Creating a 40-Year Legacy
  166. Ex Post Facto Judicial Crime: Federal Court Rules WWI Memorial “Unconstitutional”
  167. Tenth Amendment Center Activist Pushes Back Against Local Government Bullying Tactics
  168. We Either See Justice Now Or Never
  169. Why we all Hate Lawyers
  170. Jay Sekulow blasts the leak of a sealed indictment
  171. Prostitution, Free Speech, and a Veteran Memorial: 3 Interesting Court Cases
  172. Get Politics And Religious Bigotry Out of The Law
  173. If The Supreme Court Takes This Gun Control Case, Its Decision Will Be Huge
  174. Judicial Watch Leadership Summit Panel: Clinton Corruption Challenge from Benghazi to Clinton Cash
  175. Judge Napolitano Reveals Scalia Wiretap
  176. Judge dismisses lawsuit to force search for Clinton emails
  177. Senator calls for immediate indictments of hillary clinton
  178. State Lawsuits Against Contraception Mandate Exceptions Would Gut Religious Liberty
  179. Menendez Presumed Innocent, Moore Presumed Guilty
  180. Two Issues, Two Answers: Time for SCOTUS to Make Some Hard Choices
  181. Tom Fitton on Al Franken, Election Integrity, Clinton Emails Discovered, New Fusion GPS Lawsuit
  182. Judicial Watch Panel Rips on Clinton Foundation, FBI Investigation, HIllary Clinton Corruption
  183. Trump Expands List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees in Anticipation of Another Vacancy
  184. Mark Steyn on 'ridiculous' authority of judges in America
  185. Courts Have Allowed Police To Murder The Constitution
  186. Judge Protects Fmr House Speaker and Admitted Child Rapist, Telling His Victim He Can’t Sue
  187. Dems accused of abusing 'blue slips' to block judicial picks
  188. 2 Wrongfully Convicted Men Each Get $15mn After Decades in Prison, Police Misconduct
  189. Supreme Court To Hear Most Important Fourth Amendment Case In A Generation
  190. A judge has forced Starbucks to keep running its failing Teavana stores in a chilling verdict for the retail industry
  191. The Supreme Court Takes On Our Right Not To Be Forced To Bake GAY CAKES Against Our Own Will
  192. Florida man sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving bacon in mosque
  193. SCOTUS and Wedding Cakes: Don't Celebrate Yet
  194. Top 10 Teens Life Sentence Reactions [2017]
  195. American Bar Association: ‘Nothing but a worthless self-perpetuating crime syndicate’
  196. Senate Confirms SCOTUS Short-Lister Don Willett to 5th Circuit
  197. Trump Breaks Record for Federal Appeals Judges
  198. Growing vegetables in your own yard now confirmed as a criminal offense by Florida courts… INSANITY is now LAW
  199. Supreme Court Clerks Still Mostly Hired On Merit (Except By Sotomayor)
  200. DOJ Opens Probe Into Bundy Prosecutors Who Hid Evidence
  201. WATCH: Man Exposes Gov’t ‘Conspiracy’ In Court and Is Swarmed by Cops, Tasered, Arrested
  202. What are Rights? Do Rights Even Exist?
  203. The Death of Academic Freedom: Prof James Tracy Denied First Amendment Rights by Federal Court
  204. White House watching Supreme Court for key decisions
  205. Trump makes historic mark on federal bench in first year
  206. U.S. Judge Rules Trump Administration Must Provide Detained American With Legal Counsel
  207. Unsealed Court Docs Show How Prosecutors Tried To Rig Bundy Trial
  208. Trump’s Historic Success Appointing Federal Judges in 2017
  209. Roberts Promises Review of Judiciary’s Misconduct Policies
  210. Law vs. the Human Heart
  211. Top 5 new laws that people need to know about for 2018
  212. Bundy Ranch Prosecutor Steven Myhre Gets a Demotion – But That’s Just Not Good Enough!
  213. Ross Ulbricht Appeals Double-Life Sentence For Building a Website to The Supreme Court
  214. Fired Engineer Damore Sues Google For Discrimination Against White Male Conservatives
  215. Bundy Attorney: I Will Never Practice Law In Oregon Federal Court Again
  216. Ignore Unjust Laws: Just Say No To Jeff Sessions, says Ron Paul.
  217. Rogue Judge rules against Trump administration on rescinding DACA (It's an illegal EO)
  218. Bundys to begin revenge facet against Fedgov
  219. Court Order Confirms DNC Fraud Lawsuit Appeal Will Proceed
  220. Nevada Bundy Prosecution Collapses The feds spent a quarter billion and still failed, says Roger I. Roots, JD, PhD.
  221. The Conviction Factory: The Collapse of America’s Criminal Courts.
  222. The Judicial Rebellion
  223. End Judicial Tyranny with One Single Word
  224. Rampant Prosecutorial Misconduct Undermines U.S. Justice System
  225. Neither the senate nor the people can give us any dispensation for not obeying this universal law of justice.
  226. Clinton Crime Judge Theodore D. Chuang Exposed
  227. Congress Is Hurling Towards A Shutdown, But The Judicial Confirmation Machine Is Still Humming
  228. Court Orders DuPont to Go to Trial 40 Times a Year to Face Thousands of Toxic Chemical Victim Lawsuits
  229. Joe diGenova – Brazen Plot to Frame Trump
  230. Supreme Court To Decide Whether You Own Your Own Data
  231. Supreme Court Launches DACA Appeal Into Lightspeed
  232. Trump Just Named His Tenth -- TENTH -- Wave Of Judicial Nominees
  233. Supreme Court Finalizes Lineup of Big Cases for the Year’s Term
  234. MUST HEAR: Bundy Attorney Roger Roots on the Tyrannical Bundy Ranch Trials & FRAUD
  235. Schumer TREMBLES, Dreamers FREAK, as SCOTUS Gives Trump a WIN
  236. The URGENT Case for Anti-Trust Legislation against Facebook, Google
  237. Prosecutors Argue IQ Tests Must be Biased Against Blacks So It Would be Racist Not to Execute Black Killers with IQs <70
  238. Texas Judge Arrested For Accepting Thousands In Bribes Over At Least A Decade
  239. The Case Of PragerU Vs. YouTube Has Tremendous Implications For The Future Of Free Speech On The Internet [VIDEO]
  240. That Sound You Just Heard Was Trump's Judicial Confirmation Machine, It's on full blast
  241. Liberal Groups Mobilize Against Trump's First 9th Circuit Nominee
  242. Trump Is Remaking These Three Powerful Appeals Courts
  243. Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male
  244. Trump's Judicial Guru Spikes The Football On Judge Confirmations At CPAC
  245. The court’s decision, which incredibly did not cite case law or a constitutional provision, was a show of legislative force.
  246. Gorsuch Holds The Key To One Of The Supreme Court's Biggest Cases
  247. If SCOTUS Will Not Bring Federal Judges Under Control, It Will Be Congress’ Responsibility
  248. Courts are displaying a newfound willingness to grandstand and to ignore clear constitutional authority
  249. Inspector general opens investigation into FISA court
  250. Opening Arguments Heard in Microsoft V. the United States