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WhiteBear 08-02-2016 06:16 AM

Was Rock and Roll invented by blacks?
I just came upon a couple of websites, where it is claimed that Rock and Roll music has African roots being invented by negroes and the real king was not Elvis, but Chuck Berry and Ray Charles. That might be true for the repetitive drum banging in rock music, but the haunting, melodious guitar riffs and sounds were definitely influenced by European classical and even some folk music as I read it on Wikipedia. Also the great propagators and masters of rock and Heavy Metal were mostly white British and American bands whom popularized the genre and produced the greatest hits such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Guns & Roses etc. and some other European and white Australian bands such as AC/DC. So negroes claiming to invent it, they only had a part as far as simple, primitive African influenced church music which had some influence, but did not shape it further as much as European instrumental influences.

Fred O'Malley 08-02-2016 12:29 PM

Re: Was Rock and Roll invented by blacks?
Composing quality music is similar to mechanical or chemical engineering, blacks can make noise, but only Europeans have the capacity to create classical, heirloom music.

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