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Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 06:47 PM

Alex Linder and his Jewish Linder Relatives
Alex Linder of VNN on being exposed as a Jew:


Originally posted by Alex Linder:

Apart from my being an Ashkenazi jew rather than Sephardic...they pretty much nailed me.


Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:12 PM

Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, has stated that he is from Missouri and that his Linder family came to America from Switzerland and settled in what is now the United States during the colonial era

Going by that information I did a little digging and on a genealogy website http://www.geni.com/people/John-Lind...00000966930892 where I found the following information:


Wilhelm Linder
Birth: Jan 26 1640 - Saanen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Death: 1683 - Saanen, Bern, Switzerland
Parents: Simon Linder, Anna Linder (born Werren)
Wife: Maria Linder (born Haldi)
Children: Johannes Linder, Anna Linder, Maria Linder, Wilhelm Linder, Margaretha Linder, Simon Linder
The above Wilhelm Linder was the father of:


Simon K. Linder, Sr.
Birth:1680 Bern, Switzerland
Death: February 12, 1751 in Frederick Co, Virginia
Parents: Wilhelm Linder, Maria Linder (born Haldi)
Wife: Margarete Linder (born Hanover)
Children: Simon Linder Jr., John Linder, Elizabeth Linder, Catrina Swearingen (Linder), Lawrence Linder
The above Simon K. Linder Sr. was the father of:


John George (Hans Jerek) Linder
Birth: 1730 - Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Death: Sep 2 1766 - Frederick, Virginia
Parents: Simon K. Linder, Margarete Linder (born Hanover)
Wife: Ann Linder (born Newland)
Children: Leah Linder, Nathaniel Linder, Keziah McIntire (born Linder), John Simon Linder, Margaret Linder
The above John George Linder was the father of:


John Simon Linder
Birth: 1754 - Fredrick Co., Virginia
Death: January 13, 1834 - Spartanburg, SC
Parents: John George (Hans Jerek) Linder, Ann Linder (born Newland)
Wifes: Jane Linder (born Wright), Mary Linder (born Musgrove)
Children: Samuel Linder, Nathaniel Linder, Jacob Linder, Sarah Linder, Abraham Linder, Lorenzo Dow Linder, Hiram Linder, Mary Linder
The above John Simon Linder was the father of:


Lorenzo Dow Linder
Birth: 1807 - Rockingham, North Carolina
Death: 1857 - Webster Co., Missouri
Parents: Isaac Linder, Nancy Linder (Richardson)
Wife: Jemima Linder (born Martin)
Children: Colin Linder, John Linder, Louanna Linder, Alfred Linder, Isaac Linder, Mary Linder, Daniel Linder, William Linder, Palace Linder, Sarah Linder
The above Lorenzo Dow Linder was the father of:


John Marshall Linder
Birth: 1839 - Smithville, Dekalb Co., Tennessee in 1839
Death: March 18, 1928 - Marshfield, Webster Co., Missouri
Parents: Lorenzo Dow Linder, Jemima Linder (born Martin)
Wife: Elizabeth Linder (born Cantrell)
Children: Isaac Lorenzo Dowell Linder, Joanna Linder, William A. Linder, Jane Mathes (born Linder), Susan B. Hurst (born Linder), William D. Linder, John W. Linder, Sara E. Linder, Winnie Delsa Bell Morrison (born Linder), Charley L. Linder, Martha Margaret Rosetta Bullard (born Linder)
Note that nearly all of the names given to the Linder children in this particular family are Hebrew in origin - viz: Nathaniel, Isaac, Abraham, Hiram, Simon, Daniel, John, Jacob, Keziah, Mary, Sarah, etc. - all popular Jewish given names.

On another Linder family genealogy website at: http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bi...nder::515.html I came across the following post from one Linder family researcher to another:


our LINDERs did in fact come from SC originally. I guess old Louis/Lewis LINDER, SR was not thrilled that his wife Mary Louisa SEIDEL and her family was involved in the African and Indian (Native American)slave trade. It was said that he refused to use his wagons to transport slaves in. Mary and her family together with this Jewish Rabbi had a thriving slave trade business which Lewis/Louis LINDER, Sr wanted no parts in.
Somewhere I have the Rabbi's name... it's just not on the tip of my tongue now as I write this note.

Lewis/Louis LINDER died trying to save one of his (African/Black) employess that was on a wagon that started to go off the dock... he jumped under the wheels and died weeks later from the internal injuries that resulted from such heroism.

I descend through Louis Linder, Jr., son of Louis LINDER, Sr. and his wife Mary Louisa (SEIDEL). Louis Linder, Jr. married Hanorah 'Nora' PIQUETTE.

Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:19 PM

Meet the Linders:

Debbie Linder:


Michael G. Linder
, Cantor at Congregation Beit Tikva

Rabbi Eric Linder, Congregation Children of Israel:

Rabbi John Linder (center), Temple Solel

(From left) Carol Koransky, Haim Linder, Moshe Salem, Liat Rabin, Galia Dahari, Larry Miller and John Fishel. Photo by Moshe Barzilai,

Celebrating at Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation on June 11 were (l to r): Andy Selinger, Bryan Grover, Wendy Harwin-Bates, Beth Rosenblatt, Rabbi Shelly Kovar, Becker,Barbro Liftman, Kevin Andersen, Harriet Linder, Craig Minor, and Gilbert Linder.

Yavneh graduates Sarah Linder, second from left, and Shoshana Edelman, far right, were honored earlier this summer as finalists in the 2010 Level 1 Kaplun Foundation Essay Contest. Courtesy Nancy Edelman

Jack Linder (right) chairman of the Sons of Israel anniversary committee

Holocaust survivor Albert Linder (left):


Elvin Linder and his wife Sheila Linder, of Temple Sinai

Thelma Linder (center), Rodef Shalom Synagogue

Actress Kate Linder at the 5th Annual Jewish Image Awards

Singin' Shabbat With Susan

by Susan Shane-Linder


© Copyright - Susan Shane-Linder / Susan Shane-Linder (786851990027)

Download $9.99 CD $15.00

Families of all ages will enjoy a unique blend of your favorite Shabbat songs. Traditional blessings are sung in Hebrew, then translated to English for all to understand and sing along to.
Genre: Spiritual: Judaica
Release Date: 2002



My Favorite Hebrew Songs, by Nancy Linder $19.99



Tahlia Linder, Evie Linder, Lauren Linder, and Shannon Rubin, sisterhood of B'nai Israel Synagogue

Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:21 PM

Dr. Howard David Linder, MD


Hospital Affiliations

Long Island Jewish Medical Center
North Shore University Hospital
The Zucker Hillside Hospital


Psychosomatic Medicine

Board Certifications

Psychosomatic Medicine


Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:22 PM


ILOJC 2012 Home > Speakers > Laura Linder

Laura Linder


"Under Laura's leadership the Jewish Foundation of Memphis has grown from $12 million to $50 million in assets."

Executive Director, Jewish Foundation of Memphis

Laura Linder is currently the Executive Director of the Jewish Foundation of Memphis, a position she has held for 11 years. Under her leadership the foundation has grown from $12 million to $50 million in assets; the number of funds has tripled; and numerous initiatives have been brought to the community including the B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program, Create Your Jewish Legacy and the One Happy Camper program.

Over the past 24 years, Ms. Linder has held several positions in the Jewish communal world including the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit where she served as director of their $30 million annual campaign in the late 1990s.

Ms. Linder credits many of the choices she has made in her professional and personal life to the 6 impactful summers she spent at URJ’s Goldman Union Camp in Zionsville, Indiana. She and her husband Jim have two URJ campers - Jonah (17) and Eliana (15).


Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:23 PM

Jewish Geeks - South Bay and Peninsula

Simon Linder


Location: Saratoga, CA

Member since: December 3, 2012

Introduction - I am a Jewish young adult from San Jose. I am interested in tech, law, and intersections thereof.

Are you Jewish? - Yes

Are you a Geek and/or Nerd? - Yes

What are some activities or events that you would be interested in participating in? - Jewish holiday parties and observances


Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:24 PM




Zach Linder

Oy vey, it's The Jew York Times, Digital producer @WWE. Also tweeting @UCBW.

Brooklyn, NY · flavors.me/zachlinder

I'm Zach Linder. I'm a digital producer at WWE in Stamford, CT.
I live in Brooklyn, NYC and like trains, maps & high-fives. ENTJ.
email, twitter, facebook, foursquare, linkedin, flavors.me

http://zachlinder.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/zachlinder

Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:25 PM


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mazel Tov



Rhonda and Michael Yanoff (Bubbie and Zeide) announce the birth of their grandson, Aiden Lev Yanoff, on Jan. 5.

The baby's parents are Eric and Dava (nee Wiener) Yanoff of West Bloomfield, Mich.

Sharing in their happiness are Big Bubbie Thelma Linder, and grandparents Eric and LuAnn Wiener, along with Judi and Stan Kleiman.

Aiden Lev is named in loving memory of Big Zeide Lee Linder and his great-grandmother Leah Wiener.


Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:28 PM

Adele Linder

Deggendorf Displaced Persons Camp

Deggendorf was a medium-size Displaced Persons Camp which at one time was "home" to close on 2,000 Jewish refugees, many of them former inmates of Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Situated by the Danube in Bavaria, Deggendorf's DP community published two newspapers, the Deggendorf Center Review and Cum Ojfboj, a Yiddish weekly paper of the Zionist Achida Organization, and maintained a library housing 1,700 books, synagogue, mikve and a kosher kitchen. The camp even had its own currency, underwritten by a Munich bank, known as "Deggendorf Dollars". The paper notes each bore the stamped inscription "Jewish Committee-D.P. Camp 7 Deggendorf."

Deggendorf DP camp, many of whose inhabitants sought entry to Palestine, closed on June 15, 1949. Pictured right (courtesy of USHMM) is a group of Jewish DPs posing in front of building in the Deggendorf DP Camp in 1946. The banner reads in Hebrew and English: Erez Israel for the nation Israel. (Land of Israel for the People of Israel.)

Resident at Deggendorf from 1945 was Adele Linder, who survived the war, whether by remaining hidden or, possibly, a prisoner in Theresienstadt or other camp. Adele's sister Channa [Dina/Donja] Linder and brother-in-law Eliezer Swarts sponsored her through the Jewish Agency to enter Palestine in an application dated 26 October 1945.



Adele Linder

b 26 March 1921 believed Podhajczkyi, Poland

d 26 April 1987 Israel

daughter of Hermann Linder and Taube Zeichner


Lionel Mandrake 09-02-2013 07:29 PM


Home » Lodges » Lodge Carmel – Atlanta » Gallery » Harve Linder

Aims and Objectives

• To promote goodwill amongst mankind

• To foster brotherhood amongst the member of the Order

• To raise funds for local worthwhile charities

• To support local institutions by giving of our time

• To encourage marriage within the Jewish faith and thereby discourage intermarriage

• To support brethren in time of their difficulties

• To promote the ideals and work of the Hebrew Order of David International within the community

• To encourage our members to further their knowledge and understanding of the precepts and traditions of Judaism

• To enjoy ourselves while we organize and participate in all our activities

• To strengthen bonds between Jews in the Diaspora and the State of Israel


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