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Default Re: Your opinion of Stormfront

Quote: Originally Posted by Gargoyle View Post

Russki was a great poster. He made SF a fun place.
Don just sucks all the money right out of the donations. Oh and I can't wait to see how Stormfront will react when Don dies. I imagine a civil war will go down and they'll be vulnerable to attacks.

But anyway, yeah stormfront is really nothing more than an extension of Don Black's Ego. It's not a movement. All he is is a message board and a radio show. That's not a movement, that's just entertainment. If a real NS leader ever come to power in Don's lifetime, the best Don will be is a radio commentator. What bothers me about him is he doesn't even seem to want to take the initiative to do something about all these problems. All he does is talk. I think he is comfortable with being just a radio guy and messageboard operator and collecting the big bucks from donors. I don't believe it cost him $7500 a month to keep his site going. By the looks of this forum here it looks exactly like the Stormfront layout, maybe a bit more modern actually. Maybe this site doesn't get as much traffic, but I think Don exaggerates his stats about visitors. I think this is a great site, on Stormfront you can't vent your rage at the injustices that take place there. It seems like some kind of good old boy network where you got to be one of Don Black's best buddies to get to do anything you want. Maybe this site can rival Stormfront and be the new place for White nationalists to gather. People are realizing that Stormfront is nothing but empty talk and constant money grabbing. I'm sure there are many out there like me and you who found Stormfront to be a disingenuous web site. They pretend to be part of some movement but they are not. They are just a stupid forum for keyboard commandos.

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