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Default Re: Your opinion of Stormfront

Quote: Originally Posted by MISTERBLONDE View Post

Hi dan, remember me LOL?

I got banned from stormfront a couple of days ago as well, it's a fucking joke over there!

Man you should have seen the drama that happened.

The SF (self appointed) watch dogs (Great Australian bite, and ''nobody'' formally called Vidar) decided that I was Russki.....and started a re-banning campaign.

Also, they thought the user DaninNY (you) was that would make you, me as well.

So according to them i'm Russki,daninny (you) and me. You couldn't make this shit up could you LOL?

That Nobody/vidar is a complete drama-fag! He always hated Russki and he's so paranoid because I had a similar Hitler avatar to Russki he flipped out. What a dick.

Hahahaha, I had several run ins with GBA about why we should have a leader while i was on SF. Don't worry though, we're pro Russian here, in fact any bashing of Russia gets deleted. They had no evidence because they obviously couldn't use your IP addresses as proof since they were both different, so they just made a claim and you got banned. That is bad comedy right there.
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