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Default Re: Your opinion of Stormfront

Quote: Originally Posted by Gargoyle View Post

Hahahaha, I had several run ins with GBA about why we should have a leader while i was on SF. Don't worry though, we're pro Russian here, in fact any bashing of Russia gets deleted. They had no evidence because they obviously couldn't use your IP addresses as proof since they were both different, so they just made a claim and you got banned. That is bad comedy right there.

Yeah i'm not really bothered about being banned.

But the thing that was kind of upsetting was watching my ''brothers'' turn on me. The mods sat back and let a full-blown man hunt proceed and it was wrong.

Like you said about the IP address, they knew I wasn't Russki or dan because their in the US, and i'm in England.

But they let the (false) re-banning shit go on because ''Nobody''/vidar donated $760 about three months ago. Like LT isn't white. But because they oil the palms of Don Black, they can do what they want.
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