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Default One year later, Pioneer Little Europe

Over the last year we have seen many new faces as the events of last year with Craig Cobb became a catalyst for anew awaking. What started as one man in one town set the stage for a whole new generation of young folks becoming aware of their surroundings. While Craig has gone into retirement and is living the simple life, his name still brings a sting to the eyes of those who continue to read his name in print for all his efforts.

We are not quit where Pioneer Little Europe wants to be, but every idea has growing pains and personal differences. What Craig did was galvanize White nationalists across the country and internationally. Our total outreach has grown exponentially. But, we still have a long road ahead of us. We currently work with two groups in and around Johannesburg and have made an outreach to Orania in South Africa to seek efforts to evacuate those we can to the distance countryside. This is no small effort. If you are interested in helping Orania grow it native population of Boer then please make sure to contact me. What the community is look for is a means to build trade infrastructure for employment, housing for newcomers, and those who would like to visit their model city as a tourist to learn more about their Pioneer Little Europe styled city.

As for efforts back in The United States of America we have made small efforts in our local areas as individuals under the codex of cultural-legionism. The galvanization to manifestation has lead down some interesting roads. Our European outreach has brought in many Europeans from across the continent's nationalists organization to read our ideas. The road has not lead to our first home here; however, we have seen homes in other lands go to young families with beautiful White children. One of our first ever public donation website tries was shut down by outright lies to the host GoFundMe from leftists. Due to the legal time limits there remains to be seen if supporters want to take the fight to court over the issue of defacement, to drag those who trolled and lied into a face-to-face court battle and seek damages. It appears GoFundMe acts as a racist anti-White machine to fund genocide against the European peoples of the world from the way they allowed this lie to happen without investigation into the facts. Baring all this, Pioneer Little Europe has always been a sort of cash and carry operation by those from time to time who take up the sword against our enemies to plow through with what efforts supporters demand with their words and dollars to back it.

Pioneer Little Europe has three well known and long standing trustworthy persons who in their right do and have done something worthy of trust over their many years of service to the total community. Any local group is more than welcome to put forward their own point person for open contact on our pages. To date we have three, sadly, some of those from the past have taken a sidestep to retire long before the events of Leith, ND; although, they remain supportive to the ideals of White nationalism and followed the story in private. This by far is a huge campaign and is unlike any political or hot topic, it is a life long adventure, not for the thin skin or short timer. Looking over our current supporters we will have no problem keeping this fire burning. Best of wishes to all our supporters in their future endeavors to save our children's future.

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