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Default Re: The list of suspected sockpuppet accounts on VNN

Quote: Originally Posted by Gargoyle View Post

Most of them are lazy ass faggots anyway. Glacier is one obese man, and the only living he can make is selling beard oil. Don only makes cash from the "donations" his little pawns send in.

Ok, I never wanted to call him out for his weight, since he never said anything mean to me, but as a WN, someone that brings up the beauty, success, etc. of the White race, why doesn't he lose some weight? I'm serious, you know the PC opinion of WS,WN,Neo Nazis, racist. Fat, toothless, stupid, etc. When a public member of the movement is fat, uneducated, and poor, why do people champion him? Do they not understand PR? And back to my original point, why not diet and exercise? How hard could it be? Sometimes his SF threads tell people what to eat, how to live healthy. I'm thinking dude, you have your picture up, who takes health advice from an obese individual?

I'm serious, this was 5 years ago, but his honest responses about his life were depressing. One thread by a guy having problems getting dates was answered by Glacier!! Apparently WN women of Montana go for that obese look, if you read his threads.

I didn't want to mock him just for the weight, but I thought he would lose the weight, they way he preached about lifestyle, but all I read were excuses - his meds made him fat, etc.
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