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Carolyn has done some good interviews lately on her shows.

Listening right now to her live interview with my old friend Ron Doggett, and another old friend, Glenn Miller, has called into the show:

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager, Live, May 25th,2-4PM Eastern (11AM -1PM Pacific) on The White Network. "Interview with Ron Doggett, Southern White activist for over three decades"
Most people would agree that if we had a lot of White men like Ron Doggett, we'd be winning. Since 1979, Ron has been an associate of David Duke; he's also worked closely with William Pierce and Glenn Miller. A Virginian and a working-class race realist, he has operated as a regional leader, putting forth consistent effort over the years, including originating a cable channel television program titled "Race and Reality." I'll be asking tough questions of Ron, but also allowing him to share his wisdom and experience with us.
Phone calls taken in the 2nd hour at 830-443-4911.

Click here to download the podcast

You refer to Glenn Miller,a known race traitor and govt informant as a friend and yet think of Christians as enemy. Interesting hypocritical views
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