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or <Kerplop!>. Yes, it got to the point on VNN that I wouldn't even bother to announce I was adding some disruptive, anonymous gadfly to my Ignore list, I'd just put one of those onomatopoeic words like that and most people got it.

I had nearly a hundred VNNers on my Ignore list when Linder banned me. One fellow had my entire Ignore list as his sig file which was fine with me. I suppose he understood that we couldn't get down to the urgent business of organizing our people around an idea, and reach a consensus of approval of that idea, until our councils are cleared of all those insufferable hecklers and disrupters who oppose that idea; by extension, they oppose all of us who will fight for it.

Linder turned out to be such a disappointment to have been so promising a decade ago.

LOL! I tried to put varg on my ignore list. Wouldn't let me.
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