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Default Francis Parker Yockey

Francis Parker Yockey
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Francis Parker Yockey (September 18, 1917 June 16, 1960) wrote a great book called Imperium in 1948. He was a neo-Spenglerian philosopher who argued that the great civilizations were living organisms, complete with a destiny and a soul. His book Imperium (White Empire) was primarily about the culture distorters (primarily Jews) that were attacking the living Western Civilization organism, and the prospects of Western Civilization reviving after the loss of the Axis in World War 2. He primarily depicted the United States and Soviet Russia as the main enemies of Western Civilization when the book was written between 1945 and 1948. He claimed the US was primarily Western, but was taken over by culture distorers (Jews). He was vehemently against Soviet Russia at the time, and his book expressed some Anti-Russian sentiment, but after witnessing the Prague trials in 1952, where Rudolf Slansky and a total of 11 other Jewish members of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party were hanged, he became convinced that Soviet Russia had changed it's perception of the Jews and had freed themselves of Jewish control. The Slansky trial was part of Joseph Stalin's purge of Jews from the communist party in Russia and Eastern Europe. Yockey spent the rest of his life trying to unite the communist world powers with the far right groups of America and the west, and aimed at overthrowing the U.S. government. His willingness to work with Communists put him at odds with certain far right parties in the U.S. such as George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party who had a zero tolerance policy for Communists. Yockey claimed that he had never even heard of George Lincoln Rockwell's party before his death. Yockey was being pursued by the FBI and was arrested in 1960 when he was returning to the U.S. from abroad, but his suitcase was sent to the wrong airport. When police opened it to find out who's it was they found multiple forged passports that belonged to Yockey. While he was in custody, Yockey was visited by Willis Carto who would later publish Yockey's works. Yockey was found shortly after the visit dead in his cell with an empty cyanide capsule. Yockey apparently committed suicide to prevent the FBI from extracting any information from him by torture.
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