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Default The most important questions a person can ask themselves about Alex Linder

1. Who funds Alex Linder? How does Alex Linder make his living and get paid??

2. Who has Alex Linder made more enemies of? White nationalists or non whites???

3. Why won't Alex Linder submit to a DNA test proving for once and for all to his detractors that he is indeed a white man with no trace of Jewish racial admixture?

4. Why does Alex insist that VNN does not lie when he and his membership base lie all the time? Just a quick example recently his member (if not one of his sock accounts) "M.N Valdez" stated:

"As much as I hate alcoholics, and as much as I hate degenerate, lying, mentally-ill people"

Valdez basically described Alex's remaining forum community of socks and sycophants as well Alex himself here, at least with the part referencing alcoholics, yet Valdez can't hate Alex the alcoholic too much considering he goes to bat for the guy time and time again...though to re-iterate Valdez may simply be another of Linder's legion of sock accounts thus his defense of Alex isn't all that surprising in that case.

So to conclude the lie was that Valdez "hates" alcoholics yet all the evidence goes to show that he infact LOVES alcoholics as Alex Linder IS an alcoholic and considering how much he "goes to bat" ie defends Linder his love is obvious, therefore we can conclude Valdez is a liar and really LOVES himself some alcoholics or at least a particular alcoholic in this case once again Alex the alcoholic Linder is whom he loves.

5. Since Alex Linder is very Jew like in appearance could this be the REAL reason he's set up a rule protecting Jews from being outed and no rules at all that protect white people from being slandered by the muds and antis and crypto Jews that populate his site?

6. Why would a genuine white nationalist ever align themselves with a traitor like the federal informant Glenn Miller? Alex has done exactly this and is very cozy with "Traitor" Glenn as he is known in WN circles.

I will add more to this list of questions as I think of more to add. (suggestions are also welcome)

This list I believe is very necessary for anyone still foolish enough to believe Alex Linder is a legitimate white man or white nationalist.

Its intended for people to reflect on the questions and go with what their gut instinct is telling them about Alex after all the self questioning is through and these questions are fully pondered.
“If you work for Christianity in any way you work for the Jews."-Varg Vikernes

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