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Default Re: SF members "Please delete me" thread turns dramatic

Quote: Originally Posted by Fred O'Malley View Post

They call it a false flag because that's the citizens' default position. Almost every attack you hear about is a false flag, most have a political agenda behind them, such as stealing rights or pushing gun control. The FBI has been busted over and over setting up crazies for false flags. They also create zombies with drugs and set them loose. Others have been Aurora, 9/11, and Ferguson, MO. and lots more. The government is at war with the Bill of Rights.

Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer exposing the Sandy Hook HOAX on Power Hour w Joyce Riley.

Oklahoma Murrah Bombing another False Flag Op

Yeah I totally understand that the false flag theory is the default position for most people today, and I don't deny that false flags are committed at a high rate, but my only concern is with these false flag accusations being the norm these days, certain disinfo operatives in the alternative media may be giving the wrong explanation as to what the purpose of the false flag was. The Alternative media sprang up as a way to challenge the controlled mainstream media, but now with the paid opposition (I have a few on my mind that I won't go into right now), and the disinfo operatives, you have to second guess what some of these Alternative media or independent media sources are saying. Everyone has an agenda, even if they are not working for anyone they will use their own personal biases and preferences to explain events. For instance if an alternative media guy is a Jew or works for Jews, he will present any event in a way that is favorable to Jews and Israel, regardless of whether it was a false flag or not.

PS. i will watch that Murrah building video you posted because I am interested in hearing about why people think this was a false flag.
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