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Default Re: Your opinion of Stormfront

Quote: Originally Posted by bornintheusa View Post

I think Stormfront is awful. I got banned recently. My username there was DaninNY. they probably have my name and address because I donated to them but I don't give a fuck. What happened with me is I was posting there for about 5 months, and I was pretty much okay with things in the beginning. But then I started participating in the discussions about the Ukraine and that phony "Neo-Nazi" revolution they had there. I and a few other members were making the case that the Coup d'etat in Kiev was orchestrated by Zionists. We even posted pics of the "Far right" Svaboda leader posing with the Jew Ratsenyuk and John McCain. I also noted that the militant mob that created the Junta was indeed far right members, but they were being instructed by Jews. How else can you explain the new Jewish leadership in Ukraine? I also portrayed Putin as the good guy in this situation because Putin's Russia is the only resistance to Zog plans and they are giving the Zionists a good fight. For some reason this didn't sit well with the mods. Whenever I posted things about the Ukrainian people in the east starving and not getting their pensions, moderators like Pat88 said "Good, if they don't want to be part of Ukraine then they shouldn't get their pensions, let Putin give them their Pensions". I was blown away by this ridiculous attitude which is also shared by another moderator named Poison. I was friends with a Russian member on SF and he told me that Poison kept censoring his posts in the Russian sub-forum because he too was exposing the illegal Coup in Ukraine and defending Russia. I felt very sickened that the SF moderators are dictating their view onto the forum by either deleting your posts, or killing the threads so they get buried. My Russian friend there told me that Poison was a Jew. I didn't think it was possible that a Jew could be a moderator on SF but that would certainly explain his position on the matter. I thought it was due to Petty Nationalism on the Ukrainians, but this seemed to be an opinion shared by not only Ukrainians but run of the mill SF posters.

I view SF as like a cult where the thought is monitored, and you can't say anything about Don Black. Like someone else said he is like the God over there. If you cross him you get banned, even if you donated money.

Which brings me to another point, I was also helping out with their fall fundraiser for 3 months. and I was bumping their threads where they were begging for money. I would post things like donate to stormfront to support pro white media, but that was the only reason I could think of for why anyone should donate to Stormfront. They offer nothing tangible to anyone. All the money supposedly goes to keep Stormfront online, yet when they raise more than their goal for a month, they don't apply the difference to the next month. For instance last September their goal was $7500, and they raised over $8,500, but the next month the donation meter started from 0 again. What happen to the extra money? is that Don's pocket money?

I think the SF moderators are Jerks(some of them). I get the feeling though that they are just doing what Don tells them to do. He doesn't have the balls to come out and say what he thinks so he has his minions carry out the propaganda. I think the moderators should not be allowed to participate in discussions for the simple fact that if you disagree with them, they can give you infractions and mess with your account.

Anyway so I had enough and cursed out this pro-Zionist Ukraine troll and threatened to kill him or her and so I was banned, but truthfully I wanted out of that site. That fundraiser is such a scam. SF doesn't do jack shit for white people. Don Black himself can't even think of a reason they should stay online. His show is so repetitive and boring, and he always asks people for advice on what direction they should go in to be more effective. If Don Black truly wanted to do something about the problems in America, he would start an organization and do some sort of activism, but all he does is a crappy show in the morning, and then spends the rest of the day overseeing the garbage forum of his. I feel like he is too lazy and unwilling to do anything real for the white race. He is content with sitting on his ass and collecting the donation money. Most of the people that donate are brainwashed, and think that Don Black is a serious dude because he hangs out with David Duke who is an infamous character. If Don was going to do something proactive, he would have done it by now, he's already 61 years old. It seems like he's waiting for someone else to step up and do the hard work and the he will take credit if something positive happens. Just my 2 cents.

Hi dan, remember me LOL?

I got banned from stormfront a couple of days ago as well, it's a fucking joke over there!

Man you should have seen the drama that happened.

The SF (self appointed) watch dogs (Great Australian bite, and ''nobody'' formally called Vidar) decided that I was Russki.....and started a re-banning campaign.

Also, they thought the user DaninNY (you) was that would make you, me as well.

So according to them i'm Russki,daninny (you) and me. You couldn't make this shit up could you LOL?

That Nobody/vidar is a complete drama-fag! He always hated Russki and he's so paranoid because I had a similar Hitler avatar to Russki he flipped out. What a dick.
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