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Default Re: Tired of Stormfront guilt trip over mad White gunmen.

Quote: Originally Posted by Simon Belmont View Post

Re: Mass murder shooting, church SC (9 people dead I believe.)

Everytime a mass shooting occurs White on Black, there's always that stupid "guilt trip" over at Stormfront. In Australia, Muslims always evade responsibility whenever there is a madmen, terrorist or hate preacher comes up in the news. "He doesn't represent all Muslims." "You can't tar brush the whole community." So why do people on Stormfront say it's "bad news for White nationalists?" White people get killed, raped, beaten by Blacks regardless of what's in the news.

The way they act there sometimes you know very well the mods or whoever aren't instilling in them pride in their race and standing tall over these obvious tragedies. Why shouldn't feel guilty over anything unless it's a genuine WN gone crazy. Even then, which community etc etc? Just like the Muslims are divided into Shiite, Sunni, ISIS, hate preacher, "moderate" and extreme, we've got to keep the mainstream media in mind of how they bend over backwards for them. Surely we should mentally be prepared for allegations.

It's because pussyman Don Black doesn't want "Mainstream White America" to be scared away from his website. They might think that Stormfront was an extremist website. Heavins forbid they think that. Better for Donny Black to play it safe and act like he is a moderate and therefore solicit more donations from stupid white people that send him cash. It's all mathematics and money for Don. White Pride, White Survival, etc., that's all just a front for him. He can't make money any other way.
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