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Default Re: Stormfront infeltrated and infested by Persians

Quote: Originally Posted by Mick Jagger View Post

I notice more Jews trying to demonize Iran on Stormfront and other forums than I've noticed Iranians wanting to be considered White.

Israel wants Iran decimated and a place their oil and other resources are under Zionist Global control. All non Jews face the issue of Jewish control and power trying to take full control of the world. I stand with anyone who's standing up to Zionist and Jewish control.

Unfortunately, we have a total Israel supporter as President in the US now, and his Senior Advisor, Jared Kushner is also a supporter of the worse and most extreme Jews on earth, as he actively funds the settler movement and is a contributor to the Friends of the IDF, butchers of Humanity.

We live in interesting times.

I agree with that. WNs are mistaken to think Trumph supports their cause. But coming to Iranians, Arabs also oppose Israel and plenty of them are white-looking. Many of them are Christian too. Should they be accepted into the WN cause?

Zionists try to demonize anyone who opposes them, be their race be white or not. But it is important for any true WN to protect themselves from Iranians trying to integrate into the white race.

Right above there was the concern of millions of Turks immigrating into Europe without requiring visas if Turkey were to join the EU. Why is that? Because Turks are non-white? What makes Persians anymore "white" than Turks? Language? So Hispanics are now white because they speak a Latin based language? Hopefully my point is taken.
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