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Default Re: Wyoming: Perfect P.L.E. location?

I'd never even been to WY before, actually. I applied for a job (they're hiring several dozen more people and VERY willing to hire out of state, in case anyone's looking for work in a wonderful small town, message me) here a few months ago and got a call saying I had the job if I wanted it, so I moved.

Saratoga is a small tourist/logging town about 30-45 minutes drive from the Snowy mountain range. Tons of skiing/snowmobiling/hunting/fishing opportunities here, as well as tons of jobs for a town this small. Tourism keeps the town making money so everything is pretty well kept up as well. Freshly paved and regularly cleaned roads and sidewalks make a difference in this size town. There are also 2 free public hot springs which are very well kept and open 24/7 year-round, and a free gun range less than a mile outside town.

Rent is a little high right now because there are a lot of people living here while working on the remodeling at the Sinclair refinery 40 or so miles away, but once they finish it's expected to go back down. However, there's a campground ($4 a night) at the lake less than a mile outside town, which is where I stayed the first few nights I was here. I found a 2 bedroom 1 bath house for $800 a month with all utilities included, including cable and internet, and fully furnished. Not bad rent compared to what I've paid in IL, IA, or CO though. There's another house in town listed on the notice board at work that's a 3 bedroom for $1,000 a month, all utilities included too.

There are several restaurants and stores in town, as well as a grocery store, which is rare in a town this size. No chain stores though, aside from the kum and go gas station.

Anything I missed?
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