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Default Google to Spend $150 Million on “Diversity” This Year

Google to Spend $150 Million on “Diversity” This Year

May 6, 2015
Click the image to open in full size.Black people are great with computers. They just don’t get hired in IT because Whites hate the color of their skin. Whereas Whites get jobs by applying for them, to get Blacks and other colorfuls to work for you, you have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars hunting them down and convincing them to work for you.
No one knows why, but it is known for an absolute fact it is White people’s fault.
USA Today:
Last year Google spent $115 million on diversity initiatives. In 2015, it’s planning to spend $150 million on a far-reaching campaign that stretches from inside the walls of Google into the industry at large, Lee says.

That spending illustrates the urgency and ambition of Google’s diversity efforts.

In January, Intel set aside a $300 million fund for diversity efforts over the next five years, or about $60 million a year. In March, Apple pledged $50 million to non-profit organizations, including the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Facebook would not disclose how much it is investing in diversity efforts.
Lee says it’s not just the dollar amount but Google’s “holistic” strategy to make the tech industry more representative of the populations it serves — from routinely testing hiring, promotion, performance-evaluation and compensation programs for fairness, to embedding engineers at a handful of historically black colleges and universities where they teach students and advise on computer science curriculum.

“Our strategy is extremely long term. Sure, we are doing things that can show an impact maybe this year, maybe next year.

But we recognize that there is not enough talent entering into our industry and that we have a lot of work to do,” Lee says.
Diversity strategist Joelle Emerson says other technology companies are learning from Google, which is taking an innovative and data-driven approach to closing the gender and racial gap.

“Google is the first company that has been talking publicly about anything innovative,” said Emerson, founder and CEO of Paradigm. “So much of what we are all doing is watching what Google is trying and trying similar things.”
How much longer are people going to take this crap seriously?
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