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Fred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations God


The "horrors" of German National Socialism are greatly exaggerated. One reason is to cover the crimes of Communism and Zionism this century, particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe. This cover-up exists because it was predominantly atheistic Judeo-Communists from New York and Chicago, financed by wealthy "western" Jews, who hijacked the Russian Revolution. The Jew Jacob Schiff provided the Jewish revolution with $20 million. The money was transferred via cooperation of the Federal Reserve Bank, another Jewish creation instituted in 1913. The same year, the Anti-Defamation League came into existence.

It was also Jews who ran the enslavement governments of Eastern Europe after World War II after Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) betrayed those nations into the hands of Joseph Stalin. As the Russians and Eastern Europeans continue to free themselves, they will track down Jewish criminals to answer for their "crimes against humanity."

Robert Wilton's, "The Last Days of the Romanovs," describes the murder of Czar Nicholas of Russia and his family. <1> International Jewish finance sponsored the overthrow of the Russian Czar. This same finance brought about two world wars, Korea, Viet Nam, and every conflict this century to make the world "safe" for democracy. It is also the author of the now failing "global economy."

The two world wars pitted the Israelite Germanic peoples of the House of Judah and the House of Israel against each other, with Esau-Edom, or International World Jewry, the perpetrator. See: Other excellent sources of information are available here.

The leftist promoters of atheistic "democracies" were the same types from the Jewish infested secret societies who turned the French Revolution into bloodshed and anarchy. <2> They pledged with Jewish Talmudic vengeance to overthrow every existing monarchy and to destroy Christianity. Scripture states that this brand of Jew is contrary to all men and that "the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost." (I Thessalonians 2:14-16.)

Today they focus on the alleged crimes of World War II Germany to take light off of their own tribe's crimes. This also serves as a perpetual extortion racket. Germany is one nation that has been required to pay billions of dollars in restitution to U.N.-Israel which did not even exist as a nation before World War II. Also, International World Jewry can force the Swiss and every other nation to pay them for stolen gold and their exaggerated plight while they pay nothing to their victims.

Nuremberg was a show trial where German officers were coerced through intimidation, threats to their families' safety, and tortured to "confess" to "crimes against humanity" and the cabalistic number of six million. Some committed suicide rather than be subjected to this form of "justice." <3>

At Nuremberg, Germany was blamed for the murder of 20,000 Polish intellectuals and officers, yet it was the Judeo-Soviet system alone, under the leadership of Stalin, which committed these crimes, even murdering those who did the killing to silence witnesses. <4>

Rudolf Hess was a German Christian, second in command to the legal head of State, and an Officer of the legal armed forces of a Sovereign nation, Germany. Hess flew to Scotland on a mission of peace between Germany and Britain when he was captured, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement for "crimes against humanity." His son was allowed a few visits towards the end of his life, but ultimately Rudolf Hess was murdered while in prison while under the protective custody of the U.S. military police. Rudolf Hess was murdered to silence him. His son lives to exonerate his father. The memory of Rudolf Hess has become that of a true martyr. <5>

We are instructed from the Book of Righteousness, the Holy Bible, this commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness." Truth must be told to free humanity from the collective bondage imposed upon them through the lies and false propaganda that has been perpetrated by the anti-Christs of International World Jewry. Jesus spoke of their "leaven" (Mt 16:6; Mk 8:15; Lk 12:1-2; Lk 20:46-47) and Titus 1:14 warns against " heed to Jewish fables..."

The recent openings of the Russian archives by Mr. Gorbachev led governments to quietly lower the numbers of Jewish and non-Jewish dead in World War II German labor camps. The dead predominantly came about because the Allies, towards the end of the war, bombed German supply trucks. Disease, especially typhus, historically accounted for 1/3 to 1/2 of the deaths during periods of war. Starvation happens when medical and food supplies are withheld. Most casualties occurred towards the end of the war.

Some Zionists wanted a military alliance with Hitler. It has been known for some time that Zionists collaborated with the Third Reich on rounding up Zionist and non-Zionist Jews for camps, the former to go to Palestine, the latter to Madagascar. It was Zionists who put pressure on Germany for this arrangement. Jews guarded the camps, but towards the end of the war, Germans were put in their place as the Jews fled Germany. When the Allies took control of the camps, many Germans were executed on the spot, their testimony forever silenced. <6>

Dachau is in Germany, and was entered first by elements of the 45th Infantry Division. The American Navajos were the ones ordered to machine-gun the disarmed German soldiers. <7>

Recently Zionist elements attempted to stop British historian David Irving's publication of "Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich" because Mr. Irving was going to reveal something that Goebbels had written in his 75,000 page diary preserved on glass plates: the "final solution" was deportation.

Simon Wiesenthal admitted that there were "no extermination camps" on German soil. He also provided false testimony in his rather amateur painting - portraying Jews hanged by Germans - when the subjects were actually 'taken' from magazine photographs of the era, showing three German spies being executed by firing squad who were caught spying behind the lines during the "Battle of the Bulge." <8>

The camp mortuaries and crematorium were used to cremate those who had died of diseases. Ovens to burn the living never existed. Prison camps had postal delivery for inmates. Apparently all the larger camps had auditoriums for music and some had swimming pools. Auschwitz-Birkenau had a swimming pool, the usual concert hall, and a soccer field. <9>

We hear stories of Catholic priests, Protestants, and homosexuals executed by the Third Reich, but these were guilty of either collaboration with the Communists, or other crimes. After all, there are false converts to Christianity called Jewish Marranos who pose as Christians. Marrano means swine in Spanish. Many Masons also falsely "convert" to Christianity but are still Masons at heart.

We hear of the "Warsaw ghetto boy" who was carted off to die in a camp, but the truth is he lived to grow up. His story was presented in "The New York Times," May 28, 1992, pp. B1, B2. Also, little Anne Frank survived Auschwitz, but contacted typhus in another camp and died. Her original diary contains redactions written in ink not in existence during her lifetime, while her father has made money peddling off the redacted version as wholly genuine. <10>

We are repeatedly told that white European culture has exploited other peoples to further itself, while it is white culture throughout history which has given the world writing, science, medicine, mathematics, Christianity, innumerable and wonderful inventions, classical music, beautiful edifices including churches, cathedrals, and the Great Pyramids of Giza, civil institutions, and the most advanced concepts of liberty and freedom. God has been the author of these things and given these gifts to our people to share with the world.

Whites are to feel guilty for all of the ills of the world, their history subverted, while it is the Invisible Government of the Red Octopus, or International World Jewry, that is predominantly responsible for these plagues. The everyday slander of the German people and of German culture is purposely done so they will not believe in themselves. They are supposed to stand by while they are extorted of billions of dollars, their culture reduced to vice, crime, and third world immigration, and the New World Order changes the map and positions Germany to the West and Poland as Central Europe.

Imagine being told for 55 years how terrible you are, while the real murderers and enslavers looted and left Russia and Eastern Europe after the fall of the wall and went to New York, or U.N.-Israel, a creature of the Communist/Zionist U.N. Then they demand reparations of money and gold to further support them while Jewish Wall Street continues to commit world wide nation wrecking. Russia at present is being looted once again: eight out of twelve billionaires in Russia are Jews. Amazing how many deceased there are when it comes to continuous war reparation extortion and how many survivors there are when it comes to the gold scam. It's six million lost and found.

The United States is a nation inhabited predominately by European peoples. The white peoples of Germany, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, and Great Britain are all Germanic peoples. The New World Order wants to destroy all races, cultures, and religions, but it must first destroy white Christian civilization to bring all to serf status. It is the white peoples who have produced the highest civilizations throughout history wherever they have lived free.

Germany is Arsareth in II Esdras 13:40-44. Germany comes from the Latin "germanus," or genuine, where the Israelite tribes landed after Assyrian captivity and dispersed throughout Europe. <11> Every European Royal Family can trace its lineage back to Israel's tribe of Judah. Russian Czar Nicholas was the grandson of Queen Victoria whose lineage goes back to King David. <12>

Of course "Isaac's Sons," or the Aryan "Saxons," had migrated along the years to Europe and other parts of the world, including America, where ancient Hebrew writing has been found. Germany, or "Jutland," produced the greatest minds and geniuses of music, science, and literature. It produced Luther, but we are told by Daniel Goldhagen in his book, "Hitler's Willing Executioners," that German people have a genetic deficiency.

The majority of present-day Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a Turkal-Mongol people who converted to Judaism during the 7th and 8th centuries A.D. <13> The Khazars are descendants of the Biblical Esau (Genesis 25:34) who married into the Cannanites (Genesis 28:8-9), the Hittites (Genesis 26:34; 27:46; 36:2), the daughters of Ishmael (Genesis 28:9;36:3), the Hivites (Genesis 36:2), and the Horites (Genesis 36:19-21; Jasher 30:28). Esau, who was the brother of Jacob-Israel, despised his birthright (Genesis 25:34) for red pottage and was called Edom (Genesis 25:30).

Among Esau's brethren were the Amalekites which were descended from one of Esau's grandsons (Genesis 36:4,12). God swore he would have "war with Amalek from generation to generation" (Exodus 17:16). Esau's line mixed with other peoples including the Edomites, Hittites, Huns, Judahites, the Babylonians, and Assyrians. Their religion was the Babylonian Talmud which is the religion of Jewish Pharisees even today. They are Mount Esau-Edom mentioned in the Book of Obadiah and the Babylonian Scarlet Woman of Revelation. The judgments described for Esau-Edom are identical to those of Babylon. <14>

Esau-Edom means "red" which signifies "red" communism and the "red" Octopus. Incidentally, the six pointed "Star of David" is a hexagram and is not King David's star. Traditionally this star was used for centuries for magic amulets and cabalistic sorcery. It was adopted by the American Jewish Publication Society in 1873. <15> The original Hebraic star was a five pointed blue star. Six denotes a hex, whereas five denotes grace.

Cabalistic Jews and others call the Swastika evil, but it is considered a good luck symbol in Asian cultures. Frederick Haberman of "Tracing Our Ancestors" wrote that ancient Aryan Sumerians, Trojans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Persians, Britains, and other Aryan groups had this symbol. It means "sun piercing darkness" as it rolls from the west to the east. For Christianity, it means "white Christianity going forward." The ancient leftists had one going to the left.

The so-called "democratic" and Communist nations have committed the worst crimes against their inhabitants, including genetic experiments of a much greater scale than Germany was ever responsible for. These facts were hidden until recently. Time Magazine even praised as a "sensational idea" Theodore N. Kaufman's 1941 "Germany Must Perish," which called for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population. Kaufman was a Manhattan-born Jewish businessman, chairman of the "American Federation of Peace." <16>

Prior to World War I, Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Rosenfelt), the U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy, arranged for the "Lusitania" to be loaded with arms of which Germany publicly warned this constituted an "act of war" but this warning went unheeded. The Germans torpedoed the ship and it sank with its passengers. The ship has been recently discovered underwater, its hull full of explosives.

Germany was blamed for starting World War I which U.S. President Wilson (Wolfson) needed an excuse to enter. At first, Wilson stated he would not involve America, but later he did. According to historian Harry Elmer Barnes in "Who Started the First World War?" Germany desired to preserve peace, but was later blamed for starting the war.

One reason America became involved in WWI is because of its imperialism. Another reason is because of a Zionist and British conspiracy: Britain was engaged in a war with Germany. While Germany and Britain were at the peace table, Zionists and Great Britain secretly plotted that Zionists would arrange for America to be involved in a war against Germany on Britain's side if Britain would insure them Palestine, hence the Balfour Declaration. A prominent Jewish man, Benjamin Freedman, exposed this conspiracy to the American people. <17> Of course, Britain saw this Zionist arrangement as an opportunity to secure another colony. The Middle East is still subject to the Rothschild-British Mandate imposed on them after World War I.

Germany was defeated in the first world war, forced to pay war reparations, and its people starved. The money-changers were allowed to ruin Germany's economy and steal their money system. This was the result of the Treaty of Versailles. <18> Germany also discovered the secret agreement between Zionists and Britain.

This gave an individual like Adolph Hitler an opportunity to rise, but it was not he who stole the German economy, or imposed gun control. It was the preceding leftist Weimar Republic which imposed gun controls laws. It was not Germany which started two world wars, but International World Jewry which conspired for war in its Masonic Lodges. This is the invisible power behind the thrones of nation states that can bribe, coerce, and manipulate politicians to do their will. Whatever nation these Jews enter, that nation is stirred up into war against other nations and its moral tone lowered.

Historian David Irving documented that from 1941-45, Hitler's Jewish doctor, Dr. Morrell, gave him vitamins, glucose, and from one to seventy-seven different drugs. Also, Hitler was given pills which contained strychnine and atropine, until the situation was rectified by another doctor. <19>

Hitler as statesman took Germany back from the money-changers for twelve years, including German gold stolen, of which we hear today of "NAZI" gold. Just where did the Jews get this gold to begin with? It is believed they received much of it by extortion and theft of economies throughout history as the "money-changers." According to the book "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" some Jews also played a big part in the black slave trade. <20>

In 1939, Great Britain bombed German civilians seven times after Germany entered Poland. Germany entered Poland to counter Stalin and to rescue German citizens being oppressed and killed by the Polish government. Also, President Franklin Roosevelt, surrounded by his Jewish advisers, was looking for a European war in the early 1930's according to Polish Embassy documents. He wanted to engage Germany which was Japan's ally by treaty. He embargoed Japan, an act of war, of which Japan attempted to negotiate peace to no avail. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor which gave Roosevelt his European war. <21>

Stalin even planned an invasion of the West of which Germany did a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union called "The Battle of Barbarossa." <22> Aerial photos show Stalin's troops geared for an offensive strike into the West. The Russian Orthodox Church can verify that Stalin shut the Church up from operating, but upon Germany's invasion, the Church was immediately liberated and allowed to resume services. <23>

From the book, "The New K.G.B." by R. Corson and Robert I. Crowley, page 202:

In other areas judged to be vulnerable to German occupation, NKVD forces (read Judeo-NKVD), frequently in the uniform of German SS units, entered the towns and villages and, in shocking display of barbarity, murdered, raped, burned, and pillaged the community, always mindful of the need to leave survivors who would endure as eyewitnesses to the fact that the Germans could not be seen as saviors. The same techniques were used in areas in which the Soviets were attempting to reestablish control. An NKVD-operated mock-German unit would wantonly destroy communities immediately prior to the arrival of the heroic Soviet partisan recruiters. Having just witnessed 'German' atrocities in their midst, the locals tended to be responsive to the Soviets who were attempting to organize anti-German resistance.

This was the so-called "Torch-Men Order" No. 0428, issued personally by Stalin on November 17, 1941.

In contrast, this is how the Waffen-SS treated the defeated French. They read the following declaration by Hitler:

After heroic resistance, France has been defeated in a series of bloody battles, and has collapsed. Germany thus does not intend to give the armistice conditions and negotiations the nature of vituperations against such a brave opponent.....It is honorable for a victor to honour the vanquished. I feel compelled to pay tribute to the French soldiers' bravery. I ask for a minute's silence in remembrance of those from both sides who gave their lives for their Fatherlands.

William L. Shirer, in his "Berlin Diary" described the "correct behavior of [German] troops" in occupied territories which was a direct contrast to Allied behavior during and after the war. The Allies bombed German civilians in Dresden while fleeing the onslaught of Judeo-Communists. <24> At the supposed war's end, two million German P.O.W's were purposely starved. A policy of German extermination was authored by two Jews, the Secretary of Treasury, Henry Morgenthau and his closest advisor, Harry Dexter White. This policy included forced expulsion of Germans from their ancestral homelands; extermination by overcrowding and starvation; enslavement of Germans in forced labor, not only by the Soviet Union, but also by France and Britain; raiding German capital; bastardizing the German race on purpose by using Bolshevized Mongolian and Slavic hordes, French Moroccans, and American negro troops. This policy was in force until the Marshall Plan was adopted, but the nation wreaking had already occurred. (25)

Jewish Holocau$t©® Temples have the nerve to use some pictures of German bomb victims, including those of uncircumcised males, claiming they are Jewish victims. These pictures were seized by the Allies at the end of the war with it clear who these victims were.

The Holocau$t©® dogma is the religion of the Jewish New World Order. <26> That is why the Christian cross is banned from public sites while the Jewish menorah is not, and Holocau$t©® Temples are being built in every nation with Holocau$t©® dogma imposed on school children. There is even legislation in many nations prohibiting one to question the official version of history. Several revisionist historians have been banned from speaking or writing in certain nations, and are harrassed, fined, and imprisoned.

Jewish power will decline as the economic and political climate mandates the rise of nationalism world wide. We will continue to see the hand of God bring about great upheaval of the corrupt world order while high civilization is created to take its place.

Sources: The Journal of Historical Review is called "JHR":

(1) "The Last Days of the Romanovs" by Robert Wilton, available from: Noontide Press, P.O. Box 2719, Newport Beach CA 92659 (714) 631-1490.

(2) "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" by Nesta Webster.

(3) "Goebbel's: Mastermind of the Third Reich" by David Irving; "Nuremberg: The Last Battle" by David Irving; "Revelations from Goebbel's Diary" by David Irving, JHR, Jan/Feb '95; "Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case" by Carlos Porter.

(4) "The Reader's Digest," May 1990.

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(11) "Abrahamic Covenant" by E. Raymond Capt, M.A., A.I.A.; "Tracing Our Ancestors" by Frederick Haberman.

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(15) "The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today" by Elizabeth Dilling.

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(17) Benjamin Freedman exposes conspiracy against Germany by Zionists and Britain to engage America in WWI:

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(19) "The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor" by David Irving.

(20) About "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews go to:

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(22) "Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?" and "Der Tag M" by Victor Suvorov (Vladimar Rezun)- Stalin's planned assault on the West.

(23) "The Orthodox Church" by Timothy Ware.

(24) "Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden" by David Irving.

(25) "Gruesome Harvest: The Allies Postwar War Against the German People" by Ralph Franklin Keeling.

(26) "The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order" by Ben Weintraub.

Other Journal articles can be found on-line at:

David Irving's web page is found at:

Also see "PAMYAT" (Russian Nationalist Site) for "God, Czar, and Nation," found at:

“Either you are going to do politics, or politics is going to do you!”
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times.
“The future has several names.
For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown;
but for the valiant, it is ideal.”
"The left's arrogance is only surpassed by their narcissism and coveting others' earnings"
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Default The Jewish/Russian Mafia and The Bloodbath to Come

What does the Judeo-Russian mafia got to do with the Boston Marathon bombing and the planned destruction of Syria and Iran? Read on to find out…

Click the image to open in full size.
Is America being blackmailed into new Middle East wars on behalf of Israel?

The Russian mafia, known also as the Red Mafiya or the “Red Octopus”, is really the Jewish mafia in disguise.

It has secret links to Mossad, the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and to powerful Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL.

The activities of the Russian mafia range from the back streets of Moscow to the sex dens of Budapest and Tel Aviv, from the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to the jewelry workshops of Antwerp, from the plush casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City to the multimillion dollar gated mansions of Fisher Island, Miami, from the coke and heroin dives of Odessa and the Black Sea ports to the child porn parlors and underground brothels of Oregon. In the United States, the Russian mafia’s ground zero is Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, right slapbang in the center of America’s most Jewish community.

“As of 2009,” Wikipedia reports, “Russian mafia groups have been said to reach over 50 countries and, as of 2010, have up to 300,000 members.”

Laura Radanko, herself Jewish, carried out some important research on the Russian mafia and lifted the lid on some of their most grisly secrets. She writes:
During the detente days of the early 1970s, when Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev had agreed to allow the limited emigration of Soviet Jews, thousands of hard-core criminals, many of them released from Soviet Gulags by the KGB, took advantage of their nominal Jewish status to swarm into the United States….

In the 1970s, more than forty thousand Russian Jews settled in Brighton Beach. It was under the shadow of the elevated subway tracks on Brighton Beach Avenue, bustling with Russian meat markets, vegetable pushcarts, and bakeries, that the Russian gangsters resumed their careers as professional killers, thieves, and scoundrels….

— Laura Radanko, “The Superpower of Crime."

Click the image to open in full size.
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn,
also known as “Little Odessa” or “Little Russia by the Sea”,
has now become the American headquarters of the Red Mafiya, ranked as the world’s most powerful criminal gang.

Though the “Russian” gangs of the former Soviet Union include Georgians, Armenians, Chechens and various other ethnic groups, the kingpins of the Russian mafia are all Jewish—in the same way as the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish, though their underlings were not. All the big guns of the Russian mafia—Semion Mogilevich, Monya Elson, Marat Balagula, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vladimir Ginsberg, Ludwig Fainberg—are Jewish.

In Russia’s post-perestroika years (1990s), thousands of Russian thugs slipped into America with the greatest of ease. “The understaffed and ill-equipped Immigration Service,” Robert Friedman reveals, “seemed helpless to stop them.”

Hundreds of former Soviets athletes and Special Forces veterans of the Afghanistan wars, including many retired KGB agents, swarmed into America. (There are now between 500,000 to 750,000 Russian Jews here). Many Russian criminals ended up at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, where they were to join the combat brigades of the Red Mafiya. They were at once put on retainers of $20,000 a month. No jobs as janitors or road sweepers for them! Like ducks to water, they took to sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, drug running, loan sharking, stock market scams, arson, burglary, bank and jewelry frauds, counterfeiting, vote rigging, arms sales, extortion and murder.

The first four rules of the Jewish Russian mafia are these: never have emotions, reject your parents and closest relatives, screw as many women as possible, never work in a legitimate job.

The merciless cruelty of these psychopathic killers is so extreme that it is often said “they will shoot people just to see if their guns work.”

The investigative reporter Robert I. Friedman (1951-2002) revealed in his book Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America that the “Russian” mafia was in fact more Jewish than Russian.

Dr M. Raphael Johnson is even more specific in his details about the Jewishness of the Russian mafia. Having established themselves in Tel Aviv after the mass emigration of Russian Jews to Israel in the 1990s, the Russian mafia began to call itself the Israeli or Jewish mafia:
The roots of Jewish organized crime go far back into tsarist times. Organized crime syndicates assisted Lenin’s gangs in bank robberies and the creation of general mayhem. During the so-called revolution, it was difficult, sometimes impossible, to distinguish between Bolshevik ideologues and Jewish organized crime syndicates. They acted in nearly an identical manner….

The state of Israel is a major factor in the rise and power of the Jewish mafia. Jewish drug dealers, child porn pushers and slave traders are free from prosecution in Israel. Israel does not consider these to be crimes, so long as the victims are non-Jews. The Israeli state will not extradite its citizens to non-Jewish countries, and, therefore, Jewish murderers can quite easily escape punishment in Israel.

— Dr M. Raphael Johnson, The Judeo-Russian Mafia: From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion

Described by the CIA as a “grave threat” to global security and by Robert I. Friedman as the “world’s most dangerous man”, step forward Semion Mogilevich, arch-criminal extraordinaire and head honcho of the Red Mafiya— first in line of the rottweiler pack of Russian criminals unleashed on the world by the dissolution of the Soviet Union. With his headquarters in Budapest, the 67-year-old Mogilevich is behind most of the white slave trafficking of Russian and Eastern European girls to Israel.

The power of this Russian Jew is well-nigh legendary. He is the ideal villain for a James Bond movie. Not only does he own the armaments industry in Hungary, but he is said to control the entire vodka trade in Russia and Central Europe. He possesses his own army, artillery, mechanized infantry, anti-aircraft guns and missiles of all types. Furthermore, he is reported to have his own nuclear weapons, relics left over from the former Warsaw Pact countries. NATO has said he is a “threat to the stability of Europe,” though his name remains little known to the general public in view of the fact that his co-ethnics control the media.

Click the image to open in full size.
With extensive holdings in Israel, Semion Mogilevich, “single-handedly controls the brothels in Israel, where Ukrainian and Russian girls are forced into sexual slavery.”

Every year, “hundreds of women from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are smuggled into Israel. The traffic is linked to the Russian mafia taking root in Israel as a byproduct of mass immigration from the former Soviet Union.” (Sex Trade Flourishing in Holy Land, CBS, February 24, 2003).

With activities in countries ranging from Malaysia to Great Britain, Russian mobsters now operate in more than fifty nations. They smuggle heroin from Southeast Asia with the help and cooperation of the CIA. They traffic in weapons. And they have a special knack for large-scale extortion.

When the Judeo-Russian mafia and the Rothschild-controlled banksters, who are ultimately behind this vast criminal organization, want the American government to do something which the government is hesitant to do—for example, to bomb Iran—it will give the government a sign of its displeasure by staging a terrorist event.

Such as the Boston Marathon massacre.

The government will then get the message: Unless we bomb Iran, these Bolshevik Jews will continue to terrorize America. As they once terrorized Tsarist Russia. They will make us look impotent fools, because obviously we can’t control them. So we’d better do as they say—we’d better bomb Iran.

In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, you will point out correctly, it was the Chechen mafia that was involved. Indirectly. Not the Judeo-Russian mafia. Save your breath. It’s well-known that the Chechen mafia is simply one of the many tributaries of the Judeo-Russian mafia. We know for a fact that Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky gave his financial backing to the Chechen mafia in return for favors. He was the Big Jew behind the Chechen mafia, secretly pulling its strings and dictating its policies.

Berezovsky’s secret links to the Chechen mafia were first revealed by a Russian-American investigative reporter for Forbes magazine, Paul Klebnikov, in his chilling exposé Godfather of the Kremlin: Boris Berezovsky and the looting of Russia (2000). “No man profited more from Russia’s slide into the abyss,” Klebnikov noted. As a result of his explosive revelations, a contract was taken out on Klebnikov’s life. In 2004, the courageous reporter was gunned down in the streets of Moscow. (See here)

In a recent edition of Forbes magazine (24 March, 2013), we read this:
“Paul [Klebnikov] was gathering string for future articles that linked Nukhayev and other Chechen warlords with Berezovsky….Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Last summer, Berezovsky’s Chechen links came to the surface in a $6.5 billion London lawsuit that he had brought (and lost) against Roman Abramovich, a rival Russian oligarch….

Klebnikov was the first American reporter to be murdered in Russia, and with his silencing the world lost one of its foremost experts on the vast and murky crossroads of Russian organized crime, Kremlin politics, Chechen terrorists, billionaire oligarchs, and the spread of Russian mafia conglomerates around the world.” (See here)
It is through the Chechen mafia that international Jewry continues its secret war against Putin’s Russia.

Click the image to open in full size.
Boris Berezovsky, Jewish Russian oligarch (1946-2013), died in mysterious circumstances on 23 March this year at his home in Ascot, England, age 67. According to the official version of events, he was suffering from depression, so he locked himself in his bathroom and hanged himself. One of his oldest friends, Nikolai Glushkov, said: “Boris was strangled.” Berezovsky’s close links with the Chechen mafia clearly indicate that Big Jewry probably had a hand in the Boston Marathon bombing. See Chechnya and the Boston bombing: link, if established, would be unprecedented.

Right now, the Chechen mafia has Moscow within its iron tentacles. But the Chechen mafia is itself controlled, as we now know, by the Jewish mafia—and by organized Jewry which helps it to money launder its vast illegal profits through the Jewish-controlled central banks of the world. This is not rocket science. The Jews control everyone by controlling the world’s money supply. Wasn’t it a Rothschild who said that? Sure, it was a Rothschild who said that. “Give me control of a nation’s money,” Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously said, “and I care not who makes its laws.”

So the Jews help to money launder the loot of the Chechen mafia: and in this way they control the Chechen mafia, just like they control the American government.

The Judeo-Russian mafia and the Chechen mafia are not competitors in America. They are cronies. They have carved out their separate kingdoms. Like friendly lions, they share the spoils, eating from different sides of the same carcase. The carcase is America.

How much does a contract murder cost? How much would it cost Mossad to outsource the Boston Marathon bombing to the Chechen mafia, assuming it decided to carry out such a terrorist act in the interests of Israel? Is $10 million too little? How about $100 million? That’s peanuts. Israel gets $8.2 million a day from the American taxpayer. It could buy a Chechen mafia massacre by sacrificing its pocket money for two days—or two weeks at the most—depending on the price.

Google the word “Israelification”. You’ll get “Israelification of American airports”. “Israelification of American domestic security”. “Israelification of US police”. “Israelification of America”.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Do American cops really need to hop on a plane to Tel Aviv to learn how to taser their fellow citizens?

How come all the airports that failed so suspiciously to stop alleged Al Qaeda terrorists from carrying out the 9/11 attack—how come all these airports were policed by ONE private security company, ICTS, owned by Israeli Jew Ezra Harel? “One company had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11,” one reads with eyepopping incredulity. “An Israeli company. One that Mossad agents could easily find employment with.” (See “All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company.”)

It looks like the Jewish mafia in America is not only running a protection racket called “Israeli Security”, it’s running a protection racket that doesn’t even work.

It is naïve to assume that all these terrorist attacks upon America are being carried out by amateurish Muslim organizations armed with little more than box cutters and pressure cooker bombs filled with nails and shrapnel. It is equally naïve to believe that the government is itself invariably complicit in these attacks and is orchestrating them for no other reason than that it needs an excuse to confiscate guns and usher in a spooky Orwellian police state.

No, it is far more plausible to regard these attacks upon America as Jewish mafia strong-arm tactics to coerce America into doing the will of Israel and in fighting its wars for it. If the administration refuses to do the dirty work of bombing Iran for Israel, then it will have to be taught a lesson. If American politicians cannot be persuaded by all the carrots provided by AIPAC, then maybe it is time to give them a taste of Mossad’s big stick.

The carrot and the stick. That’s how it works. This is how Jewish influence is exerted. AIPAC offers the carrots, Mossad wields the big stick.

The Judeo-Russian mafia or Red Mafiya—call it the “Jewish mafia” if you prefer— is now Mossad’s secret army in America. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s an intellectually defensible thesis for which there is now more than enough evidence. He that has eyes to see, let him see.

This is what I read today in an authoritative source, and it chills my blood when I read it:
US intelligence officials worry that Russian gangsters will acquire weapons of mass destruction such as fissionable material or deadly, easily concealed pathogens such as the smallpox virus—all too readily available from poorly guarded military bases or scientific labs—and sell these deadly wares to any number of terrorist groups or renegade states.

In North America alone, there are now thirty Russian crime syndicates operating in at least seventeen US cities, most notably New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver.

Mafiya groups that have flourished in post-perestroika Russia, they have something La Cosa Nostra can only dream about: their own country. The Russian mob virtually controls their nuclear-tipped former superpower, which provides them with vast financial assets and a truly global reach. Russian President Boris Yeltsin wasn’t exaggerating when he described Russia as “the biggest Mafia state in the world”.

In 1993, a high-ranking Russian immigration official in Moscow told US investigators that there were five million dangerous criminals in the former USSR who would be allowed to emigrate to the West.

Laura Radanko, The Russian Mafia in America
Guess what? They’re here! Right now.

Five million dangerous Russian criminals, former inhabitants of the gulags. Mossad’s American army. Five million Bolshevik terrorists, come to batten on America like bloodsucking vampires.

These guys aren’t listed in official statistics. Many of them are Israelis, part of the Israeli mafia, free to fly in and out of America without visas. Like they did around 9/11, casing the joint, clicking their cameras, doing high fives, and dancing as the Twin Towers came toppling down.

Never forget the Bolshevik Revolution. Sixty-six million dead Russian Christians put to death by cheka Jews. The descendants of these Bolshevik revolutionaries are now here! Like a pack of ravenous wolves moving in for the kill…
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Fred Streed
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Fred Streed is a glorious beacon of lightFred Streed is a glorious beacon of lightFred Streed is a glorious beacon of lightFred Streed is a glorious beacon of lightFred Streed is a glorious beacon of light

A lot of good information compiled here in this thread.

The jew "Russian Mafiya" is an angle that most WNists don't consider. It is another piece of the puzzle.
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Fred O'Malley
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Default Shoah or Ritual Murder?

QUOTE=Frank White

When I wake every morning one of the first things I do; other than get a cup of tea and have a shower, is to browse the morning’s latest news about all things jewish.

It never ceases to amaze me that during that morning browse I usually find multiple references to the ‘holocaust’ or how some ‘holocaust survivor’ has decided to grace the world with his or her ‘memories’ about the event some 60-70 years after the fact.

However I am forced to wonder how holocaustians account for the sheer chutzpah they are engaging in by ‘collecting’ this ‘oral testimony’ to serve as ‘evidence’ for alleged crimes that occurred decades ago (not that I am impugning the gathering of claims and data).

Perhaps they realise that the ‘holocaust’ theory of what happened to the jews of Europe is based largely on a few dozen testimonies, which with a little bit of creative editing can be made to fit a preconceived thesis that also happens to then be re-confirmed by scholars who believe in the theory and therefore see the evidence through that lens.

It is rather like believing in say the Illuminati and looking at history with the idea that there is a great rationalist conspiracy against religious belief going on. You are going to find what you want to see in history and you can then present your theory to the world with all its accompanying evidence.

The difference between a believer in the Illuminati and the ‘holocaust’ is essentially that the latter is far better educated, holds higher social position and is able to call upon the assistance of a wider range of fellow researchers who also happen to be staunch believers. It isn’t an uncommon tactic in debate to simply bombard your opponent with references and points until they cry for mercy and retreat, which is essentially what holocaustians habitually do in their literature.

We need to realise that historical fact is largely historical theory and like in scientific theory we are never totally sure something happened or didn’t happen, but we can be as sure as we can be that something did based on what currently know. The difference between historical theory and scientific theory however is that the later is testable while the former is generally not.

The only way we can almost totally sure that something happened; and we should realise that this is constantly evolving, is if all the evidence we have points to the same conclusion. What you might call ‘convergence of evidence’, but again a difference between science and history rears its ugly head. You can pick a hole in a historical theory easily enough by using linguistics, archaeology and so forth. It isn’t hard to find something to attack a theory with, but in science the proof is in the pudding. If you say you can build a perpetual motion machine or think Einstein’s theories are junk then the onus is on you to prove it, because if you are right and truly believe you are so then you should be able to do what you claim you can.

In history things are rather different, because even the most apparently objective fact is often not what it seems because other historians have picked away at it for some time and come up with other theories and related evidence that you should (and indeed must) address in order for your interpretation (i.e. your theory) to have a seat at the proverbial table. And let us get another thing clear shall we: the popularity of a theory doesn’t make it right, but rather the best propagandised theory.

The interesting thing about all this is that the jewish historians; particularly of anti-Semitism, try to have their historical cake and eat it to. What do I mean by that?

Well on the one hand we have ritual murder; supposedly committed by the jews and the evidence for which is largely based on eyewitness testimony, and on the other we have the Shoah: supposedly committed by the Germans and the evidence for which is largely based on eyewitness testimony.

Yet our jewish historians tell us that the first; ritual murder, is an outrageous lie made up by an evil anti-Semites to defame the jews, while the second; the Shoah, is the lord’s honest truth and was carried out by evil anti-Semites to exterminate the jews.

Notice a pattern there?

In both statements of belief we see that the jews assume the anti-Semite; otherwise known in Judaism as Amalek (the eternal enemy), to be both completely evil and obsessed with hurting the jews: the Chosen people of Yahweh.

So what are the jewish historians doing?

Well it should be obvious by now: they are applying the ideas of Judaism; consciously or not, to their positions in order to deal with uncomfortable evidential realities where they should know; as some jewish historians have covered both ritual murder and the Shoah in their research (Leon Poliakov is a good example who published extensively on both issues), that their two evidential standards are incompatible especially considering that there were several major ritual murder trials in the 18th and 19th centuries (which are often touched on by literature on the ‘holocaust’).

That said they simply ignore this and carry on purporting their double standard as if it were the most logical thing in the world. However that said it is logical in its way, but only if we take as read the assumptions that underlie both Judaism and to a large extent secular jewish culture as the truth. We; of course, would dispute the logicality of those assumptions (as; I suspect, would many jewish historians), but it doesn’t stop them from being implicitly made by jewish historians as a group (and they have been transferred in varying degrees to non-jewish historians of jewry).

That is the problem with historical theory in many ways: in that with science one has the ability to experiment, but in history one has no such recourse outside of the growing field of experimental history where historians and experts physically test different things to see if the historical record is credible.

However in most cases; outside of testing whether something could have worked or physically happened, experimental history is of little use. We can’t really test historical theories outside of their purely physical properties; which means that the ‘holocaust’ is actually a testable theory as many of its claims are purely physical and fantastic. But then it depends whose testimony you take to be credible doesn’t it?

As you can see history is not really an objective science (as wishful thinking historians of many different disciplines like to pretend), but in fact the creation of a believable and arguable pseudo-mythology supported by a cloud of interpretation and data in the same way that believing in Thor’s hammer is backed by the existence of thunder clouds.

So the question remains: what do you want believe in?

You pick: the Shoah or Ritual Murder?

“Either you are going to do politics, or politics is going to do you!”
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times.
“The future has several names.
For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown;
but for the valiant, it is ideal.”
"The left's arrogance is only surpassed by their narcissism and coveting others' earnings"
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Jack Lorenz
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It's simple, the Jew is a specialized parasite that must be eliminated if we are to ever free ourselves and take back our sovereignty and freedom, however, the parasite has encrusted it's claws deep into the host (us) this time, and they won't go out without a war, this will be the most brutal war ever, for all humanity but specially Whites.

BTW Fred, you should post the whole article, it's the best work done on the Jewish problem ever, in my opinion.
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