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Default The democratic poison or what is democracy

Democracy – it is when two wolves and a lamb
are voting on what will be for breakfast
Benjamin Franklin

Democracy is deadly for the United States of America. Now everyone understands it: those who admit it openly, and those, who keep silence about it, and even those who protect American democracy, because they make money out of it. The results of the 20th century, the democratic century, was the destruction of American economy, growing poverty of the population, bloody ethnic strife, weakness of the state and army, mass corruption and criminality. American democrats justify this by the shortcomings of the previous rulers, and boldly state, that after the creation of perfect democratic government all these shortcomings will disappear, or will decrease to the acceptable level. But is it really so? To answer this question, we need to find out what democracy is and where it leads.

So, what is democracy? According to Plato democracy (Greek demos cratos or mob rule) is the unlimited power of the mob to do whatever pleases the mob, for example declare homosexuality normal, allow abortions or to declare the political views of the people it does not like a criminal offence. Under modern conditions, democracy, based on equality, is the power of uneducated mob (formed by average men and women denied education, family and property by the economic, social and ethnic elites), rules by economic, social and ethnic elites, manipulating it in their interests through mass media and manipulations of the electoral process. The will of economic, social and ethnic elites is implemented through incompetent democratic politicians, devoid of any principles, and de-facto irremovable bureaucrats, whose carrier and public standing is dependent upon the opinion of the elites. The modern democracy appeared in the 2nd half of the 20th century, when the ruling elites understood, that through democracy it is easier to hold to power and rob the uneducated mob, looking for entertainment and dependent upon the democratic welfare state. Democrat is always searching for a “victim” - a particular class or a social group, for the “protection of rights” of whom he establishes the double standard that allows him to prevent the raise of non-democratic competitors and rob non-democrats of their property. His desire to enrich himself at the expense of the developing countries the democrat covers up by claiming the status of “defender of the human rights”, and his desire to enrich himself at the expense of the weaker members of the society the democrat covers up by claiming to be in favor of “free-market capitalism”. Democrat always talk about “civil rights” and “free elections”, but creates a state, where power is controlled by a small rich social-ethnic elites, while most citizens are prevented from participating in political decision-making through manipulation of the electoral process. When this lie is outed, the democrats attempt to slender their opponents by declaring them supporters of a totalitarian ideology and persecuting them through repressive government apparatus. That’s why democracy always leads to either communism or fascism – political movements, that can effectively spring out through the violent democratic persecutions and offer a valid, though sad alternative. As sir Alex Tattler said: “Democracy cannot be a permanent form of government and is often changed into a tyranny, because it leads from a republican prosperity to egoism, from egoism to complacency, from complacency to mediocrity, from mediocrity to apathy, from apathy to dependence upon a state, and from dependence upon a state to tyranny”. Thus it is necessary to write both “democrat” and “democracy” in brackets – there is always a great difference between what a democrat says and to what his advice leads. Democracy – it is always lies, double standard and manipulation of the electoral process and public opinion.

The part of modern democracy is the concept of democratic values. To them belong:

1) Ecumenism in religion – which is a form of paganism that worships earth, trees and animals. The part of ecumenism is the so-called “green movement”, in particularly the movement for protection of “animal rights”, “conservation” movement, the movement for limitation of emissions of gases and chemical substances into the earth atmosphere, etc. Based on pseudo-scientific research and findings, either non-supported or discarded by serious researchers, ecumenism is used by economic, social and ethnic elites in order to root out religion, ending economic growth and transforming 50% of the territory of the earth into a giant park, with no attention to economic and social costs this project entails. Especially strongly ecumenists hate nuclear energy and chemical industry – the braches of 21 century economy;

2) Democracy in politics – the rule of uneducated mob – average men and women, who are denied education, family and property by the economic, social and ethnic elites – which is manipulated by economic, social and ethnic elites, which manipulate it in their interest through mass media and manipulation of the electoral process;

3) Multiculturalism in social life – while declaring formal equality of various ethnic groups and equal value of their cultures and states for the historical development of humanity, multiculturalism is used by economic, social and ethnic elites in order to mix out and destroy their national traditions and cultural diversity – for the people devoid of national traditions and culture are easier to be ruled. In addition, multiculturalism is used against developing countries through attraction of the most talented and able citizens of the developing countries to the developed countries, where they are ruthlessly exploited in exchange to a small potion of the normal salary, paid to the citizens of developed countries. This simultaneously slows down the rate of economic growth in developing countries and increases unemployment rate in developed countries while enriching economic, social and ethnic elites;

4) Globalization in economics – declaring abolishing of instruments of national custom policy (establishment of tariffs and quotas) and national currency policy (fixing of exchange rate of national currency) the nation-state denies itself the instruments of intervention and stabilization of economic situation inside the country in favor of different international organizations, that are not controlled by the nation-state and implement the will of economic, social and ethnic elites while serving as the feeding-trough for de-facto irremovable and irresponsible international bureaucrats;

5) Feminism in family life – it preaches the “liberation of women” (woman’s higher education, woman’s work outside of family home and preschool for woman’s young kids), “women rights” (a “right” to abortion, or more correctly child-murder, no-fault divorce at will, sexual promiscuity and perversions). Feminism is used by economic, social and ethnic elites in order to decrease fertility and to destroy their most able competitors (feminism attempts to create a conflict between a man and a woman, which decreases the number of stable families and the average number of children in the family, e.g. it’s the smartest women, who are more likely to follow “women rights” doctrine). Also economic, social and ethnic elites enrich themselves through lower labor costs (while the inflow of women into the labor market decreases average wages), incomes from prostitution and pornography (that appear due to the propaganda of “women rights”, and attacks against the public morale);

6) Humanistic education in education. The overall goal of humanistic education is, first and foremost, modification of the thinking and behavior of students through their indoctrination in accordance with the principles of democracy and democratic values. Humanistic education does not teach a student to analyze facts, in order to form his own opinion on the described phenomenon, but teaches him to accept as prima facie true democratic opinions, that correspond to the subjectively determined democratic criteria, established on the basis of feelings and emotions about the phenomenon. Also, instead of knowledge about the phenomenon, humanistic profs try, first of all, to instill into their students democratic ideology, in particular to destroy the absolute standards of Good and evil (Good is everything that creates, supports and prolongs human life, bad is that, that does not do it) and replace them with the democratic relative standards of good and evil (good is what the society likes at the moment, bad is what the society does not like). As the result, the qualified teachers and professors leave education and the level of education is constantly going down, which however is precisely what economic, social and ethnic elites want, for the less educated is a man, the easier he can be manipulated through mass media and the electoral process. When the young men face reality, which is absolutely different from its description in the humanistic textbooks, it ignites cynicism, which is deadly for the public life;

7) Postmodernism in art includes so called modern music – a cacophony of dissonant sounds and so called modern art – daub made of circles and squares, points and lines, ugly sculptures, etc in the High Culture and so-called hip-hop in mass culture, than includes a) graffiti – the destruction of property b) rap- non-European music, under which it is difficult for the European to dance, which burdens the normal socializing and interaction of the European boy and European girl and break-dance (rave) – that leads to injuries and requires the intake of drugs in order to be bale to dance c) parties at clubs – centers of crimes, rapes and drugs d) tattoos – that lead to blood infections and the destruction of beauty of human body. In High literature postmodernism is represented by non-sense and pornography akin in books, written by vonnegut, in mass literature it is represented by erotic and love novels. Promotion of post-modernism is undertaken by economic, social and ethnic elites in order to destroy the European cultural ideal, which inspires people to independent thinking, development and joy through work and great achievements, to promote democratic values and to make money out of postmodernist “artworks”.

In order to silence dissent there exists a democratic censorship – so-called “political correctness” and “hate crimes”, according to which the critics of democratic values, especially those of multiculturalism are declared criminals. The dissidents are thrown in jails or murdered by intelligent agencies, as German politician Jurgen Mellemann. Democrats also try to illegally prohibit the possession and bearing of personal arms - one of the derivative natural rights, because the man who has a gun can effectively protect his rights and fight democracy.

The ideological basis of democracy are Rousseau's ideas - equality, the will of majority and public interest. Equality is understood by the democrats as both the equality of opportunities and equality of outcomes in all spheres of social and even family life, which is impossible in reality, economically ineffective and as the example of the soviet union demonstrated, is dangerous for the state, for it leads to the growing social inequalities (the power of the democratic state is used not to directly help the poor, but to abstractly equalize the people and social groups - a policy that leads to nowhere), conflicts and cynicism. The will of majority is understood as the right of majority to do whatever pleases them, e.g. to declare homosexualism normal behavior, allow abortions and declare views it does not like a criminal offense or even murder outright its advocates (as once the democrats murdered Socrates in Athens, Cicero in Rome and Dantone in France). The will of the majority is reflected in the public opinion, formed on the basis of emotions, which prevents making of effective, experience-based rational decisions and in the democratic electoral process, which results in weak and incompetent democratic "leaders"-politicians, devoid of any principle and unable to effectively implement the will of their voters into real life. The concept of public interest entails that the government is not created first and foremost to defend a man from fraud and cohesion as well as to protect his natural rights, but in order to achieve the so-called "public interest", formulated by unknown persons, which leads to the bureaucratic state - unstoppable centralization of all power and the desire of the government to control all spheres of public life, absence of effective control over particular bureaucrats and their abuses of power, state persecutions and state terror against its own citizens - the example of such a country is the modern United States of America.

Democracy also destroys the social infrastructure - the networks of invisible ties within families, local communities and voluntary associations, and decreases the quality of human resources because of insufficient investment in its creation and development, which a little bit improves the economic situation in the nation-state at the beginning of democratization, but then results in significantly lower rate of economic growth and eventually significant deterioration of economic situation in the nation-state in question.

It's obvious that the murderous nature of modern democracy and democratic values is unacceptable for the majority of the people. Therefore in order to deceive and manipulate them economic, social and ethnic elites use the democratic political process, which includes a number of stages:

1. There appears a new democratic idea.
2. Then this idea is declared good by the lying democratic mass media, because this idea is new.
3. Then the refusal of the older effective and well-tested behavior, evolutionary developed over time as a response to external environmental stimulus, is stimulated in favor to the new, democratic, and usually ineffective behavior.
4. In order to artificially support the spreading of the democratic idea are used positive stimuli, in particular democratic propaganda.
5. In order to destroy the opposition to the democratic idea negative stimuli are used, in particular the creation of the new "hate crimes".

The main argument the democrats worldwide use is the history of development of the Western countries. These democrats, who did not study the history, political theory and political economy in the proper way - through reading of primary sources - confuse the beautiful heritage of the 19th century Western republics, due to which the West still enjoys the current prosperity with the consequences of democratic poison, which is destroying the public moral and public life throughout the West the whole 2nd half of the 20th century. Thus the democrats falsely claim, that it is democracy that created all this abundance, while in fact everywhere where democracy has appeared it led to the collapse of civilization and tyranny: in the Ancient Greece after the repeal of the Solon laws democracy lead to the rule of oligarchs and tyrants; in the Ancient Rome, after the repeal of the republican laws of the 12 tables it led to genocide and proscriptions of emperors, as well as mass murder and torture of Christians; in 1789 France - the ideological ancestor of the modern democracy where the democratic ideas were first formed in "The declaration of rights of man and citizen" and other numerous French constitutions - the formation of democracy led to the dictatorship of robespierre and the jacobin terror, which resulted in enormous amount of victims in France. The nature of democracy was well-known to the Founding Fathers of the American Republic: in the constitution of the U. S. there is no such word as "democracy", and in political theory textbook, which was used in the state universities of the United States the following definition of democracy was given: "Democracy - the rule of the masses. Legitimacy is acquired through meetings or other forms of direct expression of public will. It leads to mob rule. The relation to the property rights is akin the communist one: absence of respect to property rights. The relation to legislation: the will majority regulates all spheres of public life, no matter whether it is based on through study of the issue or on desire, prejudice or impulse. Leads to demagoguery, double standards, public dissatisfaction, instability and anarchy". The Great Men treated democracy even worse:

"Democracy does not exist for a long time - it wastes, exhausts and destroys itself. There was never a democracy that didn't kill itself"
Samuel Adams, the participant of the U. S. Constitutional Convention

"The American form of government is the republic. The true freedom does not exist either under despotism or excesses of democracy"
Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury

"Democracy always leads to conflicts and instability, but never provides for the security of the citizens or their property. Usually it is very short at life, and very bloody at death"
James Madison, one of the authors of the U. S. Constitution

"Between republic and democracy there is the same difference as between order and chaos"
John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

"Democracy is the rule of mobs, tempted by newspaper editors"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Democracy - it's the rule of the wishes of the mob, or to be exact ambitions and vices of its leaders. The Founding Fathers of our constitution created a republic, which is more different from a democracy, than a democracy is different from despotism "
Fischer Aims, U. S. Congressman

"I have been always sure, that democracy sooner or late will destroy freedom, or civilization, or both"
Thomas Macaulay, British Statesman

"Democracy - it's the tyranny of majority, or more exact, the majority party, which through fraud or cohesion is manipulating the electoral process"
Lord Acton

"The peoples, that accept democracy, yield its deadly fruits: enormous growth of public expenses; wars, inspired by the wishes of the mob, and not by intellect; unfavourable conditions of peace, threatening national interests and national sovereignty, lower housing prices and fewer civil rights. People grow tired of democratic politicians, coming in place of statesmen"
Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman

"The acceptance of democracy by all European nations is deadly for the proper governorship, freedom, law, order, respect of authority and religion, and at the end will lead to chaos, out of which will appear the worldwide tyranny"
The Duke of Northumberland

Thus it is obvious, that modern democracy is nothing, but a dangerous mirage, that leads to millions of unnecessary victims, destruction and desolation of the United States of America.
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