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Default Good example of WN sites getting along

DailyStormer and DailySlave!

Those sites are identical but yet both serve a purpose and get things done. The done of Lee Rogers is different to Andrew Anglin of DailyStormer. They share stories but yet at the same time they have different ones as well.

When Andrew's said something critical, it's been @ Stormfront. He doesn't know why people don't appreciate him there much.

But yeah I thought I would start a thread again and add that because I like to talk about something positive for once.

Andrew's a pretty straight forward guy. Lee seems cool as well and just goes along quietly in the background.

It also proves that you don't need to have 2 sites to be rivals. SF should be just a "bigger park" than White Nations... Not treating people like garbage over amusing things like Jewnited Snakes of America! Or putting people's names in red because they pay... Or having skyrocketing fees of radio shows on the traditional airwaves rather than much less expensive alternatives on videosharing sites and what not. SF seem to have this "rare sense" attitude (not common.)

But back to DailyStormer/Slave. These guys are normal just doing their job. They do similar things but are like "parks" where "Oh I'll go over to this park today" rather than seeing it as a grab, snatch and take (like what people have said in Australia about the GST (General savings tax.) Maybe I am mumbling a bit now but in the last 2 years or so, I think I am seeing some of a new generation of White leaders finally getting it. It's like sorting out the weeds from the wheat as Jesus said. You don't want divisions but you expose those that do and so on.

I like positive things like this.

But how bad can things be if Andrew Anglin is banned from Paypal but not ISIS! How perverted are people! I use that stink system myself... I"ll use it in sufferance but if I can avoid it I will. I hate monopolies -- whether it be SF, VNN or whatever. It's like Apple hiding its source code. Linux is the way to go where there is none of this "king lauding it over them all" attitude. Anyway love seeing people who make their "park" nice and neat and not worry about what the bad guys are doing with theirs. I know it's an odd way to describe things in a figure of speech like that but anyway...
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