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Post Re: White News Now

i was a member there for a short period of time several yrs ago......

i think i whacked up less than a doz' posts, all up!

i mainly joined it because a fellow Aussie whom i had known previously from VNNf and done some i/net radio shows with ("Free Talk Live") was on there.....he went by the name of "Lord Sidious" on VNNf....dunno if any of youse here know him/have heard of him, eh?

i had a major "blue" with another Aussie on there....i can't recall what name he went by on WNN....but...he posted on SF DownUnder under the name "RoadTrain".....

the cunt was as "suss" as a $3 bill....

he was anti-gun.....
(he got me khyboshed from SF for questioning the bogus Port Arthur 'massacre' that disarmed Australia in 1996/1997....[ see here ])

he also said that Aussies shouldn't attack fckn nog bastards like they done in the 2005 Cronulla riots....i more or less put him on the gutless fckn maggot for that 1!

i seem to recall getting some kind of "warning" via PM shortly there-after....can't recall if it was from Kelso him-self or one of the other 'main mods' there.....

any-way.....shortly after....i just "chucked it in" and, then, started concentrating more on social media....

my "general impression" of them was that they were trying to be too "intellectualised" .....sort of a 'cross' between Occidental Dissent and Takimag;

(there's no real place for over-intellectualisation in this life-or-death struggle we're now involved in up to our necks......its basically a matter of racial survival now....either kill or be killed.....the only place "intellectualism" has is deep in the back-ground as some sort of basic "reference data-base" to which people can "dip" into just to morally 'refresh' them-selfs, as it were ....but...you don't need to be a bloody "rocket scientist" to know that we're 110% justified in this struggle )

that said: overall, WNN didn't strike me as treacherous like some of the turds on VNNf and SF are....

they're just on a different level to most of the WNs on here, is all

(oh, yeh!....almost forgot....i also had a "beef" with some-one else on there [not an Aussie....a Yank, i think] abt FreeMasons....i basically put them on the chabbez-goi jew-bastard, back-stabbing scum that they are and incorrigible enemies of the White Race, to boot.....but....this prick stuck up for them and said that he had been a member of some WN group that was allowed to use the local masonic hall or some such....big FUCKING deal!!....that was, more likely than not, 'down' to one of the lower-ranking, local masons who may have had some vague pro-WN sympathies...prblby the treasurer or secretary of the local lodge...doesn't mean jack-SQUAT in the overall scheme of things.....the point is that, next to the jewz, these FUCKERz have done almost immeasurable harm to the White Race...we'd be better off just 'smoking' the fckn lot of them....well....certainly....the higher 'degrees' any-way....most of the "lowers" prblby just join it as a drinking club sort of thingo......those fuckers are a dead-set menace here in Aussie......they can really FUCK you up six ways to Sunday if you cross the mongrels....get you set up by the fckn coppers and every-thing.... ....for instance: those masonic arse-holes basically own/run the entire state of Western Australia [which is, pretty much, half the entire continent] and, prblby, the most resource-rich state....they totally control the cops, the courts, the state and local government/bureaucracy and the media there....a bloke called "Brendan O'Connell" got three years gaol there for "calling out" some kike in a public library....[the fckn shite-eating masonic cops there have 'set up' innumerable people....good examples: the Mickelbergs and Andrew Mallinder....!Google!]...also....they got the absolute worst gun laws in the country....also...there's, prblby, more kikez living there than any-where else in Aussie now....lotsa jew bastard 'reffos' from Sth Afreaka...... )
fortuna favet fortibus

i couldn't give a "XXXX"....have a coldie on me!!

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