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Default The Iron Tablet of ODIN

The following excerpt is taken from "The Iron Tablet of ODIN" a guidebook to right white life, free from: https://theirontabletsofodin.blogspot.ca/

MORNING V Evening(depending on convenience or schedule):~3hrs.wake:04/0500 pray:"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for WHITE children" --->tongue scrape->swish ‘u’; drink:a) ‘u’(250 ml.); b)ozonated H2O(carbon filtered well V dew water(300+ml) environsopen windows iff.~toxic);fan(s);~ion/O3(30min.plasma/15min.O3)+light meditation:7 min.meditation(near infrared light/nude/face-sun+ yoga: corpse<--->zen-pose+specific mantra/mudra)-> sanitas/kriya:cold water:submerge face/head/arms/hands;+tongue/eye-kriya#1-charge toothbrush;warm ‘u’ in jarreps:A)food(on alternate days);’u’#1: i)neti pot 'u'(4x250ml./1 side)-> ii)rub in eyes->eye kriya-> Workout#1see workout routine for details)zaryadka(~24min.)->◊trampoline(~5 1/2min.)->walk/cardio(25-35min.)+star/sun/moon ray exposure+earthing;*[workout below...]-> break-fast-M-0700-0900(conditions): audio(lectures/radio//politics:T/Th;philVhealth+ ◊epsom footbath(non bathdays)+near infrared light ◊brain entrainment(sound/ECS):Alpha/Theta-hz.+ (eg.5.0, 7.8, etc.) magnet chair+face sun(indirect eye exposure)->eat w/L-hand/sterling silver cutlery prayer::."We must secure the existence of our people and a future for WHITE children."----> read-passage(Φ, etc.)->eucharist: (eg."matter into spirit") oral sanitas:a)'u' rinse;b)baking soda+ brushV/& tooth sticks+rinse(1+min.)+c) oil pull(1+min)-> rinse MID-DAY:~8-9hrs.:~0800-1600[alter movement/anti-emf) M2-1200-1400 (see schedule) work/study+brain entrainment(Alpha)+kneel(from bookstand eye level/face Sun):stand[barefoot on spike sandals+pinhole glasses+yoga poses(see yoga routine)]->drink(2.5hrs. Post M1):H3O+'u'(250ml.ea.)
EVENING:~1.5-2.5hrs.1700-1930 sanitas:1)’u’#2:body massage; 2)exfoliate/wash:epsom-salt-bath(M/W/F)V(other)loofaperiphery->heart+scalp-brush+massager)+3)massage(oil/abangya:1xhand: post bath,2x+vibration machine.1x/week+coronal discharge violet-ray)->4)(M/W/F):gum-stimulator;5)reflexology 6)nea-infrared heat lamp <>last-M3-17/1800(omit if possible) NIGHT:~1.5-2hrs.1930-21/2200 "options"(random order): daily: meditation:specific+entrainment(theta)+indigo/violet/+AVI write(30 min.):writings draw:diagrams,propaganda,etc;music:bongo/panpipe (workings) sleep:21/2200head magnetic North+magnetic mat+crystals+emf shielding+~ion+<>vaporizer WEEKEND:kaya-kulpa/quietism/reflexion/experiment/detox(nano silver/rf sweep/other);review notes *WORKOUT ROUTINE:zaryadka(a Ukranian term derived from Nicolai Amasov): 30 reps per ea. joint in natural plane of motion from head to feet: neck->spine->scapula/shoulders->elbows->hands/hip->knee->feet; rapid pace continuous throughout all joints: 7x/week; walk: 2x30min V 1x45min.-1hr./day; 5x/week: 2on1off3on1off V 5on2off pattern; brisk handsqueezers->trampoline(5+min.)->BWR: (med./wide)pull-ups<->pushups:3x20;15;10->broomstick twists/side rotations->2x20-30->pushups<->pull-ups(alt.)->hang/side-to-side(for time)->spinal twist->neck:supine/flexion->prone/extension:1x100->side/rotations(2x20;10)-><>weightless static squats at 90° or other angle for as long as necessary YOGA routine(+read V meditate): stand: arms behind back(◊ on spike sandals)<->hands over head(diamond pose)+mudras; sit/kneel: zen;folded;lying: supine: lotus(legs crossed); corpse(legs straight);prone: cat stretch(back arch)/superman Martial Arts: ad libitum
Expansions... (of previous routine-corresponds with sequence of actions)
[for further explanations see 'STC';’LHB’; ‘E’;’7LS’;’LS’-available upon request]
'wake:04/0500' optimal time according to natural biorythms-’living in accordance with nature’
'pray': select suitable prayer for time/place/situation/purpose, etc.;
'drink': H20[structured/shungite/magnetized/distilled](500ml.)=way in which water should be prepared; structured via/magnetized(cf 'walter last') opposite polarity in opposition around circumference of vessel held via copper/metal wire; vessel placed on top in center of magnetized ferrous metal surface(eg. Frying pan/plate etc.) amidst geometrical array of N35-N52 neodymium magnets(oct/hexagonal, etc.)/shungite stones: ~ion generating stone(s) placed in vessel preferably polished pyramidal structures with giza pyramid proportions(STC)/silver: silver bullion(.999 purity) placed in water to lend nanoparticles of silver for purification(pathogen/bacteria destruction)/carbon filtered well V dew= purest form of water;tolerable quantity post waking given subsequent quantity throughout morning routine
'environs': 'open all windows'-max.O2[detox/cellular function/vitality]; 'iff~toxic'='iff not toxic', eg. no chemicals, chemical spraying/chemtrails, insect ‘foggin’,etc.; lung cleansing/dilation time(traditional chinese medicine); 'fans'-circulate air';'~ion/O3-negative ion/plasma gas/ozone generator; run all simultaneously to destroy internal/external pathogens;negative ions neutralize positive; kills dust mites/pathogens/viruses;coronal discharge plasma gas destroys pathogens('STC');'STC'; timings for both ensure adequate effect; 'colored light'-induces certain mood states/vibrational frequencies in accordance with chromotherapy principles(see 'STC' 'color' section); green=balancing; red=stimulating
'meditation'-'7 min[utes]=# of completion; 'face-sun'(East)-boosts energy/harmonic resonance 'corpse<->zen'-alternate corpse&zen yoga poses; corpse pose increases magnetism via folding in on oneself; 'specific mantra/mudra'-self-explanatory(season/purpose/day/time); w/ tongue pressed to roof of mouth +nostril breathing as always=pineal activation; close and cross eyes focusing on point between/just above eyes(pineal);draws out toxins/facilitates liver detox/calms&relaxes;air bath/sweat/detox/minimizes external sensation(clothing);sympathetic correspondence w/Sol
'Sanitas'-'cold-water-hands/arms/face=wakeup/activate right hemisphere of brain/cold thermogenesis;'tongue scrape('E'&'STC')-eliminate mucous discharge & facilitate digestion through exposure of tastebuds to food for proper enzyme secretion;'tongue/eye kriya'-protrude tongue maximally while staring into colored light;kriya#1-eyes wide stare in light; kriya#2-balls of hands in eye sockets: push in<->suction(circulates lymph & blood) '/swish-u'-amaroli/shivambu; /'charge toothbrush'(if solar toothbrush)-activate titanium oxide rod in toothbrush=increase ions('E'); f)neti-u'neti pot amaroli/shivambu: purify mucous membranes via uric acid ;condition/strengthen teeth & squamous epithelium[skin] via amino acids/vitamins/minerals:fill neti pot+small cup;4x250ml. Per one side(alternate ea.day); fill eye dropper; tilt head: 'u' in;ears w/dropper in L[eft]x2<->R[ight]x2;drops in eyes->swirl eyes counter-clockwise/blink rapidly;'->' 'e' jar-fill jar w/ 'u' for 'e'(from nose via neti pot hanging head over jar); 'prep 'e'repare coffee iff 2x 'e'/day or morning 'e'(STC-'basti');'Food'-prep all foods to finish by end of morning period(incl.cooking);
;morning-best for lighter/cardiovascular exercise; iff convenient;'zaryadka'/joint mobilization(STC-for specific sequence);trampoline='lymphasizing'exercise: moves lymph fluid around vessels for detox+blood circulation/muscle electrical activation via gravitational 'g' forces of bouncing; star/sun/moon gaze/ray exposure=expose eyes/skull/skin of body to stellar/lunar/solar radiation to maximum extent(eg.nude); ; expose eyes/skin/fontanels/temples/body to rays of celestial bodies to increase vitality/harmonize self w/ surounding environment;'dress'-all jewellery/clothing/accoutrements/paraphrenalia to correspond w/sum total/purpose[dates/times/alignments-cf.(esoteric astrology; chromotherapy; gems; stones; metals; magic correspondence table(s), etc.];'0700-0900'-break-fast optimal time; ;'conditions'-conditions under which to break-fast[M1] undergone(constant); no drinking w/meals(STC); 'audio(lectures/radio//politics:T/Th.;phil./healthther)-audio to accompany M1=information/learning:'politics'-minimal b/c stressor; 'philosophy./health'-other days as greater utility; 'epsom foothbath'(STC/'E')-'non-bath days' as epsom salt bath on these days; also keep feet clean/detoxed daily(nail beds/soles,etc.);'green-light'-creates balance/harmony; improve mood; induces relaxation/inner sight;far infrared light(STC;'E');'brain entrainment'-use of desired device in Beta hz.frequency(STC);'magnet chair'-(STC/'E');'face sun(indirect eye exposure)'-solar gaze=increased prana/vitality;'prayer'-appropriate to conditions/preferences;'-.read passage'of spiritual/philosophical work; :'eucharist'-”matter into spirit”=spiritualization of the material;
SANITAS-alkalizes mouth;;swish for 1 min. Post; swish oil->(STC); post M30min.ideal min.) relax; keep torso upright; stomach cleansing time(TCM-at this time of day)
approximately 8-9 hrs.('work' period by O.E.D definition);alter postures/move randomly according to purpose&general health(circulation of blood, etc.);anti-emf:minimize electromagnetic field exposure via special clothing/air exposure etc.('E';STC)
read(technical/practical works at this time)+brain entrainment(as during M1 adjusted to proper frequency/protocols, eg.7-8hz., for periods of 15 min. on, 10 min. off;35min., etc -depending on purpose.);'+kneel'(zen pose): bookstand elevated such that proper spinal alignment maintained(neutral spine);see previous
standing increases metabolic rate&bone mineral density via gravitational force&resistance thereto;self-discipline/control entrainment; hands/arms extended over head enable blood to flow/lymph to drain;don't drink until min. 2 hrs. post completion of meal; amaroli(STC);
exfoliation period; alternating loofa/scalp brush/massage w/ bath+exfoliating cloth days(STC);oil massage(abangya)=i)periphery->center w/hands->ii)vib.machine highest->iii)lowest setting->wipe off(1-2x/week);stimulate gums inside and out; toe twisting; guasha stone/ruby implement(reflexology); near infrared sauna dilates blood vessels & enables off-gasing of wastes via heat and activation of parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes the body
time dependant on hemispheric lateralization(90 min.max. activity)(left<->right brain))
as in morning conditions; theta w/ violet/indigo light V near infrared heat lamp on viscera
write:this doc./relata;philosophical letters;diary;draw: diagrams, blue prints,music:etc.;specific rthymns dependant on purpose;ibid.
sleep: head directed to magnetic North(use compass to arrange bed); use magnetic mat/tress('E'); (STC for blueprints); crystals[shungite; black tourmaline=~ions; others=metaphysical properties(STC)]
voluntary reclusion(STC);STC/;self-analysis(cheiromancy; astropsychology, etc.)/expansion/modification; detox; rf sweep; colloidal silver+other procedures
Martial Arts: striking(eg.ninjutsu/hung gar,etc.)+ throwing(eg.hapkido/aikido,etc.)+weaponseg.knife/baton/stick fighting)<-most appropriate for real life situations
FOOD Rulessee the book "Salubrious Living", "What to Eat and When", et.al, reference section) macronutrient ratio:Carbohydrates(~60-70%);Protein(12-15%); Fat(20-30%) of kcal.; most nutritional density per kcal./volume;some raw(minimal cellulose/starch) some cooked(other);in season;non-GMO;vary items to prevent allergies/cover nutritional requirements;energy expenditure/caloric requirements: carbohydrates=prefered energy source; beyond comfortable volume/digestability=+meal frequency& +fats Sourcesurvival):1)hunt/fish/forage;2)garden;3)conventional(eg.local farmers;grocery stores); List: Animal Productsif necessary/ minimize)::1)eggs(free range poultry (soft boil V poach;fish eggs/roe;2)Meat(sear in pan/place in boiling water to destroy potentially harmful bacteria->grind raw in meat grinder; ie. Cook as little as possible); a)fish(small cold water fatty: sardines; sprats; mackerel; herring);b)offal(organ meat)liver(watch vitamin A toxicity); thymus;kidneys;heart c)ruminant:lamb/mutton; cow; game, etc).; );3) raw cheese(aged high milk fat(MF); preferably pasture/grass fed, no hormones, etc.);Vegetables(cook until soft to break up cellulose/dextrinize starch/facilitates digestion): 1)greens:*beet tops; *dandelions; *spinach;kale;flowers; 2)cruciferous:*broccoli;*cabbage;brussels sprouts, etc.; 4)roots: carrots;beets; squash;turnips; radishes; sweet potatoes 5)fattynon-essential)olive(minimize); 6)spice: turmeric;ginger; 7)herbs:*oregano; parsely;*rosemary Supplements:chelators/methylators(especially for emergencies such as radiation poisoning): *chlorella(10 gr./x powdered); edible clay(calcium montmorillonite-'terramin'; *zeolite-(1tsp./x); *activated charcoal(1tbsp./x); borax(1/8th tsp.);testosterone boosting herbsguggul;tribulus;shilajit);MSM(sulphur crystals)(1 tbsp./day max.); B12;zinc;beet powder; rosehip powder(vit.C); magnesium oxide; kelp Fruit: [boiled/soaked]dried(dates; apricots; figs); raw+fresh(mangos;bananas, etc.); citrus(lemon/lime in water;drink via glass straw/silicontube) --Starchhydrolyzed/caramelized/dextrinized=converted to sugar-NOT recommended as causes bloat and sluggishness));~75-90 minutes@ 350 degrees@50 grams:1 cup ratio(dry grain:H20 depending on grain density);a)grass(*millet;*buckwheat;wild rice); b)roots:sweet potato;turnips c)grains[wheat(any variety);barley;rye;oats;rice(brown;black;red yeast); d)legume[red/yellow/brown split lentils/peas- smaller legumes=easier to digest;larger:turtle;navy;garbanzo=+more oligosaccharides as harder to digest] --Nuts/nut butter/’nutter’in shell; freeze to prevent rancidity)walnuts;almonds; peanuts Seedsstore as above->grind)flax; hemp; chia; sesame;pumpkin food growing:chicken coup(eggs-:>meat); ruminant animals(if access to grassland=milk&meat); dandelion gardens; hydroponic gardening; sprouting seeds; conventional gardening(greenhouse preferred as minimal chemtrails/insecticides, etc.) principle of selection: most nutrients/calorie max volume(optimal): as little as possible while meeting all nutritional requirements Meal Plan examples: 3+M/day every 4-6 hours (3-4 hours post starch V protein meals 2 hrs. post fruit minimum)-within 6-10 hr. Window /24 hrs.max.variety /as vegan as possible; vegan meal plan example: 0700-0900(M1): a)dried fruit(300 gr.);
1100-1300(M2): repeat a) V b) above +ɸ-seed(3-4 oz..-remainder of cal.) /nut/nut butter(iff~fruit) 1600-1800(M3):a)ɸ-seed /nut/nut butter (2oz.-reminder of cal.):
M3=optional(only if necessary for added calories)
no vegan meal plan example: M1=see above a) V b)M1; M2=repeat; M3=fatty animal protein source(eg. eggs V sardines, etc.(~20-30 gr.)+ greens; <>M4=fruit 4M/day every 3-4 hours(btw.); follow above/below rules and food combining and preparation rules minimum calories maximum nutrients-'caloro-nutrient dense foods'; space out calories evenly & when & to the extent energy needed adhere to ideal food combining rules: 1) with starchless vegtables: starch V animal products V nuts/oil seed; 2) fruit (by itself); 3)starch+fruit=barely tolerable; 4)starch/fruit+protein/fat=worst
recommended items(min.): 1x animal protein; 1xnut/seed; 1x1-2fruit; <>1xstarchVlegumes
water fasts (in cases of sickness, etc.)
preparation techniques: starch: 50gr./100gr. dry weight:1/2x250ml. H20: @ 350°x 80-90 minutes; in tightly sealed glass bakeware or enamel cookware dried fruit: submerge in H20--->bring to boil--->drain H20(save all water for plants, cooking, etc.)
long-term storage: 1)pickling(submerge cooked food in salt+water; store in airtight buckets in cool area) lasts 6 months minimum
a)eggs: boil->place in vinegar/water(peel)- b) vegetables: grate/chop finely->add 1 tbsp salt: 5 lbs.-> kneed w/ hands squeezing juice out->pack tightly/seal in airtight glass lidded/rubber sealed mason jars for minimum 3 weeks in cool area before consumption; lasts 1/2year minimum 2)waxing cheese: dip hard cheeses completely in wax V brush; let harden->store in cool area; 3)solar/sun drying/salting meat 4)grain preservation: air tight, mylar bags stored in plastic buckets(prevents mold aggregation/growth
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