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Default Why Canít Jews Be Criticized Without Being Accused of Anti-Semitism?

Well, why canít they? Yes, Iím aware that Jews and Israel are criticized all the time, yet inevitably one will be charged with anti-Semitism. Even the slightest negativity about Jews Ė which in most instances is merely admitting something true about them Ė will almost always lead to thunderous condemnations of being a ďJew haterĒ who supports the Holocaust.

Itís an overreaction to be sure and mostly unjustified too. Some Jewish apologists have tried to rationalize it by arguing that Jews throughout history have always been, to varying degrees, persecuted and so itís natural for them to overreact when they are criticized. Itís a defense mechanism, more or less.

We wonít deal with why so many peoples and nations have rejected or opposed the Jews throughout history, for now itís important to note that while White europeans are urged by Jews to question and even challenge their belief systems Ė including their history and their unique cultures, as well as permitting their own racial dispossession on behalf of non-White third-worlders Ė these same Jews refuse to allow the same level of scrutiny when it concerns themselves. Dispossession for thee, but not for me.

Jews, then, in huge numbers are not just opposed to oneís intellectual conclusions concerning the character and morality of the Jewish people, theyíre against the very notion of such questions at the outset! Such inquiries are forbidden, and Jews makes it abundantly evident that they donít like being investigated by the Goyim.

Click the image to open in full size.

Yes, I know that our First Amendment legally permits free speech, but if Jews had their way they would prohibit such investigations, including the publication of any unfavorable results.

Thus, Jews while claiming to be supporters of free expression, are very much restrictive and prohibitive of it when it concerns themselves, their shared or collective opinions, and their history as viewed from an alternative perspective thatís not as agreeable.

The point of this video is not to hate the Jews. I donít nor do I wish them any harm. I want them left alone. Let them defend their national and religious interests at their own expense, and not at mine. Let them influence and dictate the immigration policies of their own nation, and not of mine.

Let them morally destroy and devalue their own culture, and not mine. Let them work as traitors and Ďenemies withiní among their own people, and not among mine.

I have made it clear that in large measure Jews have not been good for our White societies. There are many reasons which justify this conclusion, none of which I have time to develop now (although I have in previous posts on this site).

This video shows us the inordinate level of influence that Jews have among White, european nations. It reveals how unfair and irrational it is to label one an ďanti-SemiteĒ simply because they disagree with Israeli national policies, or because they dare to point out traits common among so many Jews (e.g., their attraction to Communism and liberalism, their cliquish ways, their undermining of Western civilization, etc.).

I hope the reader will watch the video and reach their own conclusions.

Click the image to open in full size.

Gee, thanks rabbi!

ďEither you are going to do politics, or politics is going to do you!Ē
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times.
ďThe future has several names.
For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown;
but for the valiant, it is ideal.Ē
"The left's arrogance is only surpassed by their narcissism....."
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