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Default The Collapse Of 'Jewnited States' / Welcome Silicon Valley Slums

The Collapse of the Jewnited States

Click the image to open in full size.

Jakarta slum? Nope! It’s Silicon Valley.

Quintus Sertorius

We are told to “Make America Great Again” by fighting wars in the Middle East and paying tens of billions of dollars each year for the aggrandizement of Israel... The truth of the matter is that diversity is the most devastating weapon in the jewish arsenal being brought to bear against us in the Hebraic genocide of Whites. Diversity is so great a strength for the jews that by merely speaking out against it, you can face economic destitution, civil (and sometimes criminal) litigation and sanctions, ostracism, the denial of basic services, and violence that is tacitly approved by the state. We are supposed to celebrate as our once-safe White countries are overrun by violent savages from the worst corners of the world.

There are clearly observable consequences of the jew-instigated diversity that hammer home the frightening demographic statistics describing Whites as a minority in most American schools, and the fact that Whites are a vanishingly small minority in places like California (roughly estimated to be less than 20%, once census data is controlled for the Middle Easterners, Hispanics, and mongrels who “self-identify” as White). For those who are unaware, California’s San Francisco Bay Area is often touted as an example of how diversity supposedly leads to affluence. The largest racial group is Mestizo, followed by Asians, and, in a distant third place, Whites. There is no sense of community – it is a collection of bipedal carrion scavengers, frantically trying to gorge on the leftover, quickly diminishing wealth from the remnants of a once-functional society. There is no true wealth creation – instead dishonest plutocrats get richer by finding ways to sell out and devalue the standard of living of everyone else.

Most shocking of all are the homeless encampments. They are the epitome of all the consequences of allowing jews run rampant in our society: desperate, demoralized people who have been stripped of anything of value, cast aside like husks that have been bled dry by the Hebraic parasites responsible for this catastrophe. In every park, every freeway offramp, every bit of unused and out-of-the-way space, there are shanty towns constructed of tarps, cardboard, newspaper, and trash. How did things get this way? Who is responsible? As always throughout history, it’s the jews.

Click the image to open in full size.

Haitian slum? Nope! It’s Silicon Valley.

Click the image to open in full size.

Natural disaster? Nope! Just the “new normal” in Silicon Valley.

The Collapse of the Jewnited States
Thanks to Renegade Tribune
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