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Default Stand up for the Nuclear Traditional Aryan Family

Join me and other Pro-Whites in downtown Knoxville on June 22, 2019. Stand up against the direct attack on the traditional nuclear Aryan family. We are the White voice family and folk. The "lgbtqp" agenda is driven by Jewish interests and designed to foster immortality and unnatural behavior. It is being forced upon us in all aspects of life. From the earliest years of school all the way to the mainstream media. It is time we Whites push back! This insidious agenda is actively degrading White society and encouraging degeneracy in an attempt to usurp the nuclear family and traditional White way of life.This yearly "pride" parade/event is an attempt to normalize immorality. As well as to defile the sacred bond between a man and woman and their right and responsibility to raise their children in normalcy. An insult to the rich southern White heritage, here in the State of Tennessee and that is spreading like cancer through our White Nation. Marching with degenerates are the various RED parties that embrace this sick ideology. We as proud Whites will tolerate neither degenerates or their RED masters. These type of events will continue unless we morally sound Whites stop them. Whether Pagan or Christian stand with your folk. Unite for the White family. For the natural order and to stop the Jewish perversion in its tracks. All like minded Pro White individuals/orgs welcome. Be in Knoxville TN on June 22, 2019.
For more information contact:
We fight until White Victory--14/88
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