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Default Victory! Negress Publicly Apologizes for Insulting White Males!

Victory! Negress Publicly Apologizes for Insulting White Males!

May 14, 2015
Click the image to open in full size.Who’s laughing now, bitch? White men are constantly being forced to apologize and losing their jobs over allegedly racist statements – often harmless jokes – about non-Whites. But the pendulum has finally begun to swing back our way, brothers.

For the first time I am aware of, a hate-filled monkey has been forced to retract her hateful statements towards Whites.

Following our coverage of incoming Boston University professor Saida Grundy, who had stated that “White college males” are a “problem population,” the president of the university condemned her and she publicly apologized, the AP reports.

She stated on Tuesday that she “regrets” making the ridiculous and hateful statements on Twitter.

On her Twitter account, which is now private, the prehistroic ape also condemned the concept of White masculinity, writing “white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges.”
Click the image to open in full size.Nevermind this. They’re only doing this because evil Whites hurt their feelings. Click the image to open in full size.These guys are the REAL threat to society. In her confused attempt to defend her bizarre actions, the rabid bitch said that over the last year events in the US have made “the inconvenient matter of race” an unavoidable topic of discussion, but that she was remorseful for the way she expressed her childlike emotions.

I would respond that the issue of race is an “inconvenient matter” only for Whites, as Blacks get unfathomable benefits for being less evolved, including being allowed to teach at university while putting their mental instability on public display.

Though the president condemned the stupid baboon, she will be allowed to teach at the school. This situation differs from the situation of Steven Salaita, who as an incoming professor at the University of Illinios was found to have made Tweets condemning Jews and was then never allowed to teach at the school.
Click the image to open in full size.Steven Salaita was fired from an American university for Tweeting about Israel killing babies. Many people have suggested that this demonstrates a double-standard in the way Whites and Jews are treated in society, but those people fail to understand that six million Jews were made into lampshades by Adolf Hitler 70 years ago, which means that Jews can never be criticized, ever.
In her statement of remorse, Grundy said, “These issues are uncomfortable for all of us, and yet, the events we now witness with regularity in our nation tell us that we can no longer circumvent the problems of difference with strategies of silence. I regret that my personal passion about issues surrounding these events led me to speak about them indelicately. I deprived them of the nuance and complexity that such subjects always deserve.”

The statements do not actually make sense, but who cares? She is backing up. We have forced the nappy hoe to back up.
Grundy added: “As an experienced educator, I take seriously my responsibility to create an inclusive learning environment for all of my students. Both professionally and ethically, I am unequivocally committed to ensuring that my classroom is a space where all students are welcomed. I know firsthand that students learn best by discussing these issues openly and honestly without risk of censure or penalty. I look forward to more dialogues about race, diversity and inclusion in my career at Boston University, and to having the honor of knowing and teaching some of the finest minds in the world.”

The university had previously stated that it was “offended” by Grundy’s purposefully offensive statements, but her apology came after university President Robert Brown penned an open letter denouncing the terrorist wench.
From it:
We fully appreciate why many have reacted so strongly to her statements. Boston University does not condone racism or bigotry in any form, and we are committed to maintaining an educational environment that is free from bias, fully inclusive, and open to wide-ranging discussions. We are disappointed and concerned by statements that reduce individuals to stereotypes on the basis of a broad category such as sex, race, or ethnicity. I believe Dr. Grundy’s remarks fit this characterization.

I do not say this lightly or without a great deal of consultation and soul-searching. I understand there is a broader context to Dr. Grundy’s tweets and that, as a scholar, she has the right to pursue her research, formulate her views, and challenge the rest of us to think differently about race relations. But we also must recognize that words have power and the words in her Twitter feed were powerful in the way they stereotyped and condemned other people. As a university president, I am accustomed to living in a world where faculty do—and should—have great latitude to express their opinions and provoke discussion. But I also have an obligation to speak up when words become hurtful to one group or another in the way they typecast and label its members. That is why I weigh in on this issue today.

Too often conversations about race quickly become inflamed and divisive. We must resolve to find a vocabulary for these conversations that allows us to seek answers without intemperance, rancor, or unnecessary divisiveness. We expect our faculty members to strive to create this environment in their classrooms.
Pretty incredible to talk about her “fugg dem whitey peeble” Twitter posts as a scholarly viewpoint derived from academic research. Like something out of The Black Adder, really. Got that whole “wait, is this actually real?” vibe when you read it.

Ah, but nevertheless, praise be to him for doing what he could to stand up to this monster.

Grundy will report for work on July 1.

And she will report to work knowing that she just got beat down by Nazis. That she was forced, like her slave ancestors, to do what we wanted her to do against her will.
That’s gotta sting.
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