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Default The United States: A Lost Identity & Nation Divided

Click the image to open in full size.

The organizers of the Women’s March, from left to right: 'Bob' Bland (Jew), Linda Sarsour (Muslim) Carmen Perez (Jew) and Tamika Mallory (Black),

In researching this subject, I've noticed some look for complicated answers. They are also in denial. America has been stripped of it's values, it's founding fathers forgotten and it's identity stolen. Even the constitution cannot guarantee our identity anymore. Those unique like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson Davis represent our identity. The supreme court tyrants of today, try to over-rule our republic's identity. And commentators like to blame our pleasure-seeking, lazy and self-centered thinking, and there's more. Our leaders, judges and controlled media are guilty firsthand of liberal brainwashing, and we are the silenced majority.

The original United States was founded by White settlers, not border jumpers, inner-city rioters or court-enforced "please take me in refugees". They are put on welfare and no one questions their abilities. We police the globe, and I'am taxed to pay for that, instead of paying my own way, and that of my family. And while "all are created equal under the law", some are more capable than others (like Jefferson, Franklin and Davis).

The Hispanic, Black, multi-gender and masked marauders taking over our streets, is a reminder of a nation torn apart.
Commentators go on and on about Blacks and police needing to get along. They say it's a "broader problem", and for example, police should be wearing small video cameras. But I also look at the official Black/White crime statistics. As far as gender goes, and to make matters simple, I see only male and female. But commentators will stop short, and discuss only things like "degradation of the family".

The demonstrators on our streets demand more freedom only for themselves. Like short-term health care, while disregarding long-term consequences. Just who is in control? Our debt is a black hole. I'am not saying we shouldn't fight for everything. Just don't expect the 'have-nots' to stand by and not spoil it for you. Is this a republic? Or a pompous ass liberal haven, quick to react and ready to screw the next guy?

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