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Default An Interesting Story from VT

VeteransToday Radio as usual dropped major bombshells during the show on 7-9-14. One of the most interesting topics discussed was new Intel about a weapon in the US arsenal reportedly from alien technology that can put any area on the planet back into the stone age with a flip of a switch. It stops all electrical devices but is much more advanced than an EMP which destroys the devices. This weapon can turn all electronics on and off at will. This weapon is very advanced and operates in another dimension and can be targeted very precisely. The Russians and Chinese are said to “probably” also have this capability or are very close to getting it. It was also reported that almost all our ICBMs are total junk now since they can be shot down and are infiltrated with foreign electronics that have backdoors. This new weapon literally makes all modern weapons obsolete since anything that uses any electronics can be disabled instantly including ICBMS, aircraft, ships, cruise missiles, tanks, etc.

Here’s just some of the stories discussed on this interview from VeteransToday.

9/11 was a nuclear event – completely proven now but this information is still being censored by all mainstream media and by all the gatekeeper shills in alternative media.

AIPAC and Bush Crime syndicate robbed HUD, creating the banking crisis, ran the drugs, robbed pension funds and sold weapons to America’s enemies.

Over 40% of US Congress now blackmailed, most for sex with children and sexual escapades.

Mind control and psyop is always used to control the population. Israel will either be nuked or destroyed unless changes made within government.

US banking system funded puppets, bought up all news media companies, down to 6 major news companies controlling it all.

Colby (former head of CIA) said they controlled control all newspaper and talking head of mainstream media.

CIA is front for world Zionist banksters.

Gaza is the world’s biggest concentration camp.

Trying to weed out the Zionist crime syndicate agents out of the military and congress now.

Mainstream media is 180 degrees from reality now. If people within the media stand up they are blacklisted forever.

They spend millions of dollars per year covering up the Kennedy assassination alone. They have a law firm that is involved with the shills that put out completely false stories in books about the Kennedy assassination to keep people confused. They also have another floor that doles out parts of the truth each year so they control both sides of every conspiracy.

ISIS groups funded by US tax dollars, trained by spinoffs from military contractors they want to split up Iraq and Syria into pieces so none of them can ever be a threat to Israel. ISIS only attacks enemies of Israel.

When Israel planned 9/11 they never thought they would be caught because they said they controlled the press. It didn’t work out that way just like all the other false flags, Columbine, Sandy Hoax, Boston Bombing are being caught now!

Shills and gatekeepers in alternative media censor ALL of VeteransToday information and instead promote Drudge who was funded and controlled by Murdoch!

New world order has the attitude that they want to get the war going now as they think they can’t be stopped. The internet is killing them!

Bad guys want to keep the wars going because the fog of war hides their crimes.

They wanted US to bomb Syria last August due to the false flag gas attacks down by our rebels. There is pushback now from the US military!

There is pressure that somebody in military to step forward to help restore the Constitution, arrest the crime syndicate, go back to hand counted paper ballots, arrest Supreme Court, arrest most in Congress, go out and prosecute the crime syndicate and claw back their money they have stolen from the American people, make every cop and politician take a lie detector test. Gordon Duff for President!

A lot of our ICBMs have been compromised with foreign electronics and most would be shot down. Only weapons effective are submarine launched cruise missiles that are in close. US has other space based solutions. We have stuff FAR beyond EMP. We can turn off power totally to a huge area in an instant by flipping a switch. US has this technology – reported to be alien technology – Russians and Chinese are working or have it also.

There is a time window after which the new world order cannot win a fight and get their new world order due to the BRICS alliance gaining high technology and support.

The neocon philosophy is that war is good, the bigger the better.

The US is being run by literal satanists.

Great idea! Petitioning the Joint Chiefs to arrest the crime syndicate to build awareness.

H.W. Bush told the seal team in charge of tracking Noriega to KILL HIM and don’t bring him into the US. Seal Team leader refused and said he had an arrest warrant and brought him in. Bush had him arrested!

They threw a Judge’s (Richard Matsch) daughter into a volcano that was going after MDC Holdings – a company owned by Leonard Milman / Mizel who are worth over $30 Trillion a piece. They killed the Judge’s daughter as a warning to others and this caused the case to be transferred to another judge that was their coverup meister.

Deutche Bank sold UAL and AA short right before 9/11!

Brownstein setup the trusts to hide the money for the crime syndicate.

US military has become the private army of the Rothschilds new world order scumbags.

The American people must rise up! Please join the VeteransToday Truth Warriors at


Mainstream media loses people very day now. The people are going to rise up! One of these days they are going to stop obeying. The only way out for the elites is to start a war and create an immediate depression or a nuclear exchange. It’s possible that those in the military will not go along with it. Something has to give in the next few months!

Cops in US have been turned into mind control slaves through their radios. Any type of back talk or getting in their face can set them off!

All our ICBMs have been made useless.

If America falls because Americans don’t wake up and spread the truth, you won’t be taken to a FEMA camp, they will take you to a facility take your DNA and then harvest your organs.

Shills in alternative media that are censoring all stories on VeteransToday will face judgement someday for their treason says Stew Webb.

World Zionists only want to kill. They are interlinked death cults. They must be exposed by patriots around the world. They believe that Lucifer gives them power. They can be backed off when confronted. Andrew Jackson routed out these banisters with God’s help. They tried to kill him and two guns jammed! We must stand against them now or none of us will have a future.

“Either you are going to do politics, or politics is going to do you!”
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times.
“The future has several names.
For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown;
but for the valiant, it is ideal.”
"The left's arrogance is only surpassed by their narcissism....."
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