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Default Re: YOUR View of Harold Covington, the Northwest Front, and How "Axis Sally" Managed To Make A Complete and Utter Fool of Him

Harold Covington is a greedy, good-for-nothing scam artist who thinks he is more important than he really is.
Ben Klassen had this to say about him:
"he had joined a Nazi outfit in Chicago under the leadership of that half-Jew queer, Frank Collins, who was later hauled into court on child molesting charges."
"[Harold] is now here himself, filling the void left by his former Nazi protégé, Glenn Miller, by stirring those tired ol’ gray embers of the Confederacy. He is pretending to build a “Confederate Congress,” an aimless, half-baked group of a few confused souls who seem to have latched on to his idea of reviving the Confederacy."
"Last Sunday, February 12, was the last straw. He called a group of White activists from several states to try and put together a “Ban the Church of the Creator” movement. Why is Harold so afraid of Creativity?"
Later, weird Harold goes onto accuse Ben Klassen of being a Jew, a pedophile, despite he himself having a track record of working for pedophiles and Jews.
What is good for the white race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the white race is the ultimate sin.
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