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Default Jobs, Wages, And The Economy: Answers, Please

After becoming sufficiently disillusioned with the goings on of modern corporate America, I recently made the decision to do some research in an effort to better myself and in turn hope to land a job that actually pays me what I'm worth. Still, the struggle is very much ongoing, and that is precisely what leads me to write this. I am not as young as many may assume, and more than ever, the pressure's on.

Basically, I would like everyone's opinions on topics such as capitalism, living wage, and everything in a similar vein. Are you happy with what you currently make? What skills would you recommend to someone trying to fight their way to the top; ones that will make them not easily replaceable? Most importantly, do you have anything even resembling a plan in regards to how the current system can be abolished?

Here's what I mean. Though the following account is fictitious, it nonetheless paints an accurate picture. Go to any job site and you will find listings that go as follows.

Must pass a background check.
Must pass a drug screen.
Must have at least 2 years experience in a similar field.
Must be able to stand and walk for eight hours nonstop.
Must have a valid driver's license.

Compensation: $9.50/hr.

.....How in the fuck did this happen? It boggles my mind that even the worst jobs can have such downright criminally demanding criteria. Something that pays $9.50/hr. (not to mention the laughably-low minimum wage) are slave labor anyway. Those offering these jobs have NO right whatsoever even thinking about being choosy. For a job of such a nature the only requirement should be "Come in and do shit for us. If you do the shit, we will give you money."

But alas, no. Decent people will readily grovel to receive a job in which they slave away for at least forty hours per week just to barely scrape by, meanwhile their superiors make far more than they would ever even need by essentially just sitting around all day. We mustn't forget that the working poor pay taxes too. I'll never understand why, but they do.

Still, the privileged will argue such points as "Well, if you find yourself in such a situation, then it serves you right for not learning a marketable skill." Aside from the fact that many in dire situations do have marketable skills (including college degrees), just stop to consider what would happen if - conceivably - everyone took their advice and educated themselves accordingly. Even if we became a society literally comprised entirely of computer programmers, HVAC repairmen, doctors, marine welders and so forth, we would still need people - a hell of a lot of them - to mop floors and work cash registers. In other words, some people would still have to do these jobs. And we can assume that according to the logic of entitled, greedy dicks everywhere, they still wouldn't deserve a living wage. Because after all, their jobs are low-skill (not necessarily easy), so fuck them. They don't deserve to move out of a trailer or keep their kids properly fed, apparently.

Work is work, time is time. Personally I'm of the belief that anyone who works forty hours a week (hell, thirty) should have all their living expenses covered without question, regardless of whether they graduated high school or not, or whether they work with computers or work with mops.
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