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Post Neo-Nazis hold ‘White Lives Matter’ rally

Ed. – In one way, this is a good development. It highlights the universal truth that dividing whose lives “matter” by race is…divisive. Just as “White Lives Matter” isn’t a slogan representative of righteous thinking, so “Black Lives Matter” isn’t one either. The BLM movement has demonstrated this clearly by fomenting unrest, violence, and anger. They are the same as the Neo-Nazis and the KKK.]

Residents of South Buffalo are taking action after learning that a “White Lives Matter” rally has been planned for Cazenovia Park on Saturday.

The 3 p.m. rally, which has been making the rounds on social media, was coordinated by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement based in Detroit. On its website, the party says it is “the political party for every patriotic white American” and that one its core beliefs is “promotion of white separation.”

Two South Buffalo lawmakers, state Senator Tim Kennedy and Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke, are denouncing the gathering. Burke says an independent counter-protest has been organized for members of the community to make their voices heard.

Continue reading → Neo-Nazis hold 'White Lives Matter' rally - Liberty Unyielding

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Default Re: Neo-Nazis hold ‘White Lives Matter’ rally

Rather commie anti post. If im not mistaken this rally was very successful. Ah i see link to zionized media site. That explains a lot. At least the article recognize s Our right to Freedom of speech and that of the commie antifa pro ape rally. Just another example of the jew getting the apes "all stirred up." Without the jew they just go back to doing normal ape stuff. Like flinging poop at each other. They want to separate and segregate.. We just have to show them the way..RaHoWa jew your day is near.
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