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Default Rise of the Black Serial Killer

Americans have had a curious fascination with serial killers, since the days Jack the Ripper prowled the streets of London. Their stories have been told in countless books, portrayed in the cinema and told as spooky campfire stories to wide-eyed youths. As did the tales of vampires and ghouls in the middle ages, serial killers have haunted our dreams and kept us looking over our shoulder hoping we’re not one of their next victims.

Most people are familiar with how the story goes. Intelligent middle class white loner, abused as a youth, a bed-wetter until puberty with a morbid fascination of torturing animals as a teen, snaps and begins killing people as an adult. The names and stories of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Robert Lee Yates and dozens of others fit this description and seem make this idea credible. Turn on the television or read a fiction book about serial killers and this is the idea portrayed, in nearly every instance, serial killers are always white. But is this always correct? The answer is resoundingly, no!

Click the image to open in full size.
A good introduction to Carl Eugene Watts pictured above

In 2002 a scene in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas played out over a three week period, as the Beltway Sniper kept the nation on it’s toes. In initial reports, authorities were on the lookout for a white male in his mid-thirties, possibly driving a white mini-van. FBI profilers and sketch artists told the masses what this white killer possibly looked like, and what behavior this individual exhibited. Area citizens were on the lookout for anyone fitting this description, as dozens that fit were interviewed. The nation did a double take once the captured killer, with gun in hand turned out to be a Black Muslim that went by the name John Allen Muhammad.

Click the image to open in full size.
John Allen Muhammad

Soon following, every black commentator that could be found was on the news media, showing their dismay at the thought of a black killer. Articles written at the time by black psychologists and commentators are telling of the mindset of most Americans, about the general perception of blacks being serial killers.
“This is not typical conduct for us. I mean Black folks do some crazy stuff, but we don’t do anonymous violence. That’s not in our history. We just don’t do that.”[i]
“White guys have pretty much cornered the market on mass murders and serial killing.”[ii]
“There aren’t any black serial killers.”[iii]
Admittedly, my perception at the time was skewed as well. Aside from what I vaguely remembered from of Wayne Williams, the black serial killer from Atlanta in the late 70’s; I assumed black serial killers weren’t common. In the numerous books I’d read on the subject, from understanding the psychology behind a sociopath to the fine details of their horrible crimes; Williams was usually the lone black killer in their lists. I assumed, that if black serial killers existed, surely the information would be in print.

The Facts

After growing tired of hearing politically correct spin-doctors, claim serial killers were always white; I decided to do a bit of research to see if this idea held water. What I found not only proved conclusively black serial killers do exist, but of the blatant bias against reporting on them.

At first I thought I’d be lucky to find twenty. Once I eclipsed this mark, I raised the bar to fifty black serial killers, thinking that had to be the ceiling. When my list eclipsed two hundred and counting, I realized this topic is the most ignored subject involving blacks in American history. Every generation from the reconstruction, to present is rife with examples.

To begin, the same criteria used by the FBI for serial killers has been followed. A serial killer is one that has killed at least twice, with a cooling period between each killing in which the murders were premeditated. Spree killers, mass murders, gang killings and hired assassins haven’t been included in the data. However, the fine line between some that fall into these categories and the classification of a serial killer is one that needs to be considered. John Allan Mohammad is a prime example. He’s listed as a spree killer in most books, but the premeditation involved and the time period between his killings in Alabama and D.C. more fit a serial killer.

Click the image to open in full size.
Stanley “Tookie” Williams

Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the infamous founder of the Crips gang in Los Angeles is another example. Found guilty on four murders, but having been linked to at least eleven; his propensity for violence and his lust to spill blood fits that of a serial killer living the life of a gang-banger. For now Mohammad is on the list, while Williams has been removed until this gray area is a little clearer.

Currently the official list, of which every black serial killer’s information and crimes has been confirmed, is sitting at 409 entries[iv], with more than a dozen being investigated for possible addition. In just the first quarter of 2011, five that have been apprehended were added. The list will continue to grow with constant flood of killers caught, in addition to older data from prior to World War II that is slowly being sifted through.[v]

409 black serial killers you might ask, is this possible? Can this be correct? Yes, contrary to how little media attention this subject attracts the facts speak for themselves. Newspaper articles, court records and prison inmate information have been the source of this information, not Internet forums or blogs. Additionally, great time is being undertaken to gather the names and stories of the victims, and the intimate details of the crimes for publication of a future book on the subject.

One common complaint that arises with the PC types when discussing black serial killers, if they admit they exist, is their constant insisting that these killers only account for a small portion of murders done by serial killers. Whites are to blame they maintain, blacks aren’t possible of such wanton destruction. Again the data speaks another story.

Below is a chart from a class taught on the subject of serial killers. The left column represents the decade in which the crimes happened; to the right of this each race is represented. Since this chart was released in September 2010, new data has surfaced and will continue to surface for some time. An example is the decade of 2000-2010 saw 82 total serial killers of all races in this chart. In that decade alone, seven additional black serial killers have surfaced since this chart’s publication, and are either awaiting trial or have recently been found guilty. This brings the tally up to 89 killers for that decade, which lowers the white serial killers to 36%, while raising blacks to 62%. In addition to this a few cold cases from earlier decades have been attributed to black serial killers. Another thing to note is the absence of Indian serial killers from this chart. While few in number, I suspect they’ve been added to the category of white, which pads the whites numbers making them appear higher.[i]

Click the image to open in full size.

Historically from 1890 to present black serial killers have accounted for almost 26% of all solved murders from serial killers. In just the past three decades, the number rises drastically to 38.9%. This trend shows no sign of stopping anytime soon either. Estimates based solely off current trends, place the possible black serial killers for the decade we’re in, at anywhere from 62.5% to 75% of all serial killers! This is a very real possibility, unless the masses wake up to these startling facts.

When crunching these statistics, an even more startling trend surfaces. Currently, blacks[vii] are a minority in this country and represent about 12.6% of our current population.[viii] Of this, black males represent 48% of this total, which equates 6% of the total U.S. population. But this figure represents males from birth to death; a more fine tuned number is in need. When black males from 18-44 are considered solely, it’s found they make up only 38.6% of the previous 6%, or about 2.33% of the total U.S. population.

According to the current list, every black serial killer that has been apprehended is male (there is one instance of a female accomplice, forced to kill). Almost exclusively, they kill or begin their rampage between the ages of 18 and 44. So, the bottom line is a group that represents only 2.33% of the U.S. population[ix] has been responsible for producing serial killers responsible for over one quarter of the serial killings from 1890 to present. More shocking, this minority within a minority will committed almost a third of known serial killings in the past decade. Serial killers are not a white only phenomenon any longer.

Nowhere on the media are the PC jackals doing anything to present this data to the public. You’ll never here them lament the victims of this elite group. You’ll never here them tell how 2.33% of the population are responsible for the majority of the other violent crimes. Instead they ignore the facts and would have us believe black males from this age group represent the crème de la crème of society, blessing us with their wonderful contributions. While a few do fit this lofty description, sadly this isn’t the norm.

Click the image to open in full size.
(More about Jake Bird, the Tacoma Axe Killer.)

A Startling Trend

When trying to assess how the trend of black serial killers is on the rise, a of variety key factors come into play. Chief amongst these is the idea that serial killers are always white. Hollywood and popular shows such as Dexter tout this idea and portray serial killings as restricted to whites and on rare occasion Hispanics. Fictional books follow the same theme, without ever straying far from their politically correct course. When a black serial killer is caught, the media coverage is usually restricted to the local market in which they were apprehended. The bottom line is black serial killers don’t draw the same attention as whites convicted of the same crime.
A prime example of the differences between coverage of black versus white serial killers can be seen in dozens of cases, but for the sake of time I’ll consider only two.

Most everyone has heard of Jeffery Dahmer. He’s the creep that lured numerous men and teenage boys to his apartment to participate in homosexual activities. After which, he drugged, then tortured and ultimately killed 17. After being arrested, authorities found parts of some of the bodies displayed in his home, a heart in his freezer and even some having evidence of cannibalism. As a result, his picture was plastered over every television and numerous major magazines for months. Television documentaries and books gave the gruesome details of his beastly activity for years after his capture. Now twenty years later, his name still invokes fear and wretches stomachs.

While Dahmer’s crimes horrified the nation, barely a decade later a serial killer stalked the streets of St. Louis, committing similar atrocities. He preyed on drug dependent black prostitute, which he took back to his home to be raped, tortured and killed. After his arrest, police found videotapes he’d recorded of his crimes, labeling one of them “My Wedding Story”. In these tapes he forced his captives, which were bound with duct tape to submit to him as their lord and master, while he beat and abused them. Next he repeatedly raped them repeatedly with unusual and torturous foreign objects, he then strangled his victims to death. Forensic investigators noted there were multiple layers of blood sprayed onto the walls. After his capture, he confessed to 17 murders, yet evidence now points to at least 20.

Click the image to open in full size.
Maury Troy Travis

However, while police were still in their investigation he hung himself, so the true number may never be known. Despite the horrific nature of his crimes, nary an American has ever heard the name of Maury Troy Travis, primarily because he was black. Had he been white, his name would be as common as Dahmer in the minds of Americans. Even a quick tour of the Internet substantiates this. The Wikipedia page for Dahmer has 3,552 words and greatly details his crimes. On the contrary, Travis’s page has a measly 107 words, with no mention of the wickedness of his devilry.

The year 1987 found the capture of Gary Heidnik in Philadelphia, with a gruesome discovery in his basement that horrified the nation. His crime was kidnapping six black women, five of which he kept in his basement as sexual slaves and prisoners. Two died of starvation and trauma in the pits he’d dug. His story made national news for weeks, the nation was outraged and blacks were calling for his swift execution for defiling black women. Even a movie character, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs was based on his horrible story. While the nation was still reeling from Heidnik’s story, one involving more victims and similar circumstances unfolded just six months later.

Click the image to open in full size.
Harrison Graham

Just about three miles from Heidnik’s homemade prison, a predator hunted the same streets where Gary had kidnapped his victims. This killer eventually nabbed eight black women over a one-year period and like his contemporary held his victims prisoner to rape and torture. This killer however, had a lust for blood and strangled each of his victims to death. After death, he performed necrophilia on their rotting corpses for weeks, and when the urge to kill again hit him, he stored the remains in a closet or bedroom with his other victims. Yet, despite the fact his crimes were worse, involved more victims, covered the same neighborhood at the same time as Heidnick; few have ever heard of Harrison F. Graham or his sick twisted savagery. Those that do are quick to point out that his IQ was low and that he wasn’t bright enough to realize what he was doing. They willfully ignore the thought and preparation he put into each of his murders, all because he was black. You can read his gruesome story here: Harrison Graham- Black Serial Killer

Closely coupled with the bias against reporting on black serial killers, is the fear that commentators or authors reporting on their crimes will be deemed racist, if they slip and call the killer a pejorative name. Sure it’s okay to call Henry Lee Lucas, the guy that claimed to murder from 3 to 600 people a primitive monster. But should the same name be attached to Marc Sappington, a black serial killer appropriately nicknamed the Kansas City Vampire, blacks nationwide would be screaming for an apology to be issued.

Click the image to open in full size.
Marc Sappington

Some would stoop low enough to demand the killer’s release as a form of reparations for daring to call a black a monster. An example of this was seen in 1993 after Colin Ferguson killed 6 and wounded 19 on a commuter train, in front of 40 plus witnesses. Thomas Gulotta referred to him as an animal for his barbaric crime. Jesse Jackson and crew immediately responded criticizing Gulotta’s choice of words, fearing a race war would be started and blacks would be hunted down. [x] Even Ferguson’s defense played on this, claiming the witnesses were racist and hated blacks.

Other reasons why black serial killers are on the rise have their roots firmly established in dictator Abe Lincoln’s reconstruction. When a black commits a violent crime against a white, the usual demagogues go to work spinning fanciful stories. They tell of how the poor deprived black man, in his lowly state rose up and smote the white man, showing he was an equal, no longer to be shackled or forced into servitude. They cry for his release, claiming that until America has reached a magical egalitarian utopia, this will continue to happen. Closely linked with this, the hip-hop music industry openly promotes and glorifies killing to a generation of young blacks. (Colorado Springs police trace rise in violence to gangster rap music) Charismatic rap stars unabashedly speak of killing whites, cops and raping white women. Meanwhile weak minded whites feel guilty for any racialist thought they’ve ever entertained, and raise their children up to believe the lie that multiculturalism is successful.

This deadly combination of causal effects, pave a path of destruction for black males, as they seek honor and prestige in their communities. While most turn to just rape, robberies and gang violence, more and more are acquiring a taste for blood. As long as these dangerous trends continue, black serial killers will continue to grow more brazen as their ranks swell. Thankfully the stories of these animalistic killers and the sad stories of their victims are being told more frequently on the Internet. Additionally, a few new books are expected out over the next year in an attempt to fill this void.

The next time someone tells you black serial killers don’t exist, let them know that not only are they wrong, but that the number is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Moreover, teach your children to not accept these sorts of lies any longer, nor to feel pity for any black serial killer.

[i] White, T.,Willis, L.,&Smith, L. (2002, October 25). African Americans grapple with race of sniper suspects: Relief at capture, worry about repercussions [Electronic version]. Baltimore Sun. Retrieved from .concern25oct25.story
[ii] Charles, N. (2002, November 2). Black serial killers: A rare breed. Harlem Times, p. 1.
[iii] Kimberley,M. (2003, November 20). John Ashcroft and the bloodthirsty actions of a bible quoting prosecutor. Black Commentator.
[iv] In this tally serial killing gangs, such as the Zebra Killers or de Mau Mau Killers, even though they contain numerous murders are counted as only one entry.
[v] Data prior to WWII is primarily restricted court records and old newspaper articles. Thankfully some are listed online, but many aren’t, which makes this task arduous.
[vi] Chart found at
[vii] This means anyone with black ancestry, whether it is African or Australian Aborigine.
[viii] Historically from 1890 to present, blacks have represented only 11.06% of the U.S. population.
[ix] From 1890 to present this figure has remained fairly constant.
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Default Re: Rise of the Black Serial Killer

They're so stupid, I wouldn't be surprised if would-be serial killers get caught immediately.
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