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Default Skin Color(/pigmentation) as marker of soul type

Skin Color(/pigmentation) as marker of soul type

Color is vibration. Given that the quality will determine(or be identical with) the quantity(eg. hertz frequency). "The quality of quantity is degree" says Kant and the higher the quantity the higher the quality as a rate of vibration(hertz). The higher the frequency the more ascendant so to speak is that being which entails within itself as its inherent structure or pitch. Thus the external visual appearance that is called color to the average person of average perception is a marker or signal of the inner being. Hence the appearance of the being viewed from without enables the essence to be inferred and induced known as it is. Only the willfully ignorant would disregard this fact as it obtrudes upon their senses however coarsened they may be through self-pollution and corrupting vices. These quality types that are perhaps erroneously referred to as a subtype(or 'race') of humanity is differentiated from others thereby. Lighter skin equates to higher vibration and in proportion to its lightness is its shine radiating forth and basking the world in its refulgent light. Thus only can the whites be spoken of as the 'shining ones' and no matter the effort put forth by darker races they will never attain that quality but will simply circle in the wheel of incarnation. This pigmentative mantle shrouds them from the sun of mind stifling their inchoate development as a weighty chain anchoring them to their earthbound fate. The various colors implicate the various 'races' or subtypes(perhaps misunderstood as) 'humanity' as a collective of conflictual or disparate entities as a differentiable and incompatible 'group' improperly so-called. The classification of this zoology is historically and contemporaneously inappropriate given the metaphysical and physical facts of their extreme differences. The higher vibrational beings radiating their splendour upon the earth as a noble boon of resonance must only aim their brilliance in relation to a tenebrous vampirical essence such as the dark beings who simply absorb the light from their betters. Thus the entire earth and terrestrial plane of existence suffers an overshadowing of its vitality and concomitant suppression of its latent possibilities. No environmental adjustment(through 'race'-mixing or redistribution of resources privaleging the darker hordes) or social planning can attune incompatible vibrations. They are simply different wave lengths on the light spectrum, some higher, some lower and nary the two shall meet save in a state of discord and inharmonious cacophony. Hence the babel of modernity and its shofar trumpeting of 'unity, solidarity and peace' and various other forms of tartuffery, rhetorical ballast that puts forth no verifiable content, merely dogmatic assertion, a narrow-minded proclamation of bigotry that purports to be hegemonic in a legitimate sense, destroying all 'Otherness' through its hubristic and illegitimate claims. A further confirmation of the principle that "the outer is the inner and the inner is the outer" that both reflect one another on different planes and are de natura bound up with one another in quantum entanglement and simultaneity. Those who would willfully ignore("to pluck their eye out") this obtrusive fact that impinges upon even the coarsest of sensibilities are clearly hypocrits having no receptivity to truth especially in modern times so brow-beaten as they are in their cowardice by the deluge of propaganda that seeks to nip in the bud this nascence/knowledge/gnosis that is available to even a child of three(or perhaps ante-natally). Given the fear-based emotional reactivity buzzwords such as 'race', etc. elicit the thought process and concomitant attentional direction to the reality shuts down and places one in the state of willfull ignorance, a voluntary suicide of the mind that holds out the false promise of security and social acceptibility as the 'Good'. This social acceptability feature, the adoration of the masses is the recourse of cowards, those who haven't the courage(its ethical opposite) to take truth as their standard regardless of the consequences but merely pursue carrots and avoid sticks as their liberal creed of pain minimization and pleasure maximization to the point of dissipation and disillusion of their soul leaving them burning in the lake of fire(the Van Allen belt). Thereby, however white their skin, their vibrational frequency is bogged down in stagnation of 'universalistic' celebration of a false conciousness at the expense of the cerebration of an authenticity that requires the courage to adapt as the purple mantle of the sahasrara chakra(being/becoming who one is as a member of a larger tribal group and thereby a higher more integral conciousness).
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