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Default Jeffrey Dahmer--Church of Christ Christian Homosexual Serial Killer & Cannibal of 16 Humans

Jeffrey Dahmer was a Christian.

Slightly over half of all serial killers are either homosexual or bisexual.

Dahmer was born into a family of devout members of the Stone-Campbell denomination known as the "church of Christ" or "Churches of Christ." He was an active churchgoer until the age of 5. After that, Dahmer was never again actively religious or a regular churchgoer until after his arrest and imprisonment. After being imprisoned for his crimes, Dahmer sought out the church of his childhood and petitioned to be re-baptized in the Church of Christ. This caused some controversy, but he persisted until he was able receive this rite, which he was apparently sincere in requesting. Shortly after being re-baptized into the Church of Christ, Dahmer was murdered by his cellmate.

Jeffrey Dahmer's religious affiliation as a member of the Stone-Campbell denomination known as the Church of Christ is unusual. We are aware of no other members of this denomination who were famous serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer's homosexuality, on the other hand, is not unusual among serial killers. The fact that Dahmer was a homosexual, as were most or all of his victims, was widely publicized at the time of his arrest and trial.
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