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Default Hard Work & Creativity - Key To Survival of White Farmers

Click the image to open in full size.

Agricultural banks are failing at a faster rate than others now - in fact, at the fastest clip since the Depression. Of 77 commercial bank failures so far this year, the F.D.I.C. reported, 43 were farm banks.
- NY Times

In 1800, 90% of our population lived on farms. Today, it's the opposite. 80% live in urban centers. Most farmers are White Europeans. The 1920's mid-west was hit hard by drought and economic collapse. Could it happen again?

"I have farmed for 20 years. To get my start, I received help from my dad in the form of exchanging use of equipment for labor provided. I needed to raise my own capital to invest in land and equipment".

"In order to help raise the needed capital, I chose to work off farm for the first 16 years. I started lending in 2006 just as we were coming out of some really tough years on the farm. In 2004, we had a mid-August killing frost; in 2005, we had so much rain it drowned the entire crop".

"In the spring of 2006, the only conversations farmers seemed to have were about how to get out of the industry. Some farmers were only able to make the interest portion payment on their debt".

"That year we had a fantastic crop. However, prices were still not high enough to generate much of a profit. In 2007, this all changed when commodity prices spiked. In the following years, many farms generated more money than they ever had year over year".

"In the past 10 years, the story when talking with farmers has changed. It is no longer “How can I get out of the industry?” but “How can I borrow more money to grow my operation?”

"Many have not been required to work off farm to raise capital. There has been enough money around to pay their salaries and service the farm’s ever-increasing debt".
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