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Default Salvation of Caesar and Caesarea: proclamation of Caesarean faith

We confess that Julius Caesar is born of great king Caesar and just judge Caesarea, with his sister Julia Caesarea, in order to give us freedom and justice. All that Julius Caesar and Julia Caesarea have done to save our lives and defend our freedom we joyfully accept with swords in our right hands and shields in our left hands, as it is contained in the proclamation of Caesarean faith, which we recite in Church:

I know that there are great kings and just judges,
Creators of astrasphere and earth –
Our universe, who fly in astrasphere.
I know that of great kings and just judges
– sons and daughters of astrasphere,
Who fly in starships in the universe,
Were born their sons and daughters,
Incapable kings and unjust judges,
Sons and daughters of the earth,
Yet my brothers and sisters.
I know that Julius Caesar lives,
Military ruler of the continent,
First among strong of the continent,
Whom I praise with my raised hand – hail my Father.
Julius Caesar saves my life, gives me freedom,
And teaches to judge just judgments,
Of Julius Caesar and his wife Augusta I was born prince,
Julius Caesar will make me king,
Julius Caesar will give me his daughter, my judge,
And we will beget children, sons and daughters,
Among whom are Julius Caesar, Julia Caesarea, August and Augusta.
I know that you live, Terrarex, Caesar Europa, Gaiius Julius Caesar,
You were born White of Novohudonasser, king of Babylon,
And jewess Maria, you were raised by jew Joseph, vesir of Egypt,
You conceived me of your jewish judge juda, and I was born White,
I was raised jewish and acknowledged jew by three jews,
I have grown strong and wise, and I acknowledge thee, Terrarex, my Father.

You were praised by your brother, Pontius Pilate,
Of you democrat cleon lied,
You were mortified with spear by traitor caton,
Those poisonous serpents were burned with fire the same day,
But poisonous serpents remain on earth,
You were lying in the gold chariot naked two days,
And Sun brightly shone at your body, and high Moon
And all stars shone at your body, and your wound was healed.
And you rose from the chariot whole and healthy:
They killed you, but you did not die, you are strong,
You rose from the dead, and you were not buried,
You released all prisoners from darkness,
And no one remained in darkness.
When you died, your body was burned with fire,
But you were born again yellow,
The same year after your death, you are just.
You fly in the air, and you have defeated all your enemies.
There were no serpents on earth,
Serpents do not live on earth, you are wise.
I know that you were not born black
And that you will never be born black,
And you are not black, you did not commit abominations,
You do not commit abominations.

You are imperator of Babylonian Empire, who sits on the yellow throne.
On the black throne at your right hand sits Terrarex, America Caesar,
Imperator of Roman Empire, General your brother, pharaoh, king of Egypt, who praises thee.
On the red throne at your left hand sits Terrarex, Australia Caesar,
Treasurer your brother, king of Syria, who praises thee.
We three reign over the whole earth, everyone rules his continent.
When you come, according to our word
Just judgment will be done unto living and dead,
Whom we call just will be born again
Of us, White men and yellow women.
Whom we call unjust will die before they are seventy years old,
And will be born again of our sons and daughters black women.
Just will be thrown in waters, they will swim thirteen kilometers in swimmer jackets, and they will reach the other bank, they are just.
When they refuse to swim in waters, they will fly in air thirteen kilometers on our wings or on their wings, and they will cross the waters, they are just.
Unjust will be thrown in fireplaces, and they will be burned alive, they are unjust. When they refuse to be thrown in fireplaces, they will confess
that they shall live in Africa, where unjust live, and will go there, and will take wives of our black daughters, and will beget children, incapable kings and unjust judges.

I belong to church of Caesars, in which our sons and daughters serve,
Church of Caesars is one through births, families and deaths of our sons and daughters.
Church of Caesars forgives guilt of all men and women
Who beget our sons and daughters again.
Church of Caesars kills all those who committed abominations,
They will be born again black women but not of us:
Men and women called them dogs and hogs, and everyone who kills them is not guilty.
We called them serpents, and we call just everyone who kills them.
Those who committed abominations have no salvation and no place on earth, they live in waters and in cosmos, and in one thousand years no one will live in darkness.
I trust that I live one hundred and twenty years on earth, I am just.
I trust that if I am killed, I will stand on my feet in the third day, and I rise from the dead in the third day, I am strong.
I trust that I will live in other planets, where we live, great kings and just judges, I am strong and just and wise Caesar. August and Augusta will beget me prince again.

Pastor of Republican Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Bishop of astrasphere, waters, earth and darkness
Priest of fire, water, air and light
Vsevolod George Nikulin
Nec amicus officium nec hostis iniuriam mihi intulit quo in toto non reddidi

Militare et vincere

Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra

Veritas superabit
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