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Default Re: Stormfront sucks

Quote: Originally Posted by freedom View Post

Life of brian...


Your right on the money with that,LMAO!

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Default Re: Stormfront sucks

I know I am late to this thread and apologize for posting this more than two years later, but I feel I really had to.

What ever happened involving Junkers88 in his last days on Stormfront, I cannot comment on. But since he was mentioned along with all the upside-down thinking that has taken over SF, I seriously need to make a point of Junkers88 and his conduct there.

One cannot help but think that there was something terribly phony about that guy. Every second post he made there was advocating Iranians as white.

I'm serious. Anyone who hasn't noticed his awkward behavior clearly has not been on Stormfront. Not only did he make bizarre claims that Iranians (TBS Persians) are white, but that they should be allowed into the white nationalist movement. Like WTF??

He made claims as far as that Persians speaking an Indo-European language is proof of them being white, that Iran was 51% white, citing the CIA world factbook (which states Iran is 51% Persian) or that Hitler declared them to be white.

If you think that's not insane enough, try to believe that he labeled anyone who questioned the whole "Iranians are suntanned whites" myth as an Israeli/Jewish agent. Or that he in fact considered Albanians as "non-whites" and even used their native name for themselves ("Shqiptar") as a derogatory to indicate that they are "non-white". Religion aside, are Albanians acutally anthropologically "non-white" while Persians are? Seriously???

I'm not Albanian or anything like that, but how was this allowed on SF? Anyone who advocated non-Christian Europeans or any other group was banned, but this guy managed to get away every-time going around claiming Iranians (or specifically ethnic Persians) to be white.

Was it because he donated to SF? Even his behavior on YouTube is completely batty. One can almost swear (if not for the fact of seeing him in reality to see what he is) that he was an undercover Iranian pretending to be a white and gain acceptance for his people.

Junkers claimed to be a resident of the UK, and an Iranian I met here in Canada (he was not white, sorry) told me the largest Iranian expatriate community was in the UK. Below are some videos of these. If they are "white" or anyone advocating them as such is accepted, then white nationalism is DEAD. And it was whites who killed it. Just unintelligent, gullible whites lacking common sense and suffering from color-blindness.

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