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Default Sick lesbian relationship turns God, sacrificial rituals and child murder – Two Mommy’s

Sick lesbian relationship turns God, sacrificial rituals and child murder – Two Mommy’s

Prior to 1973, being queer in any form, was considered as abnormal behavior and a type of (or types of), known and recognized mental illnesses(s). After 1973, in a Politically Correct (PC) world, that particular documented and accepted diagnosis was changed to; ‘faggotry was NOT a type of mental illness.’ And being a fag or dyke or transgendered person… or thinking yourself as something you are not, IE; a man who thinks he’s a woman. As if by magic, after 1973, these were considered as ‘normal behavior.’ And since some people have a problem with ’what is normal.’ Normal could be considered as what 98% of the population does or does not do. And considering queers, both male and female, are an argumentative 2% of the population, the other 98% (not queer) would be and should be considered as normal. Or looking at it another way and on a personal level, when I was a child, I didn’t know anything about queers. BUT, if a buck touched me in a certain way, or did something that made me feel uncomfortable, whether it was done cognizant or by accident, I knocked him off of me. And then got him away from me. But that was only with other bucks. With a female, we sometimes ‘wrestled’ and ‘played nasty’ (at least until we were caught). And I had no bad or negative feelings about what we did at all. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable when she touched me. Or when we were ‘checking each other out,’ or even when we copped a lil a ‘kissy wissy.’ At least not until one of our mother’s caught us and said, ‘hey, hey, HEEEEY! what are you dirty little things doo-ing!?‘ Then, perhaps, for a minute or two, I may have felt a lil uncomfortable – especially since, on the few occasions this occurred, they blamed me (the boy) (even though it may have been the girl who initiated it). But being with a female, as long as my memory goes back, no matter what we did, I just never felt uncomfortable. And while I had no idea back then, as an adult I realize, it was normal behavior. And there is no doubt in my mind, 98% of other people had the same or similar experiences. And to most people, being with the other gender, was special, and, those special feelings one may have had, just came natural. And of course I’m not talking about ‘playing nasty’ with the opposite gender on a consistent basis, but just on those few occasions ‘things happened‘ (of course I’m referring to when I was a kid, as I play nasty with the wife all the time now). And while the vast majority of my playmates and buds were other males, there was no natural or special feelings for those bastards. Yet, if there would have been something screwed up in and with my mind back then, when I was a child, it may have been the other way around. #1), because it wouldn’t have been ‘normal,’ and #2), it wouldn’t have necessarily been natural. And only in a PC world, IE; a Marxist world, where lies are considered facts and where the world is turned upside down, may it have been brainwashed into my mind and/or the populace’ minds that faggotry was normal behavior. And that would have been if I, we, would have been stupid enough to even consider the idea. Hey Joey? Playing with little Johnny’s cod behind the toy box? No problem son. Just don’t do that to Julie’s woo-woo, because that would be ‘sexual harassment.’ Get the idea? That’s why they do it, that’s why they (jews-Marxists), invent and use certain words and phrases. For those who control (and invent) the terminology, also control (and determines) the ideology. Experimenting in homosexuality? Normal. Investigating and experimenting with the opposite gender? Not necessarily normal (and may even be perverted and against the law). Remember the six year old boy who kissed the girl in class? The Marxists went cRaZy? Ah huh.

As far as homosexuals and lesbians, I really don’t think anyone gives a damn what they do. Most understand them as mentally sick and most just leave them alone. I mean really, unless you’re a pervert yourself, no one really cares what anyone else does in their bedrooms or behind closed doors. As far as I’m concerned, you can suck what you wanna suck and stick what you wanna stick and where you want to stick it. And it’s not ‘us’ that’s in their face, it’s them that are in ours. There are no major anti-fag marches or protests, there’s only homosexual and lesbian marches and protests. Where they hold their lil diversity and fag flags and chant crap like; ‘We’re Here and We’re Queer.’ Of course some church groups have protested, but not on a personal level against fags themselves, but against giving them any special rights. And yeah, there are exceptions. But for the most part, it’s the fags themselves making all the noise.

And I wouldn’t say that, just because one’s different or are in the 2% category, that it means they are mentally challenged. Like Elvis for example, although he was promoted and made the success he was by others, he was indeed in a class by himself. And I wouldn’t contribute that to mental illness. But fags and dykes, ewe, would a normal person really do the degenerate things they do? No. Well, at least 98% of them won’t!

What can be or should be done about these mentally ill people? Those which make claims that they are ‘LBGT’ and are deserving of special rights, protections and privileges? And who want to taunt us with ‘We’re Queer and We’re Here’ — well F man, remember Sodom and Gomorrah? The Biblical story? God wanted to destroy the city and everything within it. But was held back because he was told; ‘there were good people living there?’ (thus, don’t destroy the good with the evil.) So God sent two male angels to investigate. Whereas the faggots became turned on, and became aggressive and started rioting and demanding they have homosexual ‘sex’ with the two angels. The angels fled to inside Lot’s home for protection, and the fags started to break through the door to get to the male angels. Lot pleaded with them to stop, even offering up his two virgin daughters in place of the angels. The fags refused the offer, and became even more angry and persistence – “give us those two male strangers, we want to boo-foo them in the bow-bows!!” And as they finally broke through the door, the angels blinded them. And then fled the city, taking Lot and his wife along. Then God rained down hot sulfur and burned the degenerate city, along with all the inhabitants, all the vegetation and all the animals… down to the ground. Remember that story? Huh? Do ya?

God didn’t want the homosexual deviants to influence any other people. And to allow their influence and sickness to spread and flourish throughout the land. Like jews, Marxists, faggots and other mentally ill PC freaks want to do against the U.S. (and other White nations around the globe). Yeah, it’s not normal man, and yeah, it’s a form of mental illness. Not only an illness, but, pure evil and pure wickedness. So evil and so wicked that it would ultimately destroy divine creation as we (used?) to know it. Mental illness is bad enough, but having or allowing millions of mentally ill sodomites and lesbians to inhabit a land would be the worst (and jew-Marxists know that, that‘s why they fight for and promote it). And God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah? Sounds terrible huh? Yet this is exactly the reason for death to begin with. Death will cure anything and everything that afflicts man. And ‘sin’ is the reason for death – ‘man had sinned and must die.’ And nothing is as sinful or as wicked as a corrupt or mentally sick mind. And if there were no death, just imagine the shape this world would be in? I mean evil would have already conquered all good. And that’s tough to say considering the shape the world is in today, with death.

And as a side note, I’m not a very religious person. I was never a ‘church person’ to begin with – because I don’t like the bastards. If you are a zio-Christian’, or one of those F’s that sports a ‘fish’ on your bumper, I wouldn’t like you. It’s just an automatic thing with me. I just wouldn’t like your F’n ass. But I was indeed interested in the Bible at one time. But after the Satan-seed jew conned the world into believing they were ‘the chosen’ and that ‘Christ was a jew’ and jews were so holy that one must fall at their feet and kiss them… well, after most people started believing those jew lies, I just gave up. And today, I more look at the Bible as an historical set of books rather than an actual God’s words. Although I did try, I really did. But as far as I’m concerned, the jew won another round. And while the evil jew is the master of this world, deep inside, I wished there would be another world to come. A utopia as mentioned in that Bible.

Titus 1:14 – Stop believing jew fables and lies.

Since I’m on this subject, there’s a few last thoughts I’d like to add… I simply cannot understand male faggotry. No matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t make any good since to me. Like Phil Roberson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ stated; “The vagina, as a man, is more desirable (to me) than a man’s anus.” The jews-Marxists just couldn’t relate. And he got in trouble over this comment! I mean screw his ‘free speech’ rights! And just consider – to about 98% of men – this is a TRUE and LOGICAL statement! What could one man possibly desire in another man’s hairy asso!? I simply cannot understand male faggotry! The mentally sick bastards! Now women, on the other hand, I can understand some lesbianism. Because some women have had such bad experiences with men, they’ve been forced to seek out other women for kindness, gentleness, friendship, companionship and well, love. I mean let‘s face facts, some men are insensitive, inconsiderate and just all around pricks. They are violent, abusive, self-centered, uncaring and as a result, some women are deathly afraid of them. They just don’t want to be in a relationship with a man. Yet, they don’t want to be alone either. And as a result, some otherwise decent women have been forced to seek out other women for a stable and loving relationship and life. Women seek security and a calm home for themselves and any children they may have. And some men are simply incapable of providing that for them. I know couldn’t live with any of the bastards. Too many of them want to lay around the TV, drinking and watching negro ball. Or as Hitler had stated, “they have their favorite jew,“ — now, that ‘favorite jew’ comes in the form of some jew-TV show like Steinfeld. So no, as far as living with one, I couldn’t do it.

And it‘s easy to differentiate between a mentally ill, full blown bull dyke and a delicate and tender woman who has been in numerous violent and abusive relationships with men. At least I can usually see the differences. Not that I know that many lesbians, but the ones I had been acquainted with through the years… for the most part anyway, I could tell the differences. And rather than attempt to explain the differences, just envision a full blown bull dyke, verses a woman with a kid or two (and maybe even yet sportin a black eye) who appears and is ‘normal’ in every way except that she lives with another woman. That includes those ’pure broads’ – those who aren’t seeing a man and who live with another woman, yet will maintain to the bitter end that they aren’t lesbians and aren’t rubbing each others kittens. They are, believe me, they’re doing it boy, those kittens are being rubbed and NOT by themselves! And while I don’t agree with it, I can understand. Men are MF’s and I couldn’t live with one of the vile bastards. I mean if there was another mofo like me in the house, who’s going to pick up the dirty underwear from off the floor? Who’s going to do the laundry? F man. I don’t even do my own laundry and I’ll be a SOB if I’m going to do his. I mean if he throws some ole nasty, dirty, stinking sh*t on the floor for me to wash, that sh*t will lay there til’ one of us dies, it comes alive and runs away or we get evicted. You see, I mow the lawn and do the car repairs. And there just isn’t enough room on my lawn tractor or roller chair for two mofos.

A lot of men blame everything on women. When in reality, in a lot of cases, it’s really the man who is at fault. And if the truth be known, at least in my opinion, at certain percentage of lesbians, albeit most likely a small percentage, are the way they are because of some doped-up, drunken, lazy, no good, useless, lowlife, vile and violent man! I remember arguing with this one fool online who had claimed that three murdered White women were ‘probably nothing but nigger-f*ckers – so F them’ he wrote. I looked into the case and couldn’t find one scrap of evidence that they were indeed nigger-f*ckers. While they were prostitutes, which of course is bad, the fact remained, they were from and murdered around a small village in England. And as far as I could see, at that time anyway, there weren’t even any n*ggers in that area. So I realized, just because they were prostitutes, and women, their lives meant nothing. At least to this guy. Which really pissed me off. And then I remembered an old saying and I posted something like this…

There’s an old saying concerning women who‘s eyes glow with the nightlight, and whose lips and cheeks are painted red with rouge, and it goes something like…

For every fallen woman, there’s a hundred fallen men, if she smokes it was you who taught her, if she drinks you showed her how, so before you criticize and condemn, before you find fault and pass judgment on what this girl has done, just remember gentlemen, there’s a man to blame, and that man might be your son.

This was a few comments from me which came from off the top of my head. I am not a writer, I just do the best that I can. Below, a relevant link which may be of interest to some…

Exposed: The Myth That Psychiatry Has Proven That Homosexual Behavior Is Normal

Disclaimer; Any typos, misspelled words, bad grammar, sh*t that just doesn’t make sense, I mean anything afoul at all, I blame faggots. I’m sayin’ even if I used ‘there’ when ‘their’ would have been appropriate, I don’t care man, I blame the faggots! The dirty bastards! Why? Because that’s just the way things are in Marxist America. Jews blame everything on goys, neegors blame everything on whitey, I blame all my faults and deficiencies on faggots. Oh yeah, and one other reason why a woman may go lesbian, because her GD ‘man’ went queer and started liking another man‘s anus over his ex-wife’s vagina! The dir-T bastards!!!

PS. Are there any of those ‘decent’ lesbos out there who need their little kitty’s rubbed?


Sick lesbian relationship turns God, sacrificial rituals and child murder

By her own and others’ accounts, Lucas was the children’s other mother, raising them from birth with her partner, Jacquelyn Jamason, from whom she’d recently separated. Jamason is the biological mother of Elliana Lucas-Jamason, who was found dead in a bathtub by police at Lucas’ Abacoa apartment Monday afternoon.

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Click the image to open in full size.

Elliana Lucas-Jamason, Genesis 22, Homosexual, Lesbian, Jacquelyn Jamason, Kimberly Lucas, Two Mommy's, Two Mother's

"We will find our most fertile field for infiltration by communists within the field of religion because religious people will swallow anything if it is hidden in religious terms."
Lenin, founder of the Soviet Socialist USSR

"The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." -- Aristotle
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