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Spirit Guides
The ship gradually receded into the distance, its warm glowing cabin lights gradually replaced by the pale moonlight as the two occupants of the small life boat drifted away from that vessel which once they called home. The captain of the ship, Kris recalled, had grown tired of suffering the perpetual quarrel which had existed between him and his fellow occupant of this humble derelict boat, Sam or ‘Sammy’ as many of the crew condescendingly called him as he was perpetually whiny and stirring up trouble implicating Kris as his strawman for it was the intention of Sam to have the former sent off the ship as a castaway which he had succeeded in accomplishing. What he hadn’t planned on was his own dereliction at the hands of the captain who since Sam had so cleverly framed Kris it was unknown to the captain who amongst them was the ultimate cause. The confusion which Sam introduced brought upon the rancour of the captain who could see that Sam ‘was not pulling his weight’ and thus had to accompany Kris, who he looked upon as inherently guilty given his reserved nature which elicited the suspicions of the captain who was a blustery and capricious man. Hence the two on the occasion of the captain’s blow-up, were deposited into their humble bark and cast adrift on the midnight sea with only the moonlight as their guide and the current as their paddle.
Both enemies glared at one another from across the short distance which separated them. Unable to bear the penetrating stare of Kris, Sam was the first to speak though he had long attempted to use his magnetic sorcery to coerce Kris into precipitating himself from the craft into the black waters. Sam’s words were as daggers aimed at the heart of Kris: ‘you got us into this mess! I wouldn’t sleep too soundly if I were you!’ Kris new the power of Sam’s kind, those near-eastern desert dwellers from the steppes who practiced a form of black magic they call ‘cabala’, a religion of demonology entailing the vilest forms of cruelty from vampirism to cannibalism and ritual torture for the invocation of dark entities and acquisition of personal power. They were versed in all the dark arts designed to do harm to all those who were not themselves, who they looked upon as sub-human or animals and who were to be used and then discarded when no longer exploitable for their personal advantage. Kris’ disagreements with Sam were not based on those issues but developed from out of an innate antipathy between types, a schism between opposites which by virtue of their inner nature repelled one another in implacable war, a war which had lasted throughout and comprised the fabric of human history, a war between the children of darkness and the children of light which would end only in the triumph of one or the other of these antipodes. Sam cast furtive glances towards Kris throughout the night as the moonlight bated the two in its eerie rays illuminating them with a sombre light. Sam was at home in the moonlight, being both a nocturnal and lunar creature who venerated the darkness from whence his vitality was derived, vampirically reflecting the rays of the sun which Kris looked towards as his guiding star and which he embodied as the refulgent beacon of cultural creation and understanding. ‘You look to the light of the sun for wisdom Kris but I have no need of light. I have the inner light and have no need to pay obeisance to that solar logos which you supplicate for yet another day of toil and woe. I have no need of those fleeting joys which Phoebus Apollo bestows upon those chained to the five-sense illusions of the terrestrial plane I live beyond that for I dwell in darkness and yet cast forth my illumination. Pity that you should have no comprehension of my great powers. You would thereby escape your earthly chains and attain eternal life through development such as I have undergone. I have evolved
beyond those transient states of external authority which ever promises salvation yet bestows none. Why wait for an impossible dream which would only be the nightmare of abject servitude? Why not join this dark power Kris and forsake your slavish devotion to a god who is merely man writ large?’
To this diatribe Kris remained silent for a time and then spoke: ‘I am of the light; you are of the darkness you partake of the false light. What you believe to be illumination and a peeking behind the veil of appearance is merely an unjust accumulation of power which has been stolen from others. As to development have you developed yourself or merely tacked on borrowings from others? Development only occurs organically through ones self through a harmonious resonance with the sum total. How can it be that you resonate with the cosmos, with God, when you would be the central sun of your own universe and outshine the sun which enables all growth and development within this terrestrial sphere? How can it be that a pale reflection of the light could ever outstrip that light itself? Such evolution is clearly a mere fiction and as such it would be the evolution of a being wholly discordant with the sum total, in opposition to all beings on earth who derive their being only through sympathy with that of others and thereby sustain their being which is a part of their kind your kind being in all opposition as mere individuals yet tribal you lack the sympathy necessary to embody the true light, that of the solar logos. I would never join the dark side as I would then destroy myself thereby. Would that mean liberation? Destruction rather as no integrity of the self would be preserved and carry on towards higher states of consciousness through itself, organically that is the only form of evolution. Your path is that of destruction and inevitable chaos; mine that of order and creation. Like the sun and moon the two are opposed and no reconciliation would ever be possible.
The two continued to stare out at each other across the abyss of space, an eternal conflict only to be resolved in death. Sam was apparently quiet one moment and the next he lept at Kris, vaulting over the distance that constituted the interior of the small craft, grasping hands reaching out for the latter’s throat. Kris struggled as his nemesis grasped at his throat with eager desire to serve as the agent of Kris’ death. Falling into the interior of the boat they jockeyed for position each seeking to gain the upper hand and to do the other to death. Sam had managed to position himself on top and was thrusting Kris’ head over the side of the boat itself on the verge of capsizing when Kris kicked with both feet at the chest of Sam and hurled him towards the other end of the vessel. Sam again charged but this time was met by a ready Kris anticipating the lunge with a blow of his fist that sent Sam careening into the moonlit night to splash down into the dark water apparently to meet his end. Kris looked around the perimeter of the craft monitoring the ripples of the water which radiated out from the place that Sam had entered the water. No sign of life could be seen and the body of Sam also was gone from sight. A few minutes more of this vigilance and Kris fell back into the boat exhausted, finally free of his hated foe that had brought him to this condition in the first place.
The dawn broke on the distant horizon and Kris awoke from his meager repast to the squawking of the overhead seagulls. It took a moment to register in his mind but he soon inferred that seagulls only fly short distances from land and that therefore land must be near. He hurriedly got to his feet scanning the horizon which was now becoming ever brighter as the sun rose. He noticed in the distance a dark stretch of land that promised salvation from his plight. He prayed the current would carry him toward it and was not disappointed as the humble bark drifted ever closer as the sun rose ever higher on the horizon. He now had a chance at survival!
Washing ashore Kris marveled at the lush vegetation, the beach lined with coconut palms and banana trees, mangoes and dates. Interspersed throughout were a plenitude of nut trees with robust walnuts and acorns as well as almonds and macadamias truly a paradise for a castaway whose gastrointestinal tract growled angrily at the site of this bounty of nutriment enticing Kris to forgo the much needed sleep he desired for the greater desire since he had subsisted on rations during the ships journey and had not eaten since the previous evening prior to being banished from the ship. He would soon nurse himself back to health on fruits and nuts as well as the succulent dandelions which grew plentifully about. No need for any nutrient, as none was lacking in such a diet. With the rising sun beating down upon Kris and the island being apparently without weather variation judging by the delicate flora developed out of all proportion to his customary wont of seeing things from the perspective of a denizen of the northern hemisphere. His inference led him to relax in the knowledge that though he presumably must live a life of isolation from humanity he nevertheless would live to as great a degree of health as one could wish for. Yes but for what friends he would make in civilized society he would pass his life away in leisure and comfort surrounded with the happy rays of the sun and the quietude of calm waters. Looking further towards the heights of the hills of the island Kris’ vision came to rest on a stone structure whose outline was barely visible along the horizon, surrounded as it was with coconut and other trees tightly clustered together around the perimeter from his vantage point. Upon his discerning what this structure was beyond a mere ragged outline on the horizon jutting from out of the tropical verdure his gaze was transfixed by a force whose imperceptibility making its identification nearly impossible but which he could not deny was an actual fact. He felt impelled by this force and not against his will as if beckoned by some strange presence to approach and to thereby acquaint himself with his destiny heretofore in his young life hazily conceived as a jumble of half thoughts, blind strivings and indistinct images. These now congealed in this being and its call was to remind him of his appointment with destiny.
After breakfasting on an armful of mangoes fully ripened by the tropical sun and feeling invigorated he took up a nearby branch and wrenched it from the tree. Taking bark which he pulled from the branch he affixed a stone to this humble weapon and embarked upon his journey towards the pyramidal structure, presumably a temple of some sort given the radiance of that being that continued its magnetic impulsion that drew Kris to this beacon as a blind-man to sight. As he scaled the hilly escarpment he observed that a well-worn foot path had been trodden in the rich soil winding its way in the direction of the temple and radiating in rivulets in all directions from the place where he joined it. He was thinking that perhaps his isolation would soon come to an end as he wound further into the dense foliage. Suddenly a black-shafted arrow embedded itself in a nearby banana tree with a twang. Kris lunged into a roll and came up from the undergrowth away from the location from which he had been startled. Glancing frantically around for purchase he sought a target for his meager weapon. Nothing was detectable for a moment until a branch in front of him snapped and he whirled in its direction arm up and ready to hurl his missile at the probably foe. Again another branch snapped and Kris now bore witness to a dark-skinned savage such as he had seen once at a fairground in his native land a negro it
had been called. He hurled the weapon at the forehead of the foe and it struck the forehead In a spray of blood and bone fragments, the black dropping in mid-stride his hand letting go the bow and arrow which tumbled into the muck. Kris scanned the perimeter for similar foes but detected none. He rushed forward after some moments to grab the sophisticated weapon and quiver of arrows careful not to touch the points for fear of poison, knowing as he did that the savages of the tropics were inclined to cruelty and guile as a means of carrying out their warfare. Oft-times once the poison took effect the hapless victim would be subjected to the savages’ inhuman tortures, removal of body parts; cannibalism and blood drinking; propitiation of demonic entities who were offered blood in exchange for their occult power. This black no longer had the option of carrying out his dark perversions. His life was extinguished and would fragment in the higher planes as it was insufficiently powerful to maintain itself outside of the material body and in the aethereal realms. These were the regions in which only higher vibrational beings could dwell and which precluded the entry of those dark beings that lacked the divine spark and greater vitality. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, Kris thought as he took up the new weapon and examined it a crudely fashioned longbow whose mahogany wood was worn smooth with use though sturdy given the type and was wrapped around with a ghastly rope of sinew at the ends and as a resting place for the arrows. These latter were formed of a similar mahogany shaft and a flint tip presumably derived from the cliffs on the other end of the island which Kris had seen from the beach. Again he heard a sound from behind and performed another diving roll, this time preceded by a backflip of sorts knowing that if another Black had witnessed his first roll and had accuracy of aim he would not have sufficient time to head in a forward direction. Thus propelling himself backward he again wound up in the underbrush from which he might observe the intruder. He discovered it was another black and waited momentarily for others or at least sounds of others. Confident that this black was the last he notched arrow to bow and let fly into the black’s scarred chest which was criss-crossed with ritual scarrings perhaps rites of passage from some voodoo initiation. The arrow struck the heart and again a spray of blood shot forth from the black’s chest himself falling backward with spear in hand and a voiceless cry emanating from his lips. Kris ran up the path with the spear in his other hand, bow and quiver thrown around his neck the more primitive though pure weapon he had constructed crammed in the quiver with the arrows. He made his way into a clearing and beheld the refulgent sun in its fullness shining down upon a small pool. He approached examining it for signs of pollution but detected none. It appeared to be a pool of dew which had gathered overnight in the rock indentation around which emerald grass led back to the denser jungle. Kris drank deeply of the water but as he was doing so he detected a face in the pool which bore the very countenance of evil it was Sam! Kris spun around and was astonished to perceive not Sam but a mirror image of himself a young man of ruddy hue with a shock of golden hair like his own and a face gazing at him wonderingly. However he was not so naïeve as Krist to have let down his weapon a shining sword that reflected the sun in its noon glory as a blazing flame held in his fist. The young man spoke and to the even greater astonishment of Kris he could understand his tongue though it was a different language. Through some magical effect of sympathetic resonance the stranger had means of imparting to the mind of Kris the subtlety and minutiae of meaning that were in words inexpressible yet came forth in this strange vernacular, a vehicle of communication which seemingly served as a base upon which a larger superstructure was built: I am Vili and this is the kingdom of the Aryans. I understand you through my heightened sensibility that even you, an advanced being among your people for I regret we have met such before who have come to this island and had to be sent back from whence they came are not able to attain this level of comprehension. Though you can understand me to a greater extent that your fellow countrymen I have even greater comprehension of you and your history. He who you have witnessed in the pool is even now present on this island and is making his preparations for war against us. He has fallen in with the blacks who call themselves the children of Satun their god who has long inhabited the other side of the island amongst the cliffs and who is kept at bay only through lack of a mortal being to possess as the instrument of his will, a mortal sufficiently malevolent to enable possession through a sympathy of resonance. Sam as fate would have it or is it perhaps his destiny? managed to struggle to shore in the night and found a hidden crevice in the black cliffs from whence he was ambushed by a group of blacks who brought him back to Satun for sacrifice.
Satun however in his clairvoyance which is not absolute but penetrating in terms of brief spans of time and space identified the struggling Sam while he was carried from the water and impelled his negro slaves for such they are to effect the capture of this vessel so that the demon might incarnate itself in a material body which is of utmost necessity to attempt its conquest of the Arya, my tribe. But please drink Kris. Kris was no longer surprised at Vilis understanding of his wants, needs, or biography; he listened intently as Vili told him tales of the Arya and how they once had created a civilized world that spanned all corners of the earth and lived in harmony with nature. This golden age had lasted for millennia until the Arya had grown less vigilant in guarding their territory from external alien invasion. At this time, perhaps sensing a laxity in defense the invading Satun and his minions the Juwz descended upon their paradise in space slave ships carrying a cargo of Negros to attempt to destroy the Arya for whom they had always had a jealous hostility towards and who they sought to exterminate through using their beasts as an army behind which they hid behind as a shield. Satun had at that time inhabited a mortal body which was encased within a mechanized suit which conferred upon it super powers. The suit and body were destroyed in the ensuing wars but the civilization of the Arya also met its demise. Over time during the enslavement of the Arya to the Juwz and beastmen who were guided spiritually by Satun who had not been able at that time to inhabit any of his minions’ bodies given that it had undergone a great shock in becoming separated from its body and so had merely been able to influence its minions by proxy via the magnetic fields.
The Arya had all but been displaced from their founded civilization which was usurped by the dark forces and those who could not flee were in the case of the males killed outright while the females were raped and served the Juwz and beastmen as sex slaves and incubators for their vile seed. This led to the rapid decay of civilization and though the remnant of male Arya would have gone back to destroy their enemies or die in the attempt, their remaining females insisted that the battle would have been futile and would be the end of their posterity hence they needed to escape to secure regions and abandon their former glory. This was the end of the golden age and the remnants were people like Kris who had attempted in recent years a recolonization of their lost domain but who had once again this time by stealth, been subjected to an invasion from within which had been affected through the appearance of material wealth and power which had been acquired by the Juwz through terroristic practices, thievery and usury thereby concentrating into their hands the wealth of productive newer nations which had been formed by the dispossessed Aryans. History was again repeating itself and Satun having been confined to the black cliffs millennia ago by an order of white mages of the Arya was unable to unleash his full power but with Sam now serving as a vehicle this power could manifest itself and unleash
itself form the island through Sam’s escaping therefrom. Satun however sought vengeance upon the small tribe of Arya on the island and confident of victory decided to use Sam as his instrument of vengeance. We now must give battle to this dark lord and see that it cease to exist forever. Upon its losing control the entire world will again be ours and free of the beastmen and their Juw masters. However we first await the One who must return and save the earth from these alien beings and their despotic god Satun. the prophesies of our forefathers foretell of a noble Aryan man who knows not his true identity until he is illuminated with this knowledge through communion with His higher self who is the dweller in the temple which calls himself Kristos. Kristos alone can recognize our saviour who will bring a return of the golden age wherein the Arya will serve as stewards tending the bounteous earth and eliminating the tyranny of the Juwz and their technology which is an artifice of the mind of Satun who would subordinate this world to his rule as it is he who wants no freedom on this globe. We Arya are the beacons of freedom as we are the beacons of truth for to know the truth is to set yourself free the alternative being slavery to the lower pursuits of the beastman and the destruction of the higher self.
Kris continued to discourse with Vili as the two headed towards the temple grounds. The foliage opened up and a clearing displayed the stone temple which had brought Kris thither. He could feel the energies of the place, full of vitality which impelled him forward needing no enticement of Vili. The latter recommended he continue on towards the temple at a later time seeing as he did that Kris was magnetically attracted to it and appeared unconscious of his surroundings requiring the intervention of Vili. The latter recommended they pay a visit to the chieftain of the tribe and make acquaintance with the priesthood for, Vili said, he was sure that Kris would make a very lasting impression on the group through which they now sojourned were many strong Arya gazing with wonder at Kris as if in eager anticipation of something the latter was still uninitiated into. Kris followed his guide towards a more humble and unostentatious building, nevertheless solidly built of the same stone as the temple though at quite some distance from it ringed round in concentric circles with yet smaller and somewhat humbler single family dwellings surrounded on the perimeter with defensive walls broken only by the entrance through which they came and three others at right angles within the circular perimeter.
Warriors paced the parapets and entered and exited guard houses and military barracks lending an air of security to the place as well as a sense of martial readiness, the well-trained soldiers appearing lean and in fighting form as with long practice with their broadswords, crossbows, and spears.
The two companions entered the chieftain’s house and were given the pass by the guards two sets of which were positioned outside. Within natural light poured through ceiling openings and basked the interior in its glow. Vili approached the chieftain in an informal though respectful manner to introduce Kris. The chieftain, Ve by name, looked up at Vili in recognition as the other approached and then his eyes fixated upon Kris who extended his hand in greeting in the customary manner of his modern civilization. Ve looked with puzzlement at the gesture and was then instructed that Kris was from a foreign land and had been a castaway to the island. Ve looked thoughtful at this and greeted Kris inviting him to tell him of his life and history if he would be so kind, to which the latter embarked upon a discourse filling in the details as best he could.
Kris was equally puzzled by the fixity of Ve’s gaze as well as the bodyguards’ two of whom stood adjacent to Ve yet alert to the surrounding environment attempting to politely avoid staring at Kris yet with eyes falling perpetually upon him in furtive glances. He was puzzled also by the questioning of very specific questions regarding his parentage, whether he had had any incidents as a child of strange phenomena such as visions or hearing voices, messages from beyond the material plane, etc. Kris informed the chieftain that he had had many such experiences especially as a child and that even now within this temple clearing with the Arya he had felt impelled by a strange force seemingly emanating from the temple which had led him to his encounter with Vili and to the clearing. Even now, he said, he felt the influence and was inclined if permitted to go into the temple as he knew that he would find his destiny therein. Ve then asked Kris a question he hoped would not be too impertinent, namely that of a special mark on Kris’ right arm which was now covered by a strip of white cloth and which Kris kept there to keep tension on the muscles. Ve reached out and pulled down the cloth revealing a mark that left him gaping in astonishment and wonder at the red mark that seemed to glow on Kris’ arm: a red swastika! The guards turned towards the pair and seemed on the verge of speech when Ve made a gesture to remain silent that Kris puzzled at. Ve continued upon replacing Kris’ armband as if nothing had happened. Ve stated that though Kris felt the pull of the temple, he would first have to pass a series of tests to determine whether this may be a possibility, for only the purest of heart and the strongest of mettle would be permitted could be permitted by the being who inhabited its sacred catacombs which radiated under the small village throughout the protective barriers of its walls and augmented the vitality of the clearing so that all who lived within had attained the second sight and supernatural powers which enabled them and their small numbers to keep at bay the beasts from the black cliffs and their god Satun who was kept in magnetic check through the radiation of their god, the dweller in the temple, Kristos. Kris responded that he would be grateful to undergo any tests which were requisite for gaining this advantage, the permission to enter the temple.
First Kris had to undergo the task of self-sacrifice which need not result in death if he had the mettle to endure it, a task which was assigned to a young warrior who had yet to prove his worth of partaking of the illumination of Kristos but which could be reassigned as an exception to Kris so that he might pass this one test. Upon his return if indeed he did return, he would then be subjected to the final test and subsequently should he pass he would then receive his illumination via Kristos should the latter accept him. The initial task was to go on a reconnaissance and rescue mission for one of the young Arya females who had been captured by the blacks and was being held in their prison within the black cliffs. As Satun was trapped therein he could not directly influence Kris but now that Sam had arrived and served as a vehicle of the dark force that was Satun, Kris had to be especially careful not to alert him to his presence and risk a standoff as Kris was not ready at this stage Ve said. Kris was armed with a broadsword instilled with spiritual power by the illuminated warriors who had forged it with the aid of Kristos, Ve said. Kris gazed at the temple between a bout of sword play with one of the Arya feeling its influence and knowing that his destiny lay with Kristos. ‘Kristos’ he muttered under his breath and there seemed to reverberate a response on the grounds, ringing in the sword which he grasped in his hand whose brightness shone still greater than it had a moment before under the sun. The nearby Arya were gazing at him and he then marched towards Ve’s hut to get his consent to go on his quest. Ve furnished him with a tonic of healing liquid instructing him not to drink of it save in extreme circumstances of duress. Kris affixed it to his belt and saying goodbye to Vili and Ve he sped across his trail which had led him to the village of the Arya and in the direction of the black cliffs and the captured female Arya which was the target of his mission. He had in addition to his broadsword which he had sequestered in a scabbard, a short pointed dagger and a mini crossbow which was affixed to his left forearm with rope and a small quiver of darts on the underside which would give him ready access to reload its four chambers which could be triggered simultaneously or individually depending on need. Kris sped towards the cliffs ever wary of marauding blacks none of which he encountered until the vegetation began to thin out and be replaced by a more rugged terrain presumably a disgorgement of lava from a previously active volcano which this island was possibly comprised of yet had only developed a flourishing growth away from this specific area. Kris reflected that this was probably owing to the presence of Satun who had inhibited the growth of vital plant life owing to his radiation of evil which Kris felt as a palpable force that grew in proximity to the cliffs which he was nearing.
As Kris came into view of the prison which was carved out of part of the cliff-side and populated with rows of barred windows he was alerted to the sound of a stone knocking against another as of a failed attempt at stealth to his rear. Spinning round and dodging to the side just in time to avoid the shaft of a black arrow that whizzed past his neck he upraised his crossbow arm which was loaded and primed to let fly the quarrels and released those spires of doom into the ritually scarred chest of his would-be assailant, a looming black beast who uttered a feral cry of anger before falling to the lava ground, legs twitching in death throes as two more of the brutes circled ready to try their game with Kris who had dropped to a crouch, crossbow now empty but hands grasping broadsword and dagger both posed to impale themselves in the black flesh. The two blacks approached bearing spears in underhand grips thrusting towards Kris their flint points which cast an eerie sheen in the hazy glint of the sun which was obscured by clouds of noxious vapor spewed from some unknown source in the black cliffs. The black to the left of Krist thrust and his spear was yanked forward pulling his assailant onto the full length of the broadsword and parrying the other thrust of that on his right with the body of his comrade who was doubly skewed by the black shaft falling to the rough ground dead. The other black was swift in drawing from its sheath a twisted dagger of black metal and leaving his sword still impaled in the body of his dead foe to the hilt inside of his enemy, Kris switched his dagger form hand to hand as the two danced the dance of death circling one another and thrusting by turns until the black made a fatal error of grinning and mimicking Kris in his hypnotic shifting of the knife from hand to hand at which point Kris kicked out at the blade and sent it spinning and bouncing along the rough ground. The black lunged at Kris but was stopped suddenly by the injection into his heart of the dagger Kris had extracted and slashing across the throat of the clumsy black toppled his foe and returned to take up his broadsword. Wiping the blood free Kris then headed towards the prison alert to further potential signs of roaming blacks. He stooped behind a protuberance of lava that rose from the ground and peeped around it within range of the prison and its cell windows enabling him in spite of the dim light to view the interior and overhear what was being said.
Kris’ penetrating gaze brought into view through the hazy atmosphere a young girl with blonde hair and features such as himself and the other Arya gathered back at the temple. Concentrating on his auditory faculty he stood with incredible stillness and heard a muffled voice penetrating the smoky atmosphere: ‘wait and see you white bitch! Daughter of a cur! Once I have fully merged with Satun I will be able to leave these accursed black cliffs and triumph over your people! Then you will have no future! I hold you for sacrifice here until the time is ripe and Satun has greater power over this miserable form, a compatible form as I, Satun, have created these Juw beings in my own image as a means of carrying out my will! I must go now but will soon return. Cease to struggle your life is already forfeit.’ So saying he left the room in the dungeon and the girl who had stared defiantly at him slunk to the ground, her chains wrapped around her ankle preventing her from moving around. Kris moved over the window after scanning the perimeter again as well as the heights of the cliff which towered overhead.
Grasping the bars he began wrenching them back and forth while the girl, recognizing his blonde hair and ruddy skin as signs that a rescuer had come to her aid, lifted her head and a look of desperate hope brightened on her face. Kris noticed her expression but quickly raised his finger to his lips to signify that silence must be maintained lest any of the guards be alerted to his presence. The bar he had been wrenching back and forth and chipping away at its lava base with his dagger was soon loosed and discarded, the process being repeated twice more to accommodate the lithe muscularity of Kris and enough for the girl upon their exit. He lowered himself into the cell and moved to break the chains which shackled the girl. They were too massive to sever and forged without weak points leaving Kris in a state of despair as to what recourse was to be had. He thought of severing the chains with his broadsword which would of course not only damage the weapon but create a loud crash which would surely bring forth the groundsmen and perhaps the entire contingent of prison guards would be upon him with himself trapped liked a rat in the dungeon. To his relief however the young girl extracted a hairpin which she gestured could be used to pick the lock. Kris watched as she picked it and wore a wry smirk as she mockingly undid the cuff which bound her. Kris motioned her to leave with him but at that moment the door burst open and Kris and Sam (Satun?) once again contend with one another. Kris, still staring at his enemy and unsheathing his sword motioned the young girl into the corner out of the radius of his battle sword swing. ‘I thought we would again stand off against one another someday! This time I intend to put an end to you for good!’ So saying he swept the air with his blazing sword and crouched down into a fighting posture muscles tensed and ready for battle. Sam/Satun, beady eyes darting about cried ‘Curse you Kris, you have plagued me for too long and obfuscated my plans’ Which are?! interrupted Kris To rule the world for I am Sam but more Satun and I am the ruler of this world! You and your kind alone are an obstacle towards my ultimate victory once you are finished from the earth I will be ruler absolute and incontestable! So saying he drew forth a black broadsword, the very antithesis of that of Kris and met the latter in a battle crouch each circling the other the young girl all but forgotten behind a pile of rusty armor in the corner who beheld the spectacle with an anticipation that was an amalgam of despair and hope written upon her features. Both Kris and Satun circled and exchanged blows of white hot metal against the deathly blackness of Sam/Satuns sword. A glow of spiritual energy emanated from Kris body in a circumference which seemed to struggle against that of his foe whose aura of evil diminished in proportion to Kris radiance of vital force the two growing and shrinking while they engage in heavy blows against one anothers weapon. They pressed together sparks shooting outward both jockeying for position and struggling for dominance. A blow of Satun/Sams sword drove back Kris who stumbled with one bent knee defending himself against rapidly falling blows which generated a hail of sparks and tendrils of electricity as the foe pressed towards seeming victory. - Kris awaiting a final blow while blocking the rain of thrusts and sparks allowing his enemys strength to sap and gathering his own. His foe pressed onwards seemingly indefatigable but the aura he radiated diminished in its size and density sapping strength from his energy body to maintain the continual assault. Kris own aura only grew in proportion to the others diminution and when a repetitive pattern of thrusts and cuts had established itself to a state nearly hypnotic Kris suddenly pressed his sword upward to meet the downward arc of a cut and thrust upward from his crouched position throwing his foe against the wall of the dungeon with spark and electricity engulfing his enemy who shouted with his remaining strength before Kris could deal his death blow: Guards! Guards! and activating some alarm system built into his swords emblem of a
six-pointed star. Kris, observing the sound of distantly rushing feet and remembering his mission, rushed to the corner and grabbed the outstretched hand of the girl who divined his intention. He helped her up and out of the window and pulled himself up after her just as a rush of black arrows and spears clanked against the stone beneath. He threw the girl over his shoulders who then clung to his neck as he sprinted away from the prison and away from the black cliffs towards the village of the Arya with the black beasts in pursuit fading away into the distance as they lagged behind the pace of Kris.
Upon his return to the Arya village and the temple his waning vigor returned and was greeted by Vili and Ve who were awaiting him within Ve’s stone house, knowing through their clairvoyant sight that Kris had passed his first test. They feasted on a dish of luscious mangoes freshly picked by the young women of the village which had ripened completely under the influence of the tropical sun. Ve heard Kris recount his adventure and applauded him over the subterfuge of waiting while the body Satun inhabited became tired as gauged by his aura’s weakening force and using this state to build his own energy to overthrow his opponent. The next test would begin the next day before Satun and the beasts recovered sufficient strength to make the day’s march to the village and give battle as they most assuredly would. The warriors of the village prepared their war machines and defensive bulwarks against the inevitable siege as well as stationing the majority of troops in concealed bivouacs around the village walls where they could pincher the beastmen and their leader Satun between the two phalanxes thereby effecting a probable victory; however the greatest difficulty would be to overcome Satun himself who would be influencing things on a metaphysical level rending his hordes of blacks a much more formidable foe perhaps even controlling them and instilling within them a maniacal power to fight even as limbs were hacked off and quarrels skewed their flesh so that they become a living dead army of psychically influenced robots.
Dawn came swiftly after a refreshing night to heal which Kris accelerated through sleeping upon a magnetized stone on a thick woolen shawl over mats of reeds. The voltage emanating from the stone quickly recuperated his physical and subtle bodies which were charged to the maximum after this brief respite. The second test was to begin on this day and Ve informed him would consist of a test of his reasoning powers through a game of ‘H8’ which Ve described as a game of war only in miniature. Kris was bemused upon being shown the play of the game that it was a variant of chess only more complex and multi-dimensional having a three dimensional board and many more pieces to that which he had grown accustomed to in his native land where he had attained the rank of grandmaster. His opponent was a man of older age with a protuberant forehead connotive of his developed intellect, a priest from the ariosophic order of the community who was a living repository of sacred wisdom deriving itself through the generations to misty pasts lost in oblivion. The two seated themselves in the building which served as a guest room to the priesthood’s inner sanctum which bordered the temple entrance and stood guard over it, excluding outsiders and more effectively being in communion with Kristos the god of the temple yet who would permit none but the priests this divine privilege. The table was already set with the octagonal tri-level board and myriad pieces arrayed at two opposite ends facing one another as in the modern game of chess. The players bowed before one another as was the custom and commenced the play moving their pieces in twos to the appropriate spaces to activate their respective ‘god’ who was then endowed with the powers of all and could lay waste to opposing pieces through contact mowing down whole lines of pieces in a move countered only by the opposing ‘god’ and the race to the top level of any piece which could break through the opposing ranks and scale the opponents steps towards the bane of the enemy held at the summit as its life force which, upon being reached would unleash either total chaos against the light side those pieces which were black or which would destroy them through their discordant resonance against the light. Thus the game H8 was a microcosm of the macrocosm that Kris now faced in real life. The game to be played with the priest was a test of his tactical thinking, the means he would avail himself of to wrest the victory from the dark forces which threatened no only the island but the entirety of civilization. Throughout the intense play of the game both sides ranks were decimated by the opponent and both gods unleashed through establishing the proper configuration on each side’s realm. Nonetheless a lowly pawn managed to struggle through to the summit for the white side, the side of Kris and win the game.
Kris looked upon the match as a harbinger of things to come. The priest and he stood and bowed low to signify the match was properly won. The priest then had him enter a purification chamber with instructions to wash himself with a special magnetized water and to swim in the pool which was plated with silver for the purpose of germ and negative entity elimination. For this purpose as well the room was comprised of a special off-planet stone called shungite which had been made of an asteroid that had struck the island aeons before and which absorbed negative energy. The sun shone down upon Kris who basked in the water and prepared himself to encounter Kristos the god of the temple.
In his meditation Kris attempted to commune with the god but received no discernible communications beyond a sense of urgency and an augmentation of his energies enabling him to feel himself almost ready to confront his nemesis who from a lowly mortal called Sam had become possessed by the dark force of Satun and been converted into a tool of the expression of his will, a material instrument capable of acting out his protocols in the material plane. A cloud passing in front of the sun temporarily darkened the sky which was transmitting the sun’s rays into the healing chamber occupied by Kris. This interrupted his meditation and alerted him to the necessity of confronting his destiny through a meeting with Kristos. What would happen from here was an unknown to Kris and he let his mind go blank as he dried himself off with the sun’s rays. Upon garbing himself in the priestly robe of the order that of a neophyte which was the grace he had earned through besting the priest in a game of H8 he now followed the gesture of the latters pointing hand along a corridor winding down into the heart of the temple. Torch lights sputtered in their holders on either side of the stone passage and Kris could sense a presence gradually becoming stronger as if some form of magnetic radiation emanating from a central source and this was a conscious entity that spoke in a voiceless yet intelligible way greeting Kris and informing him of his mission via non-verbal communication. As Kris descended he slowed to take in this communication and respond to it via telepathic thought transference which faculty he appeared to develop spontaneously with his approach to the deity. Light appeared before him, an electric blue that reminded him of that colour which had manifested in his confrontation with the figure of Satun/Sam during his rescue mission. This sparkling light (for so it appeared to Kris vision which he could not tell whether it was ocular or some form of mental vision mediated through the pineal gland or other occult organ or faculty) radiating outwards and engulfed Kris as the voice communicated its intent to help the former and to fulfill his destiny as The One, for so the voice called him confirming his mission and status as the saviour of the Arya and their descendants of which he himself was one.
He then underwent a full body tingling sensation as the blue light ensconced him radiating throughout his form and gradually growing greater with intensity as he was unified with Kristos the god of the temple who then conveyed to him that he must return to the surface and gird himself for the final battle with the hordes of beastmen and Satun their demonic deity. Kris turned about not saying (even telepathically) goodbye as the god now lived about his presence as a spiritual guide with whom he had a telepathic communication, hence there was no need for goodbyes as he was ever-present. He faced a room with open door and beheld a sword shining with the same electric blue light as Kristos as well as a suit of light armor also refulgent with this energy. He donned the suit and sheathed the sword in a leather sheath lying next to it. He felt the sense of urgency he had in the healing room and knew through clairvoyant perception that he must hurry to combat the invasion which was taking place above. As he ascended the passage he saw the priest with who he played H8 awaiting him with a desperate anticipation.
Sprinting the distance the priest motioned for him to ascend the temple stairs and to confront Satun, who had entered the temple through the defenses and assumed the high seat of Kristos drawing upon the sacred energies of the Arya who were outside defending the village from the beasts that had penetrated the border wall. Climbing ever higher Kris found himself outside of the throne room with its heavy iron doors barred and guarded by a group of hefty black beasts armed with cruel black swords which curved at the end in a crescent shape. They were ready for him given the echoes of his sprinting feet as he climbed the wide staircase and two of the four came at him from either side slashing overhand at Kris who adroitly side-stepped their blades and spun around with a vigorous slash that severed the bodies of the beasts at the midsection, blood spraying out in an arch against the stone walls. He ducked and rolled as he made his way towards the door again met with overhand slashes which narrowly avoided his rolling form. He twisted and parried in a blow from the beast on the left while kicking out with his foot and knocking the wind out of the same with a forceful blow which left the beast keeled over who then lost his head as Kris’ blade severed it from his body. He twisted again with the movement kicking with a roundhouse at the other brute who had waited a strike with a clear blow the foot connecting with the handle of his black scimitar and buying time by discouraging the assault as he twisted round again with blade slashing created a gash in the side of the brute who fell to the ground. Kris then slashed downward and severed his heart in a spray of blood. He looked towards the door and found that it had mysteriously come open both doors silently having moved on their hinges outwards to reveal Sam/Satun standing froth with his black cloak rippling in the chamber blown by unknown forces. A look of hate was on his countenance and candles sputtered in their alcoves. ‘I have long awaited this moment’ Satun said, for now it was Satun using his instrument to effect his will, namely to destroy Kris/Kristos, ‘The One’, he who was now Kristos and yet Kris, the latter having merely become empowered through the influence of his spirit guide not as in the case of Sam whose soul had been absorbed by Satun and whose material body now served merely the purpose of tool. ‘The dark forces will always be extinguished by the light you will defeat only yourself evil one. With this Satun brought his hands together and a ball of purple fire began to congeal from the aether. Letting out a cry he hurled the energy ball at Kristos which was immediately reflected backwards at Satun whose black cloak become engulfed in its fire and a terrible scream of hate rose up in his throat as this same was scorched by the energy along with the material form of Sam both of whom emitted a blinding flash and then were disintegrated. Kris, who now had returned to his semi-normal state of godmanhood, approached the window overlooking the village and bore witness to the conclusion of the battle. With Satun now destroyed the beasts detecting this through the aether recognized they now had no change of victory as they were already being subject to defeat by the Arya. They began to attempt to flee the village walls but were cut down by the flaming swords of the Arya who slaughtered them wholesale. Kristos knew now that the age-old evil of the world had been vanquished and that a new golden age had dawned upon the world, an age in which there would be a future for Aryan children.

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