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Fred O'Malley
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Fred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations GodFred O'Malley is a White Nations God

Thank you for visiting and hopefully becoming a member. We are white and damned proud of it. We ask your help in defending our race against the elements which seek our destruction.

The writing is on the wall, 1.6 billion JHP rounds, NDAA, militarization of local police, the list is long, but their message is clear. The governments of all formerly white nations are at war with their own white inhabitants.

We must fight back if we are to survive. Unite with us here, help us to move ideas into the real world, to take back that which is rightfully ours. Let's throw out the evil which has corrupted our elite countrymen at the highest levels of power in white countries. Let's learn how to fight them, together.

If y'all read the site rules and mission statement, it becomes very clear that we aren't screwing around when it comes to White Nationalism. This is the point we want most for all the members to buy into, we are not a playground, we are marshaling an effective force.

Right now we are focused on increasing our base, next we elevate the quality of the debate and crystallize the issues, then we devote ourselves to formulating a viable plan(s) to begin taking back that which is rightfully our own.

The human mind trumps that of the semite on every level, if it is turned on and tuned in.

Here, we intend to weaponize the white mind, to bring all the issues into crystal clear focus and to deploy a strategic plan for awaking ever more white minds and to work together to formulate a strategy that will ultimately result in the reconquest of our birthrights and fortunes from those parasitic thieves which stole them from us by guile and corruption of our elected countrymen, in EVERY WHITE NATION.

The jews will tell us it can't be done, that the white race is finished, but I tell you now, we are just beginning the fight which will ultimately end their reign of theft and terror against us.

The jewish role in destroying the lives and minds of our children can be proved against them, we demonstrate here that they poison us with vaccines, our water, food and possibly even the air that we all breathe.

Jews are the worlds foremost terrorists, they are genocidal in nature, even their holidays are based on their murder of the innocents. They still commit ritual murder and blood libel against our children.

Jews are responsible, directly and indirectly for every criminal thing our governments do at every level. They hate the white race and want to destroy us.

Jews worship Lucifer and do his bidding in every way they can, the damage it is substantial. If they can turn a thing to an evil purpose, they will do it with glee. They are by any normal white standard, insane.
“Either you are going to do politics, or politics is going to do you!”
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times.
“The future has several names.
For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown;
but for the valiant, it is ideal.”
"The left's arrogance is only surpassed by their narcissism....."
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civil war ii, jewish agenda, reconquest of america, revenge, war, white rage, white rights

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