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Cool Tom Fall - Cyclone (Extended Mix)

Tom Fall - Cyclone (Extended Mix)

Time: 00:04:40 Hms
Size: 10,6 MB
Bitrate:320kbps/ 44,1kHz
Genre: Trance, Single Tracks
Release Date: 08 Iunie 2018
Released by: Armind
Click the image to open in full size.
On the heels of the shimmering ‘Kaamos’, ‘Cyclone’ marks the next devastating cut from the hand of Finnish wonder-worker Tom Fall. Sweeping through the music scene like a tempestuous wind of change, this unyielding force of nature is sure to blow the minds of Trance fans from all over the world.
All the songs belong to their respective artists and record companies and the channel's intention is only promotional and without violating the copyright of record companies and artists.

==================================================================================================== =====
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