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Default Writings from the Belly of the Beast

Writings from the Belly of the Beast
excerpts from:

Slavery as a Feature of the Soul of a certain Racial Group: a hereditary tendancy
Caricature: Jude
Biological Differences
The Yellow Peril
Skin Color(/pigmentation) as marker of soul type
VIBES Lower Vibration and its discontents
Higher Vibrational Being
A White World
A Black World
"Celebrating DIEversity
Race as a concrete fact
On the Necessity of Racial Loyalty
Proletarians and their affinity for race-mixing
How the 'right wing' is a politicized form of masculine conciousness
How the 'left' is the trajectory of female conciousness
Of Masculine Conciousness and its forms
Feminine Consciousness: The two Octaves represented by Lilith and Eve FEMINUTISM(a.k.a 'feminine egotism'/'female-ism')
Celebrate Celebrate Dance to the Musack
Liberalismus Vulgaris Sensationalism
What is the solution to the vulgar mind poison of liberal/universalistic values?
Collectivist Psychology
The Fallacy of the Mentality of the Victim
Victim Mentality Entitlement Morality,
Victim Mentality
Christianity and its discontents as a help to White Identity
Christian Identity: arguments for and against
Christianity/ Islam: The False Dichotomy
Temperance Now! Towards a neo-temperance social movement
The Homeland Threatened-
Heimat Macht Frei
Phoenix from the ashes ascending towards the stars
Slavery as a Feature of the Soul of a certain Racial Group: a hereditary tendancy
In this case I refer specifically to Jews as bearing this fundamental and inextricable feature of hegemony and despotism. If the inner is the outer the the outer is the inner. Their talmud advocates slavery; their talmud is a created product of their inner essence('Soul'); therefore their soul embodies the slaver's mentality. Such a syllogism is irrefutable given the objective empirical evidence. Despotism is an emanation of the lower egoic consiousness, of a soul undeveloped to the appropriate degree to attain within a conciousness of the 'I' and 'Thou' (of the reality of distinction between beings) a non-malevolance of the lowest and a benevolance at the higest octave of its manifestation. A failure to uphold harmony through self-absorbtion could be the hallmark of this ethos-embodied by the representatives of Rex Mundi and their legions of brown/black/red and yellow hordes that, given the existence of a higher conciousness('Christ' or 'Krishna' or universalistic or Cosmic' properly so-called) indwelling within the Whites these others are affecting a destroying influence within the cultural enclaves of white people and ultimately both thieir culture and themselves on a physico-spiritual basis. This of course is the agenda of those who embody the psychopathic ego-conciousness of fanatical self-worship and other hate, namely yahudi, the kenites/edomites, etc.(hapiru/habiru/huns/khazars/, etc. a.k.a Jews) This biologically identifiable type clearly has a monopoly on the slave trade of other sub-types of homo sapiens sapiens(ie.das raises humaines) and this observable empirically with the naked eye in any bureaucracy wherein they overarch in the hierarchical structure their minority minions as veritable slaves of an economic and physical sort. This of course is not exclusive of Whites but the latter are nearly equally subjected to the same process in many cases not even conferred by their jewish masters the right to live in slave clains but simply to die in a ditch.
Caricature: Jude
A sly cunning masks the fanatical hate and latent malevolance of this surreptitious being; cloaked forever in the technicolor dreamcloak of dissimulation. A playful smile of theatrical proportions is set in plaster on the visage of monstrous dimensions-the dark underlying the false light of sallow skinned chameleon. Slit-eyed reptilian slinking round the barriers of red-tape set by those who would curtail the chaos that is the excreta of this being's praxis, the destroying influence of a malevolant intent. Self-satisfied lounging in indolence while it basks on a cold stone heated by the rays of the sun of more vital beings. Simulacral, a holographic generator machine creative of an endless parade of false fronts a ballo mascara of artifice and illusion. Stromboli with his gold-toothed gleaming smile and unctuous manners violently seizing Pinnochio when the crowd has turned its back and the curtain has fallen to conceal the revelation of the inner beast-the demon is upon the marionette with a rough and callous hand wrenches the puppet and tosses him into the cage, his only home now that the appearance of glamour and fame has worn away with the vitality of his former self. The hypocrisy of the contract he had signed in virgin blood dawns upon his mind with the hollow words echoing: "their are no strings on me" and the apparent dance of glee and youthful effervescence a mere sham and routine flinging about of the limbs as a coercive act of cruel mockery on the part of his semitic master. The latter drives through darkened streets behind the gas lights that illumine the comfort of domesticity the puppet will never again know. The mask of unfeeling callousness spies out of the coach(in modern times the Cadillac with designated driver-the lackey be he negro or other-) and Stromboli remains in the back with a bottle of kosher wine intermittently tipping it between bouts of harsh conversation with his lady of the evening, another of the marionettes of the flesh that the rough jailer partakes of to sate his feral impulses. "On to the theatre" cried the fox, the clever procurer, the sly left hand path adherent who serves as facilitator of the schemes of symbols, the pimp and usurer of the marionettes in the theatre of the absurd. The question still remains: Who is the ultima ratio? Is Stromboli the capstone in the hierarchical pyramid or is the coachman? The coachman: symbolic figure of Freemasonry. Is this the capstone in the 3-D system, the control matrix of Archontic dominion, the spider in the web that encircles the earth? The coachman wears a red coat, gold buttons and a cap all of an oddly freemasonic quality with gauntlet gloves also alluding to his masonic affiliation. He behaves with a cunning yet ruthless efficiency and reveals to the fox(the low level uninitiated procurer) that the fate of captives would be to be converted into slaves, donkeys, goyim. This itself alludes to supremacy of the yiddish and hence Jewish influence in the word selection and symbolism that animal repesents. The coachman is the one who ultimately delivers the 'children' (nascent and developed conciousness in its esoteric aspect) to pleasure island(corruption through cultivation of the lower drives developing beast conciousness and not escaping 'bondage' to 5-sense reality and material world identification). This may represent the blind of masonry when not recognized for what it is and seen from a lower level in its exoteric aspect as a charity organization or club, etc. The allure of glamour and pomp and circumstances and the failure to recognize that point to a higher reality, the spiritual dimension beyond material-world identification. Thus the aspirant plummets in his Icarian flight and burns in the lake of fire as a fire brand burning Romanesque buildings in pleasure island. This illustrates the overdependance of coarse sensation a a means for failure to cultivate the higher self and unify it with the lower self. Pinocchio eventually achieves this state thorugh his gnostic trials and errors, letting his conscience be his guide and through intuition of right action, of alignment of thought, emotion and action he attains Christ/Krishna/cosmic conciousness, becoming what he is in germ namely a 'Lucifer' with the assistance of his fairy god mother, ie. HGA(holy guardian angel).
Biological Differences
... from a common sense standpoint: the notion of equality can be easily dispelled as fiction once the scales of propaganda fall from the eyes of the naive and a more common sense understanding of reality is had through simple observation(6+sense observation) of the obvious, tangible, in-your face nature of human diversity qua diversity, ie. the outstanding markers of racial difference inferrable from behavior through simple comparison of types under similar conditions. This is what is called common sense and is the property of the most rudimentary savage and infant but not of the majority of white intellectuals whose common sense has been replaced with the tartuffery of conceptual gobble-de-gook that constitues their imaginal reality they weave out of the flotsam and jetsam of sights, sounds and images percieved through their rose-colored glasses. 'Diversity' presents itself most forcefully upon their solipsistic conciousness in the form of rapine, murder and torture as well as less malevolant behavioral tendancies of these races less elevated in their conciousness(grunting, and other feral forms of behavior reminiscent of apes and other simian varieties). Biological differences are inferrable on an empirical sensory basis that only an 'intellectual' could live in ignorance of living as they do in abstraction from reality, divorced from the 3-D world of empiria and immersed in a noumenal world of their own demiurgic fashioning. Hence, the consequence that while looking in the Olympian heights thinking they are a champion of the concept, they fall into the well of actuality sometimes literally. 'As above so below'-with no tangible compass with which to orient in a tangible world of physical objects and relations between same they flounder about a mental map that has no correspondence to the real world of concrete actuality. They are as a blind fool discarding his white cane in egoistic pretense that he is like those possessed of sight and stepping off the curb into rush hour traffic expecting the physical deluge to part like the red seas before his mosaic wisdom. The consequences of such an act his godlike wisdom(wizz-dumb) fails to percieve and thus are an inevitability. Given his immersion in a false reality, a purely abstract and conceptual paradigm derived from abstract theory he will never exit this false conciousness and develop a gnostic understanding of the given that is for him not 'given' but never existed and would never be a credible reality. This cognitive dissonance is the hallmark of those whose reason doesn't keep pace with intuition and who have bought a lie that leads ot a strict logical sequence to other lies to extricate oneself from which would require a humbling of the bloated ego of self-deification that the abstractor of the quintessence would be incapable of in his lower-egoic conciousness and self genuflection. The obvious existence of race as a reality and not merely an object of a delusive knowledge(a 'concept') is what escapes and is reflected by the specious and dogmatic mind of the intellectuals all of whom have been subjected to the mind poisoning of liberalism and thereby have become divorced from reality.
The Yellow Peril
...Looming threat of the present epoch is the Chinese, Indian and various minions from their Eastern realm of Gaia undergoing a political(and necessarily politico-economic) upsurge as the golden dragon. Riding the beast of revelation without itself being revealed is the kabbalist(a.k.a ‘Jew’) desperately attempting to control by its horns this ravenous serpent that is intent on devouring and laying waste the world. Its cauda draconis sweeps in syth-like crescent over its opposition while the caput draconis breathes fire from nostrils overarching ravenous maw that engulfs the sum total of its hearts' desire. This seemingly tame beast is bent on encircling the globe and is apparently plodding in spite of its intricate workings but perhaps the appearance is merely a seeming being and the overarching strategy encompasses this trajectory-a faint before a sweep-kick to knock out negligent opposition or that distracted by its smoking nares have eyes riveted in expectation of flames upon the caput when it is the cauda that requires attention with its lithe machinations. Perhaps this too the would be what the controller fails to perceive aright, feeling empowered through riding on its mane, eyes greedy with glee over anticipated despotic power. Perhaps the wizard who dwells behind the curtain and who has felt the time is right accoring to his chaldaen astro-analysis has miscalculated? Perhaps what was written in the stars was his own undoing and at the appropriate moment this babylonian sorceror will himself be consumed by the flames of a Tikkun Olam? Be that as it may what can be anticipated in the here and now is a gradual erosion of all freedom under the hegemony of a chinese/indian despotism. Minus the religious insanity of the talmud, this will at least, if only for a time, enable the perpetuation of Beast-Conciousness with the golden horde of Ghengis pouring in to the Shire. There will not be adequate resistance given the blindness of the hobbits who have long made it their home. The solution is of course a heightening of conciousness and a concomitant reaction and reversal of the yellow tide.
Skin Color(/pigmentation) as marker of soul type
Color is vibration. Given that the quality will determine(or be identical with) the quantity(eg. hertz frequency). "The quality of quantity is degree" says Kant and the higher the quantity the higher the quality as a rate of vibration(hertz). The higher the frequency the more ascendant so to speak is that being which entails within itself as its inherent structure or pitch. Thus the external visual appearance that is called color to the average person of average perception is a marker or signal of the inner being. Hence the appearance of the being viewed from without enables the essence to be inferred and induced known as it is. Only the willfully ignorant would disregard this fact as it obtrudes upon their senses however coarsened they may be through self-pollution and corrupting vices. These quality types that are perhaps erroneously referred to as a subtype(or 'race') of humanity is differentiated from others thereby. Lighter skin equates to higher vibration and in proportion to its lightness is its shine radiating forth and basking the world in its refulgent light. Thus only can the whites be spoken of as the 'shining ones' and no matter the effort put forth by darker races they will never attain that quality but will simply circle in the wheel of incarnation. This pigmentative mantle shrouds them from the sun of mind stifling their inchoate development as a weighty chain anchoring them to their earthbound fate. The various colors implicate the various 'races' or subtypes(perhaps misunderstood as) 'humanity' as a collective of conflictual or disparate entities as a differentiable and incompatible 'group' improperly so-called. The classification of this zoology is historically and contemporaneously inappropriate given the metaphysical and physical facts of their extreme differences. The higher vibrational beings radiating their splendour upon the earth as a noble boon of resonance must only aim their brilliance in relation to a tenebrous vampirical essence such as the dark beings who simply absorb the light from their betters. Thus the entire earth and terrestrial plane of existence suffers an overshadowing of its vitality and concomitant suppression of its latent possibilities. No environmental adjustment(through 'race'-mixing or redistribution of resources privaleging the darker hordes) or social planning can attune incompatible vibrations. They are simply different wave lengths on the light spectrum, some higher, some lower and nary the two shall meet save in a state of discord and inharmonious cacophony. Hence the babel of modernity and its shofar trumpeting of 'unity, solidarity and peace' and various other forms of tartuffery, rhetorical ballast that puts forth no verifiable content, merely dogmatic assertion, a narrow-minded proclamation of bigotry that purports to be hegemonic in a legitimate sense, destroying all 'Otherness' through its hubristic and illegitimate claims. A further confirmation of the principle that "the outer is the inner and the inner is the outer" that both reflect one another on different planes and are de natura bound up with one another in quantum entanglement and simultaneity. Those who would willfully ignore("to pluck their eye out") this obtrusive fact that impinges upon even the coarsest of sensibilities are clearly hypocrits having no receptivity to truth especially in modern times so brow-beaten as they are in their cowardice by the deluge of propaganda that seeks to nip in the bud this nascence/knowledge/gnosis that is available to even a child of three(or perhaps ante-natally). Given the fear-based emotional reactivity buzzwords such as 'race', etc. elicit the thought process and concomitant attentional direction to the reality shuts down and places one in the state of willfull ignorance, a voluntary suicide of the mind that holds out the false promise of security and social acceptibility as the 'Good'. This social acceptability feature, the adoration of the masses is the recourse of cowards, those who haven't the courage(its ethical opposite) to take truth as their standard regardless of the consequences but merely pursue carrots and avoid sticks as their liberal creed of pain minimization and pleasure maximization to the point of dissipation and disillusion of their soul leaving them burning in the lake of fire(the Van Allen belt). Thereby, however white their skin, their vibrational frequency is bogged down in stagnation of 'universalistic' celebration of a false conciousness at the expense of the cerebration of an authenticity that requires the courage to adapt as the purple mantle of the sahasrara chakra(being/becoming who one is as a member of a larger tribal group and thereby a higher more integral conciousness).
Lower Vibration and its discontents
The darker races 'exhibit'(deliberate word use) in the age of their worldliness, the most cthonic drives and propensities(consisting predominantly of: fornication, fighting and feeding, the reptilian brain orientation of 'F3'(fight/flight/f***) implicating them in the matrix(the sator square or kaaba). Their pen in which these feral pursuits unfurl is the veritable toilet of the earth(eg.Detroit;Africa;haiti,etc.). The darker the lower vibrational frequency the lower the vibration spiritually( a higher more subtle rate of vibration and dimension of reality) the more this manifests in behavior that could be spoken of(properly) as bestial. The whole of human history barring whatever rare exceptions testifies to this truth and cannot be refuted save by willfully ignorant for even a retard can percieve that the outer being is a result of the inner and behavior is bound up with biology and is its externalization in 'time and space' or as physical phenomena. Fornication is testified to in the chronic disease spread of the profligate beings as well as their endless progenation. Fighting amongst themselves when no more overt out-group presents itself with which to give battle is yet another lower vibrational testament. Lastly the feeding aspect of the reptilian brain operates in concreto(behaviorally) as a plague of locusts devastating the crops and fauna(and even their fellow darks-cannibalism) creating starvation and perpetual poverty. Couple these feral drives with the innate laziness and tendancy towards uncreativity and the discontent of the dark races can be traced to only one source: namely, themselves, God's curse be upon them(and it is...).
Higher Vibrational Being
The lighter races(in proportion to their lightness) radiate their divine spark that they are to a higher degree of both extension(in space) and intensity. Their light body not only burns brighter but longer and further than that of the comparatively lower vibrational, cthonic entities who call themselves the dark races. The joi de vivre, the altruism and bestowing virtue of such are quite clearly markers of this quality of both-extension and intensity-the radiance altruistically leaps over the fence of 'I' and 'Thou' and confers on the latter its intensity thereby ennobling unjustly the relatively inert mass of brown/black/red being.
Behavior is always bound up with the inner life of the being and is a signal of the latter as the existence is of the essence and is the latter's modus vivendi, its way of manifestation. The playful and one might even say loving nature of the lighter races implicates them as a nobler type and underscores the nature of their resonance and so to speak internal motor force. The benevolance of the lighter races in spite at times of their more quick and intense projection into the social space, is seen in their creation over the entire terrestrial globe of a monolithic civilization that has served as the cornucopia for all the darker races. And what does this kindly regard bestow in recompense? Hostility, derision, hate and all manner of negative bias that appears in the form of physical, mental, social violence of the hand that feeds them. Truly the hubris of the white man has gotten him entangled in relations best severed even if need be by the sword for the game of friendship towards an enemy is not worth the candle and must be allowed to gutter out for the sake of providing light for those not able to receive its refulgence. Let the blind lead the blind in darkness and keep the lamp burning in the house of adam for only he(the white man) is capable of appreciating its glow and embodying it within himself as the keeper of the flame. Should he falter in his noble mission the extinction of its light would shroud all in darkness. Thus, this being the world situation faced at present, eg. a harsh 'either-or', one must be especially heedful that the good prevail: the either of light or-darkness and a new dark age from out of which no extrication may be had save by divine intervention from without. The remnant of Adam's seed must grasp the torch and take it to the top of the mountain raining forth upon the earth its splendour which, undoubtedly, will raise shrill cries of pain and much gnashing of teeth from the darkling hordes of the untermenschen.
A White World
At present in the wolf age we contend with forces of darkness who would create a perpetual dark age. Truly they are spawn of the bottomless pit, as black as that region from whence they came. Into the light of day which burns their eyes and which they shun go they, incited by the material wealth the white man has, in his fallen state perhaps wrongly constructed much to his detriment as a ball and chain of materiality that weighs him to the earth. the dark hordes(we shall henceforth call them 'Morder'- and their name is legion) leave their state of inertia upon witnessing the beguiling spectacle of the baubels of the white man's fashioning. In his boundless creation, in his fallen state, his hubris carried him away from the strait and narrow path of living in accordance with nature and towards the expanse of the material world and its temptation-out of paradise into perdition. Still a redemption hovers in the distance and that is Krist-the super-conciousness that the white knight must gird himself with in order to rectify the collapsed burnt out ediface of divine creation. Thus the white man must resurrect himself from the ashes of his own promethean fire and reconstruct the world in his own image-an architecture that will only be lasting if he does his True will and attunes the higher with the lower. Only then can paradise be reclaimed. Excesses of material concern have all but sickened the white man and thus he must adopt a path towards Nature and live with it in a state of harmony.
A Black World
Tom-Tom drums beat out a tattoo stirring the kundalini firesnake to circulate around the gyrating hips of feral primatives. Frenzied rhythm incites a wild cacophony of whoops and cries of impassioned fervour as the glimmering knife is raised in the firelight sparkling with terrible intent from the upraised hand of the voodoo priest. The pitch accelerates to the breaking point as the hogtied victim sways back and forth eyes wide with fright in anticipation of the final act to bring in the entity, into possessive manifestation. The chicken blood dries in a sticky hot wave over his face as the knife descends again this time across his throat. The vital life fades from fluttering eyes and the struggles cease. Welcome to darkest Africa the land of blackest ignorance. fast forward in time and space to modern America in the rust belt city of Detroit. Broken pavement and delapidated buildings border a threatening skyline with the approach of night. Sirens wail in the silence like so many wolves prowling the concrete steppes of Midwestern U.S.A landcape seeking prey. The jungle of yesteryear is transposed in the present wherein black brutes slaughter one another in accordance with unwritten rules of tribalistic affiliation, a primative hierachy of faction: who vie for the coarsest resources desirable by man in his lowest octave. The law of the land, nay that of the club and gun, holds arbitrary sway over the denizens of this realm, bound to one another by purely materialistic principles berift of the prescence of Spirit. A sepulchre of war everlasting, a grave of the living dead borne simply to die and to experience the rebirth of an earth-based soul in endless cyclicism until such time as they be exterminated form the earth. The Kali Yuga is here in the iron age of rust-belt Americana, harbinger of a coming return to the springtime of Golden age glory once the earth be cleansed and allowed a respite from the chaos that is animal man. This is the Black world the bellum Omnium Contra Omnes.
...another spearpoint in the vanguard of Jewish White genocide through the weakening influence it has on society: no identity, no recognition of purpose; no recognition of purpose no ability to develope and bring to bear the weapons of war against the opposition. To introduce confusion into society and the people is to scatter their focus and concentration of energy flows such that the energies become dissipated which is the state of weakness that renders impotent the otherwise inevitable backlash and opposition from a more aware and integral white demographic. Further the results of miscegenetaion on a genetic plane lead in microcosm to the same dissipation and conflict of purpose of the energies inherent in the body given the conflictual and essentially incompatible genes that have artifically(through propaganda) hybridized with the host body. The miscegenant in a relationship necessarily experiences the conflict of the dyad(or in the case of polygamy the 'n-ad') the endlees crossing of purposes, misunderstanding and general lack of harmony such a union fosters. The hapless unfortunate who is the rotten fruit of this union is necessarily host of a divisive play of conflictual drives that can properly be spoken of as a recipe for mental illness as with the Jews and their transmissible genetic diseases(eg.celiac, tay sachs, etc.). The crying and screaming products of malgenics testifies to the corruption and anti-natural character of such an unholy union, a rusty chain forged in the fires of hell and attached to the millstone of karma incurred by the couple itself tangibly posited in the 'child', that veritable Demian of irrational inner contradictions. Thus as a consequence the racial soul is destroyed by the architect of this evil enabling the total control of society through creating the necessary tension between natural enemies knowing the inherent causality present and how to manipulate it to advantage.
Again the Serpent(Jews) work upon Eve, beguiling through holding forth an object of desire(and of course over-riding instinctive aversion through propaganda thereby rendering the undesirable desirable and inverting the natural propensities that accord with nature, ie.'like attracts llike as surely as the lodestone attracts iron' and this is 'animal magnetism' correspondent with the larger whole/sum total and is thus true and beautiful in this correspondence). The Devil Jew strikes at this link through implanting the viral seed of vice(that which deviates form nature) in the form of beguiling illusion about the 'universality of all' and the necessity ot uphold this 'noble' principle as the Absolute to the extent of extinguishing one's own life of severing that chain that ties ancestors to posterity through the living realtity in the eternal Now. However it is not females on a physical basis alone that play the role of Eve in the dialectic of the Jew, rather the physical 'male' also transgresses these bounds through the submission to the Egalitarian principle as absolute. Of course this, for those who have minimal options and who are subordinated in their will to the passions(depending on relative strengths of these two faculties this will decide the path along which the potential miscegenant male will tread-to perdition or elysium even if as a celebate). A lack of will and/or overabundance of passion incapable of being reigned in by a proportionate or preponderate Will leads, in conjunction with the mind poison of Egalitarianism towards the abyss of one's family line. The Jew knows this and exploits it to his advantage-cultural emphasis on the crudest passions to the greatest extent constitute the formula of this mind and soul destroying influence of incarnate Shaitans(eg.jews). The beguiling mystique held out to the gullible children of Adam(the Whites) of the 'Other' qua 'Other' leads down the path of iniquity towards the Golgotha of identity. The Jews have converted the children of Adam into legionnnaires, into a pilate-sacrifice upon the cross of genetical splicing in the labratory of the social. Your own first born to Molech; make sacrifice unto he! The curiosity aroused(psycho-sexually) by the 'Other' as a foreign and hence unknown object of fascination is one of the primary weapons of Jewish degeneration.
"Celebrating DIEversity"
...In the sense of neglecting the inharmonious and incompatible essences of Race through neglecting the Objectivity of Race, is a recipe for Objective/factual suicide and the initiation of a new dark age of complete ignorance and savagery. The over-intellectualized and abstract conciousness , the overly 'Objective'(morally, eg. 'fairness', etc.) and altruistic trajectory of Whites precipitates their own destruction. The White Man's burden of non-white parasites becomes a weighty one indeed given the proliferation/prolific nature of the lucust-like pestilence in the Garden chewing up all the plants at the expense of the white populous who does the actual growing and production of this crop. Those who parasitize their own people, ie. white collar govenrment parasites, justify their parasitism through moral guises, claiming they will play(in one role or another) the role of redistributor or middle man between the productive whites and unproductive non-white parasites. "Good for the economy" say the right-wing conservative; "Good for diversity" say the left-wing liberals. All parasites on the base, they live off the back of the white working man and woman justifying themselves under the rubric of higher morality. What it is in consequence beyond self-seeking parasitism is the death drive of brainless white liberals who have no healthy instincts and/or lack of regard for all their ancestors created while simultaneously defecating on their graves while they partake of the indulgence and excess their hard-working ancestors enabled them to partake of, revelling in the dead of night in course abandon of the higher principles their forbears embodied; revelling with the lowest vibrational beings(blacks, browns and reds) to the feral drumbeat of lowest vibration pop cultural musack. A levelling process has been undergone and this due to the inability to recognize the greater good of a higher culture and higher standard of humanity to be replaced with an effeminate nursery of mewling brown and black babes; a feedlot society full of vulgar mass-produced subhumanity. The castles of Europe are being turned into rubble and the corrupt mind poison of universalism and its concomitant weakness is to blame.
Race as a concrete fact of tangible reality as 'actuality' not fiction thrusts itself upon one(one who is in tune with the sum total of existence, of a universe/multiverse of things, eg. lampshades; roads; biological foundations of sex, gender, race and culture)who has eyes to see. The Darker, I posit, one is, the more animalistic, vulgar and prone to the lower drives and their behavioral manifestation in violent crime, ineptitude and impassioned behavior. Truly the dark man embodies a lower vibration-darkness being correlated with lower vibrational frequency of energy fields and proprotional to the darkness that much lower. The lower vibrational frequency necessarily(on an energetic/biological basis) manifests in the form of more primitive behavior such as a fight/flight/f*** (‘F3’)behavioral orientation; a downward spiral of animality that cannot be this type of being be it supeceded through any form of social programming/conditioning or nurture by the gullible female consiousness of white liberalism as an ideology/religion. Spiritually the dark man is a Satan in the sense of lower vibrational frequency cthonic entity that cannot extricate itself(nor has it any but the dullest will towards such a state) from thence and attain the high conciousness of the lighter type whose vibrational frequency manifests itself in classical music, sophisticated languages, intricate feats of engineering, etc. No defence against inevitable liberal backlash and anti-white hate need be made of the legacy of white influence upon the world and its elevating process that has picked from out of the mire(mistakenly and hubristically) the dark man only to muddy its own white picket fence and occupy itself with the perpetual cleaning of the muck that continues to spray itself there against. Incompatible vibration creates disharmony, disharmony creates chaos-but from out of chaos comes order. Soon for once and all the savages who plague the earth with their brown, black and red bodies will be purged from Gaia's garden as so many snails, beetles and locusts. Then the frequency will increase and a rite of spring will flourish, hamrony will again be restored to the earth in a white world. At present the gullible majority still refuse to remove their virtual reality spectacles and face the music.
On the Necessity of Racial Loyalty
Without allegiance to the tribe it is as good as if one has died; for "what I am I am through you and what you are you are through me" and "your people is everything-you are nothing"(Hitler)-at least in isolation to your tribal group. Necessary condition of existence: allegiance to tribal group, that which serves as a biological 'entelechy' in Aristotelian terms, ie. that which stays the same through time, ie. Race. For a race to be a race it must orient itself around itself; all members ,must preserve this spiritual loyalty minifesting itself inconcrete form through their actions and omissions. Magneticaly as animal magnetism in an etheric form the tribal members cicumambulate the totem of their identity,the insignia of their presrervation: rally to the flag around which those who will continue their kind congregate. To immerse oneself in the tribal group is to qualify oneself as a member thereof; to eschew this obligatory rite of passage is to cut the lifeline of ancestry rendering barren posterity; snipping the DNA strands which have become unbound through unconciousness of identity and the necessity of keeping in one's minds' eye the image of the struggle that represents the chain of lineage stretching back to the tenebrous mists of the past. To fail in this, the attachment to the larger collective, is to become a rootless drifter without a home-no blood, no soil. But also: no soil, no blood. At least as a basis for the continuance at a basic level. Land is a necessity, even though a tribal group should be populating the entire world, inevitable corruption results of the gene pool and of the giant scope of land mass and finite scope of the tribal members. At present at least a homeland is necessary though in some possible(one would hope potential) world the entire world could be the territory of the tribe. At least this is the hope which dwells in the heart of hearts of all tribal groups, is rooted in the biologically 'trieb' or 'will zur macht' of all ethnicities. All ofo those who have not been corrupted or who are not corruptible either through themselves or through others harbours this instinct in their soul. Unfortunately the better type lacks this sense of self when its boundless universalist conciousness and over-concern for objectivity(ie.truth) subverts its own healthy intincts out of regard for justice and truth themselves will be sacrificed as no other more primitive group concerns itself with these totemic idols-however right such a concern may be-but simply eschews them as taboos that minimize and inhibit their own tribal matters and worse, once no out-group or common enemy exists, only their own ego; what results is a bellum omnium contra omnes, a descent to justifiably so-called savagery as with all so-called 'indigenous people's' prior to the arrival of those bearers of civilization, the White Race. With no racial loyalty existent amongst the whites a new dark age(both literally and figuratively) will descend as a storm cloud blackening the sun. The rays of white creativity and culture will be blotted out and the remaining fauna will languish in chaos for eternity until the next manvantara, the wheel of ixion grinding out the slow development of the soul over the aeons. The 'new hope' for the dawn of a 'new day' and not the false light, emanates from the racial soul of the white man as a collective amidst the evil tide amongst them.
Proletarians and their affinity for race-mixing
Following from the above can readily be seen the affinity between Bourgoisie and their counterpart the proletarian mass both stuck in the mire of materialism the former with its head protruding the latter with its head submerged. In the latter case the very lack of a head sharpens the instinct and leads away from race-mixing, at least in the case of a healthy stock that would be properly spoken of as a 'goodly' peasant stock' rather than a proletarian caste of chandal untermenschen. In the latter designation the healthy instincts of the healthy peasant are subverted and supplanted by more dark and debased propensities governed largely by the more feral drives of ‘F3’[fight/flight/f***]. Hence the race mixing propensity born of an unhealthy bearer of rudimentary inclinations a veritable embodiment of beast conciousness that finds its place with the rest of the animal races revelling in the mire of materiality. Whether it be the abstracting of the organic in the case of the bourgeois intellectual or the anti-intellectualism and inherent defectiveness of the proletarian, the inclination towards miscegenation is kindled. Only a healthy peasant stock and a healthy nobility and administrative class with a sound emphasis on rassen hygiene can prevail against the onslaught on the degeneracy of 'untermenscheit'.
How the 'right wing' is a politicized form of masculine conciousness
How to answer the above question? The thoughts, emotions and actions pf people manifest themselves in what may be called 'politics' a set of relations of a dynamic, mutable sort, between persons played out in the social spaces constituting the hive mind that is the political arena, not necessarily or exclusively a physical topos but a spiritual topos with myriad dimensions depending from it and constitutive of it. The infrastructure, art, economics, etc. of the social crystallized in the form of government and statecraft are the myriad tentacles of this egregoric octopus. The color of the octopus is determined by the sets of relations and their interplay which reciprocally condition each other. The 'right wing' or 'right' politically as a 'color' is an ensemble of these relations, a manifestation of the wavelengths of that socio-political spectrum. The color is blue. Why? This is the color of sobriety, of cold rational calculation, of unemotional consequential reasoning, reckoning relative advantage and disadvantage independant of moral taint that is not permitted to sway decision, pursuit or forbearance, action or omission. This color of the spectrum must have synchronous correspondence with the mental faculty of reason given the latter's sober unemotionality, the mental state induced by 'blue' through both visual observation and subtle body sensation/affect. The blue influence alters conciousness in a 'right'direction. Conserving order in the midst of chaos, enduring through strife and hardship-such are the peculiarities of 'right' thinking properly so-called. This quality is decidedly male which is why it has always been asociated with maleness and the latter with conservativsm, a defence of the right, of order and justice, truth and beauty all of which are bound up as an axe in a a bundle of rods of iron-elegant and without superfluity all having a necessary relationship to the others. Blue is sedation of passion a dousing of the red fire of frenzied chaos. Thus it(this masculine color) reigns in on the level of light(spirit) the lower drives and steadies one's aim of the bow of his political will. The bowstring is taut and without fray, the arrow straight without crack or splinter, the head of cold adamant with symmetrical blades.
How the 'left' is the trajectory of female conciousness
Red is the color of passion of activation of the muladhara chakra of the stimulation of the coarser faculties: emotion, intuition. However essential and valuable these faculties may be in the realm of personality when they are extrapolated to that of the state they become a congealed oil gumming up the gears of Leviathan and require extrication through the cleansing power of an artful prudence , an orderly praxis. Emotion at best plays a role in the political realm in a guarded and superficial form: a friendly demeanor when the situation calls for it in dealings with the correspondent gesture of a friendly ally and vice versa. Hence it is the genuine(at best) expression of the political will embodied in a leader of even the average peasant Will must be guided by reason always seeking with circumspection what will be on the basis of what has come and what is, the situation of the moment. The Left wing/Leftist/Liberal governed as they are by the right brain whose correspondent color is red and its varying hues from scarlet to ruby and magenta and the correlative chakras that manifests the vibrational quality(color) through their fundamental essence.-The liberal that is to say is: unable to delay gratification given their lack of reasoned self-control; to react emotionally to stimuli without the above trait and incapable of far-reaching thought given their irrational mind. Hence they are as a bull responding to a red flag of a matador and are thus easily manipulated on the basis of emotion to disregard the consequences of their action. This female propensity of theirs demonstrates in consequence their unbalanced conciousness and perhaps must find their reconcialiation in a green party? At present the green party is more left wing/liberal than anything. Following its current course will lead to the burning of the bush that is politics in a spree of arsonistic frenzy. The solution is a national socialism with an environmental emphasis, an primarily intranational economy that would eventually extrapolate itself outwards to a global supremacism under the aegis of the dominant(white) type.
Of Masculine Conciousness and its forms
Projective, constructive, oppositional, singular, original-adjectives of the masculine ethos, opposite of that of the feminine receptivity, deconstructive/chaotic, agreeable, passive, plural, derivative. The behavioral tendancies of masculine conciousness have myriad forms and vehicles of the manifestation. Projection is as simple as a fist, or a pursuit of an enemy to a questing into Plato's cave in the realms of thought. Construction is a formation of a castle in the sand physically in the sandbox or in the empyrean realms of the concept; oppositional in the form of a boxing match to a debate entailing reasoned argumentation between scholars; singular as a hero figure swinging a sword above the fray to a Galileo standing out as a a heretic of divinely inspired wisdom. Both higher and lower octaves of this conciousness exist and have correlative behavioral manifestations infinite sets of actions and omissions that constitute 'masculine' behavior in contradistinction to the feminine concretized with that anatomical being called a 'man' to a greater degree that that called wo-man. The suppressive tendancy of this conciousness modality in the physico-anatomical being called man is another subversive tactic of the Archons to nullify opposition to their power through a redistribution of the power base across a socio-sexual concentration gradient form man to woman and thus to weaken the opposition to their hegemony. Simultaneously diffusing across this small energetic concentration gradient the feminine conciousness into the realm of the masculine allegedly attempting to bring about a 'conjunctiva oppositorum' but in place bringing about a perversion of both natural modalities-woman become man and vice versa-the world is garbed in the drag of gender-bending egalitarian blurring of the lines of the sexual/gender categories. This obviates the appropriate concretization/embodiment of masculine conciousness as it offsets its material base, its proper crucible wherein it can be given proper expression through the appropriate behavioral modalities. given the inherent tendancy of both sexes in their essence to attempt to impart incompatible software from one to another constitutes a perversion of the good, ie.nature, cosmic law and is thereby 'anti-nomian' in the worst sense. Masculine traits center around reason and control, an attempt to attune oneself to the sum total yet remaining individuated threrefrom an embodiment of the Aristotelian 'entelechy'-endurance through time and space of a distinct type of being which is dynamic even as it stands it ground. Insofar as it is not entropic but rather pleomorphic, molding itself to cicumstances when reason dictates obliterating or negating circumstances when conflictual with its self-preservation. Yet when its self-destruction is necessitated by the group who have become attached to itself it gives way to the group life through self-sacrifice as a necessary means to the end of group survival, as a negation of a negation. Insofar it derives its existential right to the role of protector and leader. The group may become transformed into an ideal though no other physical members are present such as in stoicism and a disregard for the self in relation to an end that exceed the self is deemed a necessity through reason, ie. the concious awareness as a dialectical process of recognition of necessity of means-end(s) relationships and the support thereof of proper actions that serve as means and/or ends within this architecture of the mind and its correspondance with physical 3-D reality. Masculine consciouness is thus the praying mantis, black widow spider and kamikaze fighter pilot who projectively imposes itself upon the situation with self-sacrificial motive and through itself(if necessary) negates the negation of that which conflicts with /threatens the survival or realization of the end. The will to combat and endure through combat against personal fallibility to the extent of self-destruction is the foundation of masculine conciousness in its pure form.
Feminine Consciousness: The two Octaves represented by Lilith and Eve
The receptive, passive, progenerative, agreeable, instinctive, cthonic, materialistic, sympathetic qualities of the female conciousness partake of both a dark and a light side, are conducive to harmony, the other to disharmony, one a higher more astral octave the other a more mundane and primitive. On the dark side sits Lillith, the destructive, absorptive, selfish, egocentric, pyschopathic, manipulative, unsympathetic and even hateful figure whose praxis orients itself along lines of pure selfishness. The black widow is the arachnoid embodiment of this conciousness. laying traps for the 'Other' and partaking of their vital essence without regard for their autonomy or being; a purely usurious and self-absorbed creature. This figurine is the transmogrified construct into which women have been placed as an essence in a mechanized Robot which soon steals the soul of its avatar and usurps its autonomy making the deus ex machina a deific mask of the machine which becomes the Deus itself. This is the ludicrous image of woman on steroids or 'wy-man' or some such perversion of an organic reality. A superimposition of a mech-cyborg technology that holds out the promise of endowing woman with superpowers but is instead the iron maiden so-to-speak into which woman is placed. Once the door shuts there is no vital essence of woman remaining. This is feminism. the mind parasite inserted as the canker worm into the apple held out to Eve by the serpent. Eve will bite the apple out of pure instinctive desire for attention and to absorb into herself a 'greater good' to differentiate herself and increase her genetic transmission probability into posterity. Thus the potential higher octave of woman/female consiouness, namely 'Eve' is perverted into a lower octave, 'Lilith' through their own innate tendancy to obtain more resources(attention, power, etc.) and differentiate themselves from the collective(to increase the probability of genetic transmission) while simultaneously immersing themselves in it to find their authentic Self.
FEMINUTISM(a.k.a 'feminine egotism'/'female-ism')
The Ideology of a particular set of fools whose identity has been constructed by the mind manipulative overlords and who have had bees inserted into their bonnets for the purpose of political weaponization along a subversive trajectory leading society down the slippery slope of degeneration: sexual inversion/perversion of socio-sexual roles from a naturalistic to an artificial basis; the castration of males for the satiation of a power trip, the usurpation of the political of an orderly, well-regulated imperium to a pussy-lanimous nanny-state of obsequieous grovellers and effete limp wrists who have allowed themselves to play the capon's role in relation to a blustery hen-pecking 'cock/hen--of-the-walk'. The raggety-andy-ization of their chicks(children, assuming they 'choose' to 'possess' any), a weakening prophylacticization of natural sexual roles in childhood(and in utero) development as a gesture of power and fem-dom(/dumb), an attempt to exercise despotic sway over their hapless charges. The castrated cuckold/capon male is reduced to a domestic serfdom playing the role of the eunuch wearing the betty-crocker apron in the role of a scullion who bakes up organic vegan food and scrubs his dominatrix's menstruum from the porcelain throne as a thankless gesture of subservience to punish himself sado-masochistically for the errors of his ancestors along christian liberal moral lines. The paradox of dealing with a feminist('feminut') is a larger extrapolation of dealing with women in general , embodied in the statement of Nietzsche regarding how masculine women chase after feminine men and the latter run away whereas feminine women are chased after by masculine men and they run away; the dialectic of a ring-around-the-rosy game of cats and dogs scampering about in the garden of Eden. Now the two parties of the divine contract have been evicted from this Edenic elysium upon Gaia and have to cope with the scorched earth of an approaching apocalypse in the end times madness of socio-sexual-racial inversion/perversion. Thus the difficulty if not near impossibility of attaining a union of these opposing forces in spite of the magnetism obtaining between them is seen in such phenomena as feminism and its endless discontents, its perpetual storm of controversy that it generates around itself as it attempts to be the center or eye of the hurricane of attention(energy fields) it causes to vortex around itself. The destroying angel that is feminism reduces the structures of tradition to rubble allowing the ego-charged figurine of Lilith to manifest and overarch the sum total of a burned out world of barren and hollow sterility. This is the self-destruction of the feminine ego turned 'within-without', a zimzum of the self inflating itself to the bursting point and occupying all of the space of the social, a usurpation of sexual topology; a self-selection over an evolutionary/natural selection; a self-appointment to the matriarchy as the archontic priestess Diana the huntress who lays waste in sacrifice all power centers of masculinity thereby robbing her own cradle of the genetic transmission of her own genes into posterity; a levelling of posterity in an end-times post-modernity. What is the ultimate cause? Is it her own ego or the lack of reigning in or steering of that egoic propensity by the over-arching force and dynamism of a virile ordering of that chaos which is woman; a redirection of that hurricane towards the parapets of social decay and enemy turrets and catapults. The enemy may shoot as many arrows and hurl as many plague bodies of viral proportions into the social sphere without affecting its borders and barricades if they are sufficiently strong. Thus the contraction of the god 'within(-without)', the zimzum of the self in "making the self a better person and therefore the world a better place", doing one's best, becoming who one is, etc. is the trajectory that one should be heading in; a development of the self as a necessary condition of developing a stable union and an overcoming of the self-destructive tendancies and the desiring flows of a woman's magnetism(yin) when not properly harnessed by a masculine counter-current or projective force(yang). The proper developement of this leads to its possession and necessary utilization/implementation in relations that forge bonds of adamant rather than silly string or pearl necklaces in left-hand path orgiastic abandon. Thus the solution to the destructive reality of feminism is its inner destruction through a conjuration of the woman from woman, a negation of the negation through affirmation-nature abhors a vacuum after all and creates vacuums when improperly channeled.
Celebrate Celebrate Dance to the Musack
...In the global village you run widdershins around the totem of your taboo- past masters of raceless humanitas, you mast paster excreting you bigotry as moral bukake into the receptive maw of your minority minions-impregnation abomination birthing hybrid transhumans devolved to the level of apelings-workers of the global slave society unite! Widgets a plenty with suplemental plumpy and a pharmaceutical pill on top-you quench your thirst of the blood of the white man eagerly lapping it from the flowing wound that you scored across pure white flesh-to fatten yourself as a pig for the jewish slave market-parade about goyim for you are all one under zion. Into the mountains of doom your carcasses go once the lifeforce has been drained from you by Jewish commissar vampires! The bodies are-efficiently, environmentally-recycled to serve as lampshades and porcelain pottery fried in the kiln of Jewish supremacism. Indulge yourselves while you can goyim-for your myopic view of life is about to be thrown wide open-the scales from your eyes drop revealing the cauldrons rendering human fat for soap; the drums grinding bones into powder for concrete condominiums into which the next batch are thrown as so many human batteries plugged into the zion matrix. The flesh and organs-those are the choicest bits for the cannibal rulers who rend the flesh with filed down teeth to enrich their energy bodies with the energy of struggling sacrifices spasming with pain, wracked in death throw agony on the sacrifice alter. The knives plunge into supple flesh spurting blood from wounds into basins of gold fired in furnaces worked by sub-I.Q negro slaves unwittingly serving Gaia and the one-state in the genocide of the many-too-many. The Rabbi's eyes roll as a great white shark as they plunge their ravenous maw into quivering flesh-any protestations at the inhumanity are met by cries of 'holocaust'!, 'anti-semite'! 'kill the nazi'! To which the black beast responds with feral glee eager to partake of the leavings of their masters with rusty machetes working up and down as a sewing machine mowing down the remnant of white skinned victims. This is the coming world, this the culling of the goyim slaves of the self-appointed caste of ill-lights, the false lights of lucifer insistent on absolute despotism and subjugation of all oppposition. Challenge not the authority of your masters-all is well in Zion-the chosen are here to help you-you must carry out the will of Gaia-She is your god-She is your Earth Mother-scrape before her and ration your food and water-do not consume products-do not pollute with carbon dioxide exhaled from your respiratory system-you are a good citizen of zion- you play a role as a humble ward of Gaia and the Chosen-their will is your greatest desire-their disfavor is your greatest fear-you have earned adequate governance credits to merit celebration of DIEversity in the one-state-you are entitled to partake of your soma pills-the entheogens you imbibe are your friend-they will assist you in persevering through the crises that occur in the one-state-"pleasant!" That is the goal-a little indulgence in moderation of course-whatever is usual-whatever is normal is natural-the natural isn’t the normal and popularity is truth.
Liberalismus Vulgaris
The credo of the female, making liberalism itself a vulgar ideology fit for those with an overemphasis on the perverted aspect of the sacred feminine of conciousness. This because liberalism is female, an ideology of pleasure orientation, a devotion to this as a principle around which all life is oriented. 'All is sex' alchemically as the Rosicrucian secret doctrine exclaims-and all liberalism is in reality is libertinism making the liberal a libertine devoted to perpetual indulgence at the expense of higher pursuits and the cultivation of the higher self, the latter necessarily entailing a detachment from the stimulation that constitutes 'pleasure' in the most vulgar sense. The compass of the conciousness of liberals is: pain avoidance and pleasure pursuit. The only way they can confront the-in their mind- painful nature of the harshness of reality is if it leads to a greater pleasure through acknowledgement and dealing(typically dispensing) with it. Inveterate cowards they are unwilling and unable to entangle themselves with anything begetting strife unless it can be pleasantly superceded through specious ratiocination a.k.a fallacious reasoning and outright sophistry. Else the recourse will be willful ignorance/cognitive dissonance as the modality of conciousness that enables (however delusively) a disengagement with reality through a superimposition of a fantastical facade of pleasant imagination. The false light shines brightly in the eyes of the liberal for whom the real light of truth is too harsh and piercing to be accomodated by their weak faculties. To sum up: They simply can't handle the truth, they cannot stand the heat and so, like a good woman, return to the kitchen to attend to their whistling teapots, eagerly awaiting the sweetened teas they so lustfully crave. This of course as an ideality or noumenal reality manifesting itself in biochemical dopamine secretion, etc., eg.pleasure hormones. Like the proverbial rat self-administering cocaine in its cage with a depression of the lever to boost its seratonin so too the liberal seeks to conjure pleasant fantasies in their mind through weaving tapestries of falsely associated ideas divorced from reality as a means of causing the secretion of pleasure hormones to boost their inherently deficient constitution. Why say deficient? Why else would something be sought if not to remedy a deficiency however delusive and inappropriate a causal means to remedy the swaying imbalance that teeters from one side to another in the liberal mind. However their sensation of a rectification of the balance between antagonistic drives is based on the unsound foundation of a perverted constitution and that biologically. Given their over-emphasis on emotion their undeveloped reasoning ability and in general underemphasis on prefrontal cortical activity they are wholly incapable of striking a balance between basic drives neurologically let alone attaining a higher octave of conciousness through the heightened metabolic acitivty of the evolutionarily recent anatomical structure(prefrontal cortex). Hence they flounder in a state of beast conciousness as an animal rushing about in emotional instability in its cage as it is electro-shocked by little prods from its keepers(analogically the external stimuli that impinge upon the liberal's awareness and condition it to a greater degree). The contrastive individual is "the reasonable man".
... is yet another weapon in the arsenal of Jewish mind poison-to reduce the 'goyim', object of their wrath, to mindless beasts through the cultivation of an emotional reactivity(especially on hearing certain buzzwords such as 'Jew', etc.) that serves as a springboard upon which are bounced off various behaviors in response to these cues as a clasical conditioning process, a causality of inputs and outputs cleverly orchestrated by the Jew to engineer these behavioral responses given the appropriate creation of a false association between stimulus and response. Alcohol is falsely associated with Sociability, eg., and is used to degrade the physical-mental-spiritual dimension of the 'goyim' through entrainment of certain societal expectations(popularity, sociability, etc.). These false associations serve as command prompts that initiate a process of internal computation in the mind of the hapless host triggering the concomitant('attached') behavior. The human biocomputer is the device the Jew uses to play upon the drives and pervert their natural course. From relaxation and recuperation after work to the dens of iniquity wherein 'sociability' works itself out in myriad degenerate ways the invention of nature is the goal as a subversive means to break apart the integrity of the social system and conquer it though its inherent weakness.
Gender Bending:
'Get bent' is the creedo of post-modernity, the siren call of the serpent in the garden of a fallen world. This is yet another protocol of the Jews in cultural subversion, yet another strike at the roots of the tree of the White Race.Nature correlates sex and gender and in this fallen world, occasional 'deviance' properly so-called, occurs as the rare case, the exception to the rule. In such a case the 'misfit' would simply fade away in a self-pruning from the branch of life with the tree itself replacing the branches with better fruit than the barren.As it is the cultural decay comes in the form of syphillis, gonorrhea and other plagues that signilize a deviance from nature(not to mention HIV and hepatits B, the so-called<properly> 'gay disease'). It comes in the form of arrested and sometimes negated development of natural sexual roles(properly so-called). The anatomical basis being correlated with its behavioural expression wherein men are men and women women in the most traditional sense as opposed to the deliberate inversion of sexual roles via feminism and effeminization as well as the anti-natural practices of the most bestial hedonism. To bend in this direction is eventually to break. For no violation of nature(creation of disharmony) is without an equal and opposite reaction. On a personal level the nerve damage , disease generation and failed relationships/failure to cultivate meaningful relationships results in the disastrous consequence for the person that they become a dysfunctional and corrupt being wholly unfit to play their natural role according to the physical form they have incarnated in in 3-D. Thus the deliberate construction of this new identity is a deviance from the natural, the canonical, the 'nomos'('law') of the cosmos(Deity, etc.). Deviance from the norm qua natural not qua unnatural/artificial['societal' based on social conditioning/engineering] is a recipe for extermination of the type subjected thereto, the more deviant along the broad and winding path the more suicidal the path. The straight and narrow path 'Cosmic Law'('God') has set out for the individual-which necessarily implicates it in a larger group(harmoniously if adhering to this path) if followed leads to survival and thriving. Thus emphasis placed upon a 'straight' road over a 'bent' road is key to the prolongation of a sound mind in a sound body. The bent path is that of inharmonious existence, 'deviance' properly so-called. The sexual function may not be exclusive to procreation but is a tool for ascension and higher conciousness. However, the back passage(by virtue of its seperate function) is necessarily excluded from the cultivation of the higher self; rather it pulls people down in to the lower chakra states and disrupts the energy flow and the working up of the serpent fire up the shushumna through over-activation of more caudal plexuses. Thus energy blockages occur which traps the conciousness in lower drives and manifest behaviourally in a negative feedback loop, a veritable downward spiral into a moral abyss derived and initiated from the physical abyss('mud hole') and its over stimulation and perverse('anti-natural') activation through a disregard of its exclusive function(namely excretion and this through peristaltic contraction and so forth). Just as in the case of talking when eating, what comes out must prohibit what goes in and this defines its function(namely a one-way valve). The battering ram(phallus) over expands/dilates the sphincter causing nerve damage and strikes against the coccygeal body. This may occasion a working up of the serpent fire temporarily but the extreme force of the violent(properly so-called) mechanical impingement is too damaging to the anatomy to endure over time and to serve as a tantric springboard to christ conciousness. Rather it cultivates a 'satanic ' consciouness, an anti-natural, anti-nomian left-hand turn towards a gradual degeneration manifesting itself in the form of incontinence and physical abnormalities such as coordination problems and a general disequilibrium of the kinesthetic sense: hence the act of sodomy(anal sex) is a deviant, anti-natural abomination that leaves desolate the temple of the human body as an otherwise divine catalyst, vehicle of the soul. Further on the topic of inter-male sexuality('gays'/homos') is the degeneration of the mind through depletion of zinc via excessive expulsion of semen(a usual occurance given that most would not retain the 'christ-oil' material that brews the former).
What is the solution to the vulgar mind poison of liberal/universalistic values?
A nobler standard, higher ideal of an exclusivistic character. Character is the fundamental thing and the virtues of the stoics should be set in stone as the new set of commandments for the guidance of Whites. In a world of chaos order comes form 'within-without', starting from the development of a higher conciousness, a stoical restraint and a drive towards the cultivation of the virtues. A Sound mind in a Sound body in a Sound society in a Sound environment. The inner today is sacrificed on the alter of the outer with negligence of their intrinsic relationship : the family sacrificed on that of society; natural identity on that of an artificially constructed identity derived from the mass media mind control instilled by hidden powers. The solution is a recognition of the causality of this social engineering and the instigation of the reversal of this process, a back engineering and a re-engineering of the self in the image of a Cosmic order of God in place of the arbitrary or incomplete and perverted knowledge of 'fallen angels' who perform their black magick rites on the hollow ground of the human temple. Strengthening oneself against the erosive/corrosive forces of these transdimensional being(s) gives the person the fighting chance to fulfill the higher purpose intrinsic to himself. In spite of this the physical body will be born away by the myriad forces of destructive influence: chemicals, GMOs, EMF, water, food, air, soil poison. To work in a positive, upward direction is part of this set of stoical virtues-to strive against the evil tide in place of aquiescing to its influence in weakness. Strengthening the self-concentration, meditation, contemplation 'within-without' should be the goal across all dimensions within one's self-control: body, mind, spirit, heedful of their relations and their necessity of coming into an attunement with Being through a knowledge of their inner causality and relationship, taking only the essential and nullifying the extraneous as an enemy, being a deviation form the cultivation of the higher self the ultimate goal of incarnation/existence. The liberal set of values bases itself upon and extrapolates itself from this straight and narrow one of concentration and inner life. It is essentially a cthonic/female materialistic praxis that involves itself nearly exclusively with 5-sense reality and sensory stimulation or samsaric conciousness never going beyond the surface of appearances and fliting from one to another in pursuit of a desire never to be sated as it has itself as its own object, thus always becoming and never being in a process fo absurdity, an infantile questing after purely material cow-like existence; inherently female. The trajectory is broad and winding but shallow in content; a mental joyride of a teenager in her father's hotrod doomed to crash and burn off the cliff in a game of chicken. However their Icarian questing can only be spoken of as aimless and hence a thrill seekers' dynamism bereft of the Icarian element properly so-called as Icarus may be doomed to plummet to earth on melted waxen wings but the very fact of positing the sun of mind as the goal(a goal) rationally deliberated upon and sought out through means and end practical action elevated Icarus with this object in view(of Sol). His failure to attain the sun was through his over-wheening sense of self-worth the lack of proper self-knowledge and concomitant grasp of the causality requisite to procure its object(Sol). The flirtatious and self-seeking nature of liberal thought could be called 'immanentism', a failure fundamentally of concentration of focus 'within-without' and hence losing itself in pure externality the endless play of forces that constitutes the samsaric conciousness know rest only in bestial stupor be it drug induced or brought about by the darkening of the sky. A kitten playing with a ball of string the liberal desports with child-like glee as his means are his end and his end is his means. A complete lack of ratiocinative ability is the hallmark of the liberal mind: emotion over reason. The cause is a lack of development through effortful asceticism, a taxation of the mind through concentration, meditation, contemplation, the trivium if not the quadrivium. Logic is under-emphasized in the liberal mind as insufficiently entertaining and thus, lacking the stoicism of endurance through hardship cannot be cultivated even if an inclination thereto should exist........

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