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Default The Great White Guilt Trip

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My friends come in different shapes, sizes, colors ... so White guilt is shameful. Be proud of who you are.

- The Race Card Project

I regret to say there are millions of Whites, to whom that quote applies. Some are even on the fringes of the cause. But I believe they are also oblivious, to the reality of our European homeland, being inundated by fleeing non-Whites trying to reach White civilization.

Previously, I called it the guilt factor and guilt syndrome. Since then, I've come across The Mental disorders of White self-hatred, Why guilt doesn't work on me, and other websites. Wikipedia defines White guilt as "guilt resulting from treatment of ethnic minorities". They mention the Jewess, Judith Katz who simply and typically equates racism with Whites. Still, we are talking guilt as a stigmatism of being White.

Obama stated that racism is "in our DNA". It's inherent in our genes, and in our genetic self-interest to invest in our own offspring. Anything short of that is liberal grandstanding at our expense. In Shelby Steele's (Steele is Black) White Guilt, he states that, "we confessed our racist past". Is that the cryptic message one is left with knowing North defeated South? Or when the Civil Rights Act was enshrined in every home? "Whites are continuously having to prove the negative, that they're not racist (S. Steele). Is this what spawned the likes of Angela Merkel, judging by her comments, who put "refugees" above her own citizens?

Steele says, "when Clinton says inequalities still exist in our country", it's a play at White guilt (like the civil rights movement never happened)". "But Clinton isn't concerned about inequality, she's concerned about power". Tom Nichols of The Federalist", states that "the silent majority has become the silenced majority". "They don't want to lose their legitimacy in society". The non-Whites risk their lives to enter White society, only to riot. And we are their benefactors.
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